The Harmonic Concordance and the Individual


Jim Buss

27 September 2003



        I don't like to write about things that you can read from many other sources, so I'll write about the *vacancies* in the Harmonic Concordance chart.  When a significant astrological configuration is *almost* formed, then that configuration exists *in potential*, energetically, like an amputated arm that still itches.  That potential gets realized when someone comes along who has a "hotspot" (planet, light, asteroid, angle, node) in the same location as the "vacancy" that would complete the configuration.


        Folks who have hotspots in *the same* location as the hotspots of the Harmonic Concordance chart, will certainly resonate with the Concordance, and probably be significant implementors of the processes that the Concordance implies.  But folks who have hotspots on the *vacancies* will create unexpected magic, as what is energy and potential to others, becomes a powerful and manifest tool in their hands.  Neither of these phenomenon is about effort or work.  It's about what just seems to "happen" on its own.


Energy Vacancies


        These are the zodiacal locations that would turn tsquares into grand crosses.  Hanging out with someone who has a hotspot on one of these degrees, will shift our experience from challenge to balance, without losing any of the benefits of the challenge.  Hupersons learn by imitation, not by instruction.  That's why it feels good to hang out with a saint, because yer energy system matches theirs, as much as it can.  "You" (yer ego) don't have anything to do with it, in fact, you can screw it up by trying!  The glorious thing about that, is that all ya gotta do to go there, is just *remember* what it was like hanging out with that saint, and yer energy system goes right back there.  Easy as pie.



        The Energy Vacancy degrees are 11 Gemini, 13 Libra, 14 Leo, and 25 Leo.  Anything within a degree or two or three would work.  We'll call these folks who have hotspots in these degrees, the Energy Masters.  We're habituated to what the French call resistentialism - the innate perversity of inanimate objects.  Murphy's Law, some call it, "if anything can go wrong it will" - just the nature of the interface between matter and spirit in the old paradigm, that they never really learned to trust one another.  In the new paradigm they're just transforms of one another, so their relationship is much easier.  But we still got about 8 toes in the old paradigm, so we may not even *see* the amazing Grace that the HC is already bringing.


        The hooman animal craves *experience*.  Even those who crave security are here to crave the *experience* of security.  I mean, think about it, who ever actually *had* security.  Some had the illusion of security for a while, some even for long enough to get lost in the illusion that their security was permanent!  All just experience, that's what we came here for.  So if we have a hard time seeing the Grace, and we naturally crave experience, there's a good chance one of the HC tsquare dramas could snag us.  Karma *is* a property of the old paradigm, not the new one, but no change is ever ten steps forward, it's always two forward and one back - when we're lucky that it's not one forward and two back.  So if one of those tsquare dramas came around and reminded us of some old karma that we'd left behind but still felt a bit nostalgic for ... whang, our craving for experience could suck us right in.


        These Energy Masters would likely save us from such a fate.  In combination with the HC, they *balance* the energies.  With balanced energies the dramas look like just that, drama, celluloid, smoke and mirrors.  Grand cross people usually don't feel like they got it together, because their energy's going lotsa different directions at once, and they're likely to compare themselves to folks without a grand cross, and think, gosh, those folks are sure calm!  But grand cross people *do* have it together, it's amazing what they pull off.  So they're usually a little spacey, maybe even humble.  So hanging out with the Energy Masters may not *feel* like a big deal.  The shift from getting tarpapered with that drama, to seeing it as a drama, can feel like, "Oh, I knew that all along" - which you did, you just forgot.


        But the HC plus an Energy Master will be able to accomplish amazing things.  And hanging out with one, if we're open to it and willing to notice the difference and memorize the energy, we can learn how to do the same.  Remember, the HC isn't just a one-time gift.  The idea is for us to *remember* what this energy feels like, and recreate it from memory as often as we want.  Once we've experienced something, we can pull it back in like it was magic.  Well, it always was magic anyway, but we usually forgot.  That's what experience is about, remembering.  In the old paradigm we learned really well how to do that with bummers.  Now we're transferring that knowledge to the good times.


        The strongest HC Energy Master has a hotspot in or near 11 Gemini.  That's the Vacancy that completes the Mars-Jupiter-Venus-Vesta-Juno-Pluto-Ixion tsquare.  This is the tsquare that symbolizes the end of the patriarchy and the end of cause and effect and the end of karma.  So this person is a Master Manifester, if they notice how the energy has changed, and memorize it so they can pull it back at will.  Hanging out with a Master Manifester, we can memorize the energy too.


        The second HC Energy Master has a hotspot at or near 13 Libra, completing the Saturn-Chiron-Pallas tsquare.  This is the Master Healer and shapeshifter.  Good person to have around!  Don't like yerself, or something about yerself?  Poof!  All gone.  Use the Grace.  And *remember* it!


        Third is the Master Illuminator, a person with a hotspot at or near 14 Leo, filling out the Eclipse-Neptune tsquare.  Short-circuit the usual 18-month eclipse time lag, by hanging out with a Master Illuminator.  As Johnny says, "Why not now?"  Just go for the whole enchilada now, straightaway. 


        Us oldsters look at you guys and say, "Wow, look at these amazing kids!  We worked our butts off to get here, and they're just kids and they know more than we know just through their intuition!" - as if we wasted all those years of hard work.  But that's the real hundred monkeys thing - we all ride on the coattails of everyone that went before us, and that's an energetic process, not intellectual.  There may be a manifest shift at 100, but psychically, monkey #82 has a head start on monkey #42.  And that's the way it should be, and that's what we all came here to do, to turn our shovelfull, and that's why we all know that the real product of our labor may not even be visible to any but a few and maybe no one.  They may yet even burn us at the stake again.  No matter, that don't change nothing, we done our work.


        Fourth are the Master Integrators, folks with a hotspot near 25 Leo, completing the Mercury-Dragon-Uranus tsquare.  These guys are the sleepers here, find 'em if you can and follow 'em around like a cheap suit.  If you haven't already, these guys'll cut ya a new future. 


        Remember to hang out with these folks and memorize what it feels like when ya do.  That's how you carry the energy forward and make it easier for the next monkey.



Gift Vacancies


        The HC is pretty complete in the Gift department, that's what makes it so amazing.  Add a Master Manifester, a Master Healer, and a Master Illuminator to the HC chart and you get a *second* Star of Dave that sews up the midpoint of *every* sign in the Zodiac.  This yin grand sextile is the mirror of the manifest Merkabah, the spirit machine behind the visible Grace machine.  In the Cape Verde Islands, in the Atlantic off the western cape of Africa, these positions are filled by the Ascendant and house cusps when the eclipse is total directly overhead, so there is magic at those longitudes.



        There is only one planet that is not involved in any Gifts in the HC chart - Uranus.  In the HC Energy chart, Ceres, the Earth, is the observer, watching to see what we do with this Grace.  In the HC Gift chart, Uranus, our higher self, is the observer, watching to see what our egos do with this Grace.  With Uranus as the odd one out and therefore the ruler of this chart (it doesn't hurt a bit that it's also stationary or strongest and in the last degree of the sign that it rules and in the realm of the Archangel Gabriel), there can be no judgment here about who did and who did not "graduate" from this experience.  Uranus represents the *individual* aspect of spirit, spirit separated but unmanifest.  It makes its own rules and can be compared to no one.


        Ceres and Uranus in the HC chart are at 25 Cancer and 29 Aquarius, respectively.  Anyone with a hotspot in 25 Cancer could find themselves overwhelmed by the archetype of the Earth, perhaps even the archetype of the Devouring Mother, Medusa.  This experience would be much tempered by the fact that there's a close sextile between Ceres and Algol, the eye of Medusa, in the HC chart.  Someone with a hotspot at 29 Aquarius on the other hand, could easily find the archetype of Abandonment triggered by the HC.  Check your friends to see if any of them have hotspots in 29 Aqua, and walk with them if they do.  They're important monkeys here, their job is be loving with the process of Separation and to preside over the Celebration of Individual Uniqueness.  Without them, we will have more difficulty bringing the new paradigm over the threshold.




Teaching Vacancies


        The HC chart is one leg short of a grand quintile or five-pointed star, which tags as Master Teacher anyone with a hotspot near 8 Libra.  This is not so far from the position that designates a Master Healer, so some folks will be both, Master Healer and Master Teacher.  Of course, any given person can have hotspots at *all* of these vacant locations, but a Master Healer could also be a Master Teacher by virtue of only one planet or hotspot.  To truly *teach* - as opposed to just moving information - requires vulnerability, demands that the teacher be open to being changed by the experience of teaching.  So the Master Teacher is always the Master Learner.  We aren't defining a Master Information Mover here.



        There is a silly superstition among northern-hemisphere "first-worlders" that anticlockwise or widershins is profane.  Lots of silly superstitions in the northern hemisphere are routine operations in the southern hemisphere, that simply demonstrates how provincial old-paradigm thinking was.  One of the silly superstitions is that a five-pointed star when pointed upward is the Star of Illumination, while a five-pointed star with two legs up is the Pentangle of black magic.  All magic is black when it's politically prohibited by the dominant paradigm.  But there is an energy difference between the Star and the Pentangle, and Pentangle magic is actually closer to the new paradigm than Star energy.


        The Moon is one of the poles of the potential grand quintile, and the Moon is of course overhead in the eastern Atlantic at the moment of eclipse.  As the Ascendant rotates with longitude, the grand quintile will shift from Star to Pentangle and back again every 36 degrees of longitude.  That will make the Master Teacher look more like a Magus in the longitudes of Buenos Aires, Juneau, Melbourne, Calcutta, and Rome.  The Master Teacher will look more like a Savior in the longitudes of Reykjavik, Dallas, Wellington, Perth, and Baghdad.  In between, the energy is mixed.



Power Vacancies


        The Priests and Priestesses of the HC will have hotspots at the three locations which complete the grand septile in the HC chart.  The filled points are Pluto, Neptune, Saturn, and North Node.  The vacant points are near 1 Aries, 5 Virgo, and 28 Libra.  By power here we do not mean political power, and we do not mean power-over.  We don't even mean power-with, though of course that's always appreciated, particularly in a Uranus-rich environment.  We mean Shamanic Power.  Shamanic Power is about concentration and focus.  In a real sense, the process of creating a reality is all about Shamanic Power.  If we lack the power, our reality will be half-baked.  



        We accumulate Shamanic Power by maintaining integrity.  Simply put, every time we make a decision that is different from the one that our spirit would have made, we splinter off a part of ourself into a parallel reality.  The more splinters we have, the less focus and concentration, the less power to manifest directly.  The process of healing, is the process of reclaiming the splinters.  There's a movie about this, "The One," about someone who reclaims his splinters through violence.  It's a ridiculous Hollywoodization of the process, but it demonstrates the game.  Brian Weiss's books do as well.


        The Priests and Priestesses of the HC may or may not have the focus and concentration themselves to shift the paradigm.  Their job is simply to recognize and honor the focus and concentration that we all have in whatever degree, so we can pool our Shamanic Power and manifest as OneHeros and Heroines are characters from the old paradigm.  The new paradigm is about equality, cooperation, contribution, community.  Hanging with the Priests and Priestesses will allow us to know how this kind of teamwork feels in our bodies, and recreate it by remembering this feeling.




Inspiration Vacancies


        The noviles are about inspiration.  In the HC chart there are five of the nine points that would make a grand novile.  The five are Moon, Jupiter, Uranus, Chiron, and Venus-Vesta-Juno.  The vacancies are 7 Aries, 27 Gemini, 7 Leo, and 27 Libra.  Someone with a hotspot in one of those locations would be the HC's Muse.  The role of the HC Muse is about more than just designing a celebration, though.  Creativity is ecstatic, and a major pillar of the new paradigm.  Hanging in awareness with an HC Muse allows us to know and recognize creativity and inspiration, and generate it at any future time just by remembering how it felt in our body to be in the presence of the Muse. 



The Muse at 27 Libra is also a Priest/Priestess.




The Cast of HC Characters


        Let's summarize...


1 Aries - Priest/Priestess

7 Aries - Muse

11 Gemini - Master Manifester

14 Leo - Master Illuminator

27 Gemini - Muse

25 Cancer - Archetype of the Mother

7 Leo - Muse

25 Leo - Master Integrator

5 Virgo - Priest/Priestess

8 Libra - Master Teacher

13 Libra - Master Healer

27 Libra - Muse

28 Libra - Priest/Priestess

29 Aquarius - Archetype of Abandonment



        If anyone wants to look up the minor asteroids and fixed stars in these positions, that would be a boon for us.  For instance, Karen Martellino has volunteered that TNP Zeus is at 8 Libra, the degree of the Master Teacher, and points out that TNP Zeus is often strong in the charts of psychics.


Love, Jim