20 December 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Two events this week.   First we'll say what and when they are, then we'll say what they might mean.

           The first is a waning square between Pallas and Saturn on Tuesday, Honolulu 12am, Seattle 2am, New York 5am, London 10am, Jerusalem noon, Sydney 9am, at 11 Aries

           The second is a conjunction between Juno and Pluto on Thursday-Friday, Honolulu 2pm Thursday, Seattle 4pm Thursday, New York 7pm Thursday, London 12am Friday, Jerusalem 2am Friday, Sydney 11am Friday.   That's Thursday as in Christmas.

           At the waning square, we're called upon to release the old cycle.   The Pallas-Saturn cycle is about defending.   In Petey Stevens's book Opening Up, she talks about the synergy breath between contraction and expansion.   Some folks think that if "love is all there is," then the only legit way to be is expanded.   Myself, I put that attitude into the feelgood category, and recommend instead that we embrace our wholeness by learning to love contraction.   Or, simply put, as someone once said to me, "I'll be defensive if I wanna be!!"   There are times and places where defensiveness is a most appropriate posture.

           The current cycle, the one we're being asked to release, began in May 1999 at 9 Taurus.   It's timely that the symbol for 9 Taurus is "A fully decorated Christmas Tree" [Rudhyar p.76], or "The ability to create inner happiness in dark hours" - and it's certainly true we been through some dark hours since May 1999, and as true that we've been challenged to find a road that's safe from King Lizard's fireworks.   Of course this cycle peaked in 2001, but all year, not just in September.   So this process is bigger than 9/11.

           The crisis of release, the waning square, occupied all of 2003 - this is our third try at releasing this cycle, so we oughta be good at it by now.   Our first try was in late March, around the time Dubya revived colonialism.   So what does this say?   That Iraq was not a test of our ability and willingness to "create inner happiness in dark hours," but a call to release the need to do that.   A time to straighten yer spoons, not bend em.

           The second call to release our inner Xmas Tree was just before the Harmonic Concordance.   Pallas, recall, squared the Saturn-Chiron opposition in the HC chart, signifying the end of retribution and reward, and the descent of Grace.   The current event is the third and final call, then we enjoy six months of Void till be begin the new cycle.   In the Void, we need Grace as much as we need Faith.

           So a prescription for the next six months, is neither to encourage nor to discourage our defensiveness, but to observe it.   Learn about it.   Practice noticing it and announcing it, without denouncing it.   "Oh, I see I'm defensive here" says you.   "Aha, so yer guilty, eh?" says yer antagonist.   "Not hardly," says you, "I can see why I'm defensive, cuz you aint playing win-win here."

           With Jupiter on retreat and Uranus back in Pisces (like it was in March) during the first half of 2004, we're likely to get a fair amount of practice with being defensive.   See if you can pull it off without judgement.

           The new cycle begins in July 2004 at 18 Cancer, opposite Juno.   18 Cancer is "A hen scratching the ground to find nourishment for her progeny: the practical concern with everyday nourishment necessary to sustain one's outreaching activities" [p.122].   A test of our Abundance, in other words.   Do we really believe that the Harmonic Concordance signified the End of Karma and the Descent of Grace, or was it just a good excuse for a party.

           These are five-year cycles, so this hen scratching emblem takes us through the "darkness before the dawn" between now and 2012.   Meaning what?   That we'll probably be doing quite a bit of defending over the next six years.   Bear in mind that a hen scratches her living out of bare dirt, finding a bug here and a seed there.   She can get plump doing that.   The message I hear is to surrender expectations of luxury and find gratitude for sustenance - and be very grateful if yer lucky enough to be "free range"!

           This is only one cycle of many going on now, so no need to get discouraged.   Good to practice being loving with our contraction, though.   The cycle which follows this one begins in September 2009 at 26 Virgo, "The first stage of actual participation in the great ritual of planetary evolution" [p.166] - pretty exciting, eh?

           I'll send this out now, and do Juno-Pluto in a separate dispatch.