He's My Brother

19 October 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           This a BIG week.

           Neptune ends a retreat, so it will be very strong, especially at the beginning of the week.   A strong Neptune often means confusion, because it's a strong period of spiritual growth, and to grow spiritually we must release old mental constructs, and we don't have new ones yet.   So this is an ideal time to be mindful of yer response to confusion.

           If yer loving with confusion, or don't fall for mental constructs to begin with, you'll probably just feel ecstasy, as the veil thins another notch.   This energy peaks at Honolulu 3pm Wednesday Seattle 6pm Wednesday New York 9pm Wednesday London 2am Thursday Jerusalem 3am Thursday Sydney 11am Thursday and occurs at 11 Aquarius, triggering 10-12 of all the fixed signs, including Leo, Scorpio, and Taurus.   The retreat began 15 May at 14 Aquarius, and the shadow spans more than a year.

           The other BIG DEAL is the beginning of a Saturn retreat, exactly opposite Chiron.   This is the old "we have found the healer and it be us" energy we been talking about for a long time, made so very much stronger by the Saturn station.   This'll have a bigger impact on our identity than the Saturn-Chiron that occurred 25 September.   Count on the dissolution of huge amounts of doubt if yer willing to let it go, and expect to review all your victim postures if you aren't.

           The Saturn-Chiron itself is at Honolulu 2am Friday Seattle 5am Friday New York 8am Friday London 1pm Friday Jerusalem 2pm Friday Sydney 10pm Friday.   This energy could peak five hours earlier, when the Moon crosses the Saturn-Chiron midpoint.   The Saturn station is at Honolulu 2pm Saturday Seattle 5pm Saturday New York 8pm Saturday London 1am Sunday Jerusalem 2am Sunday Sydney 10am Sunday.   Both events occur at 14 Cancer, triggering 13-15 of all the cardinal signs, including Aries, Capricorn, and Libra.   The Saturn retreat lasts till 7 March at 7 Cancer, and the shadow spans late July till mid-June.

           As big as these are, and they're big, we also get significant previews of the Harmonic Concordance this week, as some of the important relationships in the 8-9 November Grand Sextile Lunar Eclipse reach their climax.   On Monday-Tuesday Juno and Vesta conjoin, at Honolulu 5pm Monday Seattle 8pm Monday New York 11pm Monday London 4am Tuesday Jerusalem 5am Tuesday Sydney 1pm Tuesday.   Juno and Vesta are significant members of the "Goddess Party" conjunction with Venus, Pluto, Ixion, Psyche, Eros, and Quaoar, all at the midpoint of the Mars-Jupiter opposition of the Harmonic Concordance.

           This configuration is what we boldly label the End of the Patriarchy, because it calls into balance yin and yang, with very powerful witnesses.   We also consider it to signify the end of the tyranny of Cause and Effect and therefore the end of Karma and the end of the Newtonian worldview.   Big claims for a big configuration. The power point of this whole pattern is the "vacancy" opposite the Goddess Party at 10-14 Gemini.   This Juno-Vesta occurs at 28 Scorpio.

           Then on Tuesday-Wednesday the Saturn-Chiron opposition and the Juno-Vesta conjunction, come into alignment at 45 and 135 degrees.   This is the eighth harmonic, a dimension we normally don't worry about, but in this case it will intertwine the effects of we be the healer with the End of the Patriarchy energy and the doubt/bliss of Neptune.   Think of it as a significant preview of the Harmonic Concordance Eclipse, and expect a download of significant Grace.

           Another significant if obscure milestone occurs on Tuesday, as a grand septile (7-pointed star) forms.   The meaning of this is basically that magic is afoot, if you're willing to take responsibility for both the power and the repercussions.   A good time to proclaim yer affirmations, and be sure to add "and a gentle and loving release of all impediments" to the end of each one!   "Be careful what you ask for" is the anthem of the day!   Thanks to Sherri Burch for noticing this one.