13 December 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           That last one was a bit technical, wasn't it.   As one of you so appropriately said, "Ahh I didnt understand anything Jim hahahahaha!   I take your word, theres water and a bear hahaha jesus..."   So lets see if we can rewrite that one in English.   First lets talk a bit in general about cycles.

           We talk a lot about cycles.   Think of a plant, an annual, one that sprouts from seed anew each year.   The life cycle looks something like this.   The seed sprouts (astrologically, the conjunction or initiation of a new synergy), and for a while roots develop, in the dark, underground, hidden (waxing sextile).   Then the stalk clears the ground (waxing square, when the synergy "becomes permanent") and leaves start to develop.   Bear in mind that in the natural order of things seeds fall where they will. If the soil is too shallow or paved, roots may be stunted.   If there is not enough light because other plants or somebody's garage has hogged it all, or not enough rain, leaves and stalk may be stunted.

           Flowers bloom and are pollinated, and, if conditions are right, fruit forms (waxing trine-opposition-phi-waning trine - we call the opposition the "peak" of the cycle).   The fruit sets a new seed and falls (waning square, when the synergy starts back underground).   Then, having invested its synergy in the new seeds, the plant dies, clearing the deck for the next cycle to begin.   Each plant usually makes a large number of seeds, each with a "random" combination of characteristics of the two parent plants.

           In a Darwinian Universe, those seeds with the combination which best suites the new circumstances that the next cycle finds, make the most and strongest seeds.   Humans do not live in a Darwinian Universe. Well, okay, part of us does - the parts of our self that are still in a karmic or "victim" state of consciousness, the parts of us where we do not believe we have the power to create the world we want to live in.   The rest of us lives in a Resonant Universe, where by putting out the vibes and the work, we co-create what we want.   Those parts of us that aren't stuck in a several-thousand-year-old Genesisean Universe, that is.

           It's a co-creation because we do not work alone.   There are levels and levels of the "we," from me-hungry-want-food to me-insecure-want-land to me-angry-want-justice to me-horny-want-mate to me-lonely-want-community to me-happy-want-baby to me-ecstatic-want-union to me-god/dess-want-control to me-stoned-want-ascension to you-get-the-idea.   The pictures that we as individuals have of what we want, may or may not match the pictures that other individuals have, that the collective has, or that the dominant synergy has.

           One point here is that we have some degree of control over which seeds sprout and bloom and fruit and create progeny in our own particular gardenpatch.   Another is that we're gonna have a lot more success if we align our desires with the cycles, so we aren't trying to harvest fruit during the root-development stage, or trying to seek shade during the seed-setting phase.   Another is that there are many slightly different seeds, and we do have the power to change our reality.   And of course there are hundreds of different cycles going on at one time, all in different phases.