23 October 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           To me the Harmonic Concordance Eclipse represents the End of the Patriarchy, the End of Karma, and the End of the Cause-and-Effect Worldview.   How does the HC Moon-Sun-Neptune tsquare affect us all?

           Direct connection to Source.

           Neptune represents our connection to all things larger than ourselves - how big depends on where we look.   The tsquare represents a direct flow of synergy.   The Sun represents our psychic vehicle, our lifetime.   The Moon represents our emotional body, our passion, the energy we use to create.

           Three asides...

           1. The tsquare.   A "square" represents synergy so pure that it defies understanding by the linear mind.   A tsquare is a square multiplied by itself.   A tsquare by itself is unbalanced, as the synergy is pulled to one side, in this case by Neptune in Aquarius, so the energy is out of balance on the side of the Collective - lotsa people gonna see the HC in terms of their old politicized dogmas.   That's what Pluto in Sadge is all about, bringing our dogmas up into consciousness so we can release them and move on to direct connection.

           This is where the Master Illuminators come in (see The Harmonic Concordance and the Individual) - anyone with a planet near 14 Leo.   Note that the Master Illuminator is a role, not an individual, not an identity, not a power trip, and nothing permanent.   Just an opportunity to have yer lightworking enhanced.   The Master Illuminators balance this direct-Source-connection synergy by pulling it back across to the individual side of the chart, by demonstrating that the HC is about empowerment of the Individual, not about fulfillment of long-dead stories from the old paradigm.   The old paradigm is what we're releasing here.   The more anyone grasps it, the more they increase the pain in its ultimate release.

           2. Matter and Spirit.   As connection to Source, Neptune is constantly renewing everything, making it better.   When someone focuses on Matter rather than Spirit, this constant change can look like destruction of what they know and love.   Since Neptune is very strong here, grasping past and present forms and resisting change, can take a lot of energy and be very painful.   Gotta focus on Spirit, see the change, trust that it is for the best, let go of the old forms.   Not optional.   There are far better uses for fingernails.

           3. The Eclipse.   A "normal" total Lunar Eclipse is about illumination.   The Moon does not disappear, it darkens.   Our passions are dimmed temporarily so we can see the places where we've been clinging to old structures that no longer work as well for us, and let them go.   It normally takes 18 months for this process to work itself through.   It's a Taurus Eclipse, so our relationship to Matter is a prime candidate for revision.

           The Grace available at this Eclipse is immense, so anyone willing and able to see through their normal defensiveness, and through the illusions of Matter, can release in a flash, without having to work through the usual 18 months.   In fact, that is what this Eclipse is teaching us, that this kind of Grace is always available to us, if we accept it.   This is why this Eclipse is called the "End of Karma."

           However, our karma structures our lives.   It is familiar to us.   It protects us from the terrifying experience of Freedom.   It gives us something to bitch about and hence bond with the other humans whom we see as our peers when we view the world through the perspective of Matter.   Many people prefer the familiar to the limitless, even when the familiar is vile.   So there may be a backlash against change.   Those who are too frightened by limitlessness, may resist, and the polarities that embed the 1/1/2000 chart may deepen.

           The 1/1/2000 chart is the chart for the decade, and it predicts the loss of the veil (Neptune-South Node), healing whether ya like it or not (Chiron- Pluto), polarization for and against empowerment of the individual (Uranus-Saturn-Moon-Pallas grand cross), and the renewal of loving attention to the Planet (Ceres rising).   When seen metaphorically, this is exactly what the "long-dead old-paradigm" stories foretell.   When seen literally, it could be a bit different than the stories for many in the audience.

           (Note: a midnight does not happen at the same universal time everywhere, it's a local event, it takes 24 hours to travel around the globe, hence Ceres is rising in the 1/1/2000 chart no matter where you cast the chart.   A different kind of event, such as the HC Eclipse, peaks at a fixed universal time, and therefore in the HC chart, what's rising varies from place to place.   What's rising is what's coming into Attention.   Attention is the most precious spiritual principle there is.)

           In short, the Neptune-Eclipse tsquare symbolizes direct connection to Source.   To the extent that direct connection threatens job security for former intermediaries, and to the extent that direct connection implies rapid change, this could imply dislocation for some.   It implies effortless ecstasy for those who are able and willing to accept the Grace, learn from it, and carry it forward.   The Earth is changing.