28 November 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           There's a number of things to talk about this week, so I'll do separate newsletters on the Mercury Retreat and Sunday's Vesta-Pluto conjunction - which has reverberations with the 1/1/2000 chart and hence implications for the decade.   The Vesta-Pluto isn't singular, squaring the Mars-Jupiter opposition, which you'll recall as one of the axes of the Harmonic Concordance Grand Sextile Lunar Eclipse earlier in November.

           Have a look at this...

           "It is the nature of energy to be responsive.   Energy does not discriminate with regard to content.   Any time you focus and direct energy toward a creative end, you are aligning your Human will with the energy of Creation and you will experience some measure of empowerment.   You may express and feel this empowerment as strength, direction, or validation; or you may feel and express it as control, powerfulness or superiority.   Whether your will focuses and directs creatively toward something born from all-serving inspiration or something born from self-serving manipulation, the superficial experience is the same: empowerment.   Regardless of the content or morality of your action, the creative application of will gives you a feeling of empowerment.

           "Whether you are ruled by your ego or served by your ego is your choice.   Values and integrity are for the individual to discern.   Therein lies enlightenment - the only true and lasting power.   Aspiring to control rather than to alignment with Universal values, or to personal gain rather than to collective integrity, are parts of the same process at different amplitude levels of consciousness and love.   Eventually the self-serving self uses up the satisfactions of power and feels the desire for love.   When this happens, power redefines to the Universal level and a life that was trapped in circles of power is liberated into spirals of empowerment.

           "Nature, being discerning but not discriminating, does not hold a Universal self or a Soul in greater esteem than a personal worldly self.   That is why creativity generated from either level is empowering.   Each dimension of self or Soul has the capacity to inform the others.   Ultimately, it is realization of the relationship between self and Soul that produces ego liberation, the ability to participate consciously in multidimensional reality, and enlightenment."

[Elia Wise, _Letter to Earth_ pp.81-2].