Grace's Dirty Underwear

3 October 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Lotsa folks reporting emotional boogies afoot, the Harmonic Concordance Eclipse a month from today offers so much Grace, that our psyches are in a rush to clear as much as can be cleared, so we're open to receive as much of the Grace as we can.   After all, that's why we do all this difficult clearing work, so we can be open to more Grace.

           Can you command to be totally self-accepting, and believe it enough to repeat the command at the first and every hint of self-doubt?

           Can you command to heal completely, and trust your creation enough to be loving with any sign to the contrary?

           Healing does not occur when symptoms disappear, healing occurs when doubt dissolves.

           This coming Friday-Saturday (peaking Honolulu 11am Fri, Seattle 2pm Fri, New York 5pm Fri, London 10pm Fri, Jerusalem 11pm Fri, Sydney 7am Sat) we see the waning Venus-Mars trine.   So this week we may find the best rewards for the anima/animus integration we been working on since May of 2002.   That could show up in yer life as relationship gifts, and/or as "luck" in manifestation.

           From here we descend into the void, as we learn trust.   Got any abandonment and/or suffocation issues that aren't fully conscious yet?   You may want to command that they come into full awareness now - lovingly and gently of course - while Grace is afoot.   That way we can go into the void fully conscious that returning to raw undefined energy, to ash, is the route to rebirth.   Otherwise, we follow Innana down screaming for the light, forgetting that the track is always circular.

           Then on Sunday-Monday (peaking Honolulu 4pm Sun, Seattle 7pm Sun, New York 10pm Sun, London 3am Mon, Jerusalem 4am Mon, Sydney noon Mon) Pallas and Ceres square one another.   We wouldn't ordinarily mention this, but these two 'roids interweave with the Saturn-Chiron opposition, so this is more important than it otherwise would be.

           Pallas-Ceres aren't within orb to Saturn-Chiron at the moment, but since all four dance together in the larger Saturn-Chiron picture, we have to interpret them as if they were within orb - that gives us a virtual Pallas tsquare to Ceres-Saturn and Chiron, leaving the Libra side vacant.   The challenge in this, is accepting Grace.   By herself, Pallas struggles to defend before finally realizing there are wiser and simpler ways to do it.

           With Saturn and Chiron, the gift of Pallas-Ceres is to simply remember that neither we nor the Planet need to struggle any longer, all we need to do is let go, relax, and hold the vision of ease and grace.   Yes, I know, that may sound like your difficulties are being trivialized.   You do need to be loving with yourself exactly where you are, before letting go is possible.

           If that sounds like a paradox, it is.   The mindbone's gotta get outa the way.   One way to do that, is to patiently keep bringing your attention back to your body, softly and warmly.