2004 in English

30 December 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           This is the English version of 2004.   The astrologese version is {jbull} 2004 in Astrologese.

           The existing trend continues and seems to deepen.   While the folks whose attention is focused on the big picture are daydreaming about ascension and bending spoons, those whose attention is focused on pillage are filling the galleons with gold to haul back to the Queen of Spain.   Or is that oil to haul back to the Honcho of West Texas?   It's a very funny picture actually, except to the folks who used to have the gold or oil.

           It's not like this kinda picture is unique in hisstory, in fact it's kinda routine.   So routine that everyone accepts it with hardly a second thought, as long as the malls are safe.   So routine that lotsa folks, glued to their TVs and puffchested about their loyalty to what they're told to believe, actually accept the story lines about the Amerikans helping the Iraqis and the stormtroopers protecting Miami.   Too scary to do otherwise, too many pillars of their identity will topple.   Not much different than bringing the blessings of Christianity and Eternal Life to them nekkid savage heathens, I guess.   "Hey, nice Beaver hat ya got there!"   "Thanks, pop over for Tea sometime."   An old story.   The parallels to Germany in the late 30s, and the resolve to "get it right this time," are a little scary though.

           It's an interesting Ghost Dance, this ascension and spoonbending and candlelighting sideshow, probably this year with a throwback to makelovenotwar.   The idea seems to be, "Hey, here's an alternative that doesn't involve forcing anybody else to play by yer rules."   Well, yes, that does feel like a "universal law," a corollary to rolling yer own.   From that perspective, we as individuals are safe from the brownshirts if we manage our creation properly - and abandon those who dont.   Kindofa "save yerself" mentality.   One version of that is the old always be nice school that some of us happen to believe is the Ageo'Pisces artifice that got us here.   Ya cant blame em, they were probly very tired of everybody flying off the axehandle during the Age of Aries.   The other version, the one this newsletter supports, involves taking responsibility for loving our negativities.

           But is that enough?   In hindsight, if you were in Germany in the 30s, would either course have been enough?   What more could have been done?   I dunno.   Based on the 1 January 2004 chart alone, it'll be what the Chinese would call an interesting year.