Great Grace

17 September 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           As we get into this Saturn-Chiron (Chiron stands still today, at Seattle 11pm Wednesday, New York 2am Thursday, London 7am Thursday, Sydney 4pm Thursday), with the Venus-Mars shift still in full bloom (at the "rewards" stage in fact), keep your eye out for the Grace.   When you see it, it's amazing, but it would not be hard to overlook it.

           The pillars which supported our consensus reality are being pulled out, and disorientation is the unavoidable result.   Let that be, don't scramble to put them back.   You can now replace them with pillars that support the world you want to live in.   We have a habitual reaction to disorientation, and worry or anxiety will recreate the reality you wish to release.   We need to be conscious of those states, and when we notice them, replace them with pictures of what we do want.

           They can be subtle, it's a time when vigilance is powerful.   On the other hand, you don't want tension, so intend alertness to insecurity.   Ask or pray or visualize that you immediately notice thoughts and feelings about scarcity, and that you have clarity about the details of the abundance you want in your life.   Then practice trusting that all prayers are answered.   If time is moving too fast for that you can simply cancelneutralizeupgrade, but gosh, I hope you find the time to daydream.

           Be mindful that when you ask for something that's a bit out of your range, the first thing you will receive, is information about why you haven't had what you want all along.   That usually takes the form of paper tigers that look and feel quite real, but aren't.   You ask for a new car and the universe wrecks your old one.   Respond in your old way to that, and you recement your old reality.   Find a new way to respond, and you begin building the reality you want.

           Some people think that a positive or "high-vibration" response is what's required, but that's not always true.   If your old pattern is to be nice all over everything whether it's good or not, your new response may feel very negative or "low-vibration."   You gotta love it all, and the first step toward that is being willing to be present for the negative and "low vibrations."   Not identified with but present for - anyone not understand the difference?

           It's natural that relationship transformation is involved, because relationship is our first pillar of reality.   The closer someone matches our reality pictures with their reality pictures, the closer we tend to get to that person, we like validation.   That's fabulous if it's our abundance pictures that match, but disastrous if it's our scarcity or denial pictures that match.   So our relationships are changing, as we (hopefully) shy away from the people who validate our scarcity, and migrate toward those who affirm our abundance.   Give them the opportunity to shift too, of course, and by all means help if they ask!

           But no "pollyanna" here, we gotta do this without denial, without dissing our less-than-stellar thoughts and feelings.   We need to notice them and be loving with them.   The nature of Saturn is focus.   When we focus we let go of other opportunities, and we need to be honest but quick about grieving those other opportunities.   Actually, if some versions of the alternative reality metaphors are useful, we don't even need to worry about it, because each of those abandoned opportunites becomes a parallel reality that a parallel self experiences.

           So the act of grieving respectfully but quickly, the act of loving our scarcity, is an act that thins the veils between our multiples.   Our "shadow" is just a thin veil between us and a multiple we don't like, so all of the myths about the "shadow" apply here very precisely.   And many tell us that the veils are already thinning on their own, so this respectful quick grief and loving of scarcity may be necessary first aid to the ego.   This thinning was an important part of the 1 Jan 2000 chart, recall, when Neptune conjoined the Dragon's Tail.   So we can only expect it to continue.

           Chiron is about being loving with our victim postures.   We all have them, they add much depth and richness to life, and they all need our love.   Again, these are the parallel lives where we've invested in some Greek drama, a dilemma where we have to make a choice and there are no good ones to be had.   Only one direction leads outa that maze, and it's not part of the script.   It's about loving our victims.

           Chiron is a healer.   He opens our wounds for healing.   With Saturn involved here, the choice of what we do with our reopened wounds, is ours.   Keening is good, it releases the pain.   Grief cannot be rushed.   Don't suppress either because somebody toldya they're "low vibration," by doing that you can just force the wound closed without cleaning it fully.

           It's both/and.   Feel your grief, tone it outa ya.   Be loving with it.   And at the same time hold the picture of your daydream aloft with great respect and grace.   Feel your scarcity actively and quickly, find a way to be loving with it, and move on to your abundance.   This is what co-creation is about, we're deep in the middle of it, and it will continue to grow more intense as we move toward the Merkabah Eclipse at the Harmonic Concordance in early November.

           The universe gives us these moments of Great Grace for a purpose.   Feel the Grace here and lock it into your memory, where you can retrieve it whenever you need it.   Feeling states are the power tools of creation, and Grace is one of the most powerful feeling states you can put in your toolbox.

           I'm inspired by Nancy Shipley Rubin's discourse on Truth at   Nancy's always been in the moment, and her workshops on Dancing in the Light, on Oahu (10-12 October), in Marin (21-26 October), in Vancouver (4-9 November), and in Anchorage (13-16 November), are right on point - see   Notice especially the Vancouver workshop, which aligns with the Harmonic Concordance (