Harmonic Concordance Intro

1 November 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           I wrote this for a friend's ( Margaret Ruby's) newsletter and I been holding onto it, waiting for her newsletter to hit the streets before I sent it out.   It's a good general introduction to the Harmonic Concordance.

Harmonic Concordance - the Merkabah Eclipse

           It's not often that every celestial object parties at the same time, but that's what's going on 8-9 November, when a total lunar eclipse coincides with what astrologers call a grand sextile - a Star of David or Merkabah.   The astrologer who first noticed this, Johnny Mirehiel, was guided to call it the "Harmonic Concordance."   In a grand sextile, six or more planets line up at angles which signify ease and grace.   Not only that, but at the time of this eclipse every planet save one forms angles of ease and grace.   I'll use the word planets in a general way, to include not only planets per se but also the Sun and Moon and asteroids.

           You won't see a Star of David in the sky, because the planets that make the hexagram encircle the Earth.   So if you could see them during the day, and watched the sky for 24 hours, you'd see one of them rise every four hours.   The Merkabah is the vehicle used for traveling between dimensions (http://www.observations.org/Spirit/Mrkba/animerk.html), so this is a grand time for the Planet and her guests - that'd be us - to make a huge shift, if not transcend entirely.   Of course the planets are only a 3D projection of larger energies, so that'll depend partly on how many Earthlings imagine the full dimensionality of the Merkabah.

           You can find a slew of details at http://astrosite.com/, including an egroup to play in if ya wanna.

           An eclipse usually identifies something to bring into the light, then takes 18 months to bring it forward.   The 18 months is a kindness, so we can recognize one another from one day to the next - if we changed too fast we'd have to wear nametags.   But this eclipse is a Merkabah, so you can spin it as fast as ya want.   The sky's the limit, as they say.

           The renegade here - a role he plays quite naturally - is Uranus, the only planet that's not involved in the general comraderie of ease and Grace.   But on the day of the eclipse Uranus is as strong as he ever gets.   So Uranus is in charge, and he wouldn't mind at all if we changed all at once, though he'd object to the nametags.   Uranus stands for integrity with our Higher Self.   Some folks say that whenever we make a decision that's not in accord with our Higher Self, we create a parallel reality, and splinter ourselves a bit more.   With the Merkabah already spinning and departure imminent (would you mind taking off yer shoes?), it's a great day to declare the intention to align with our Higher Selves!   Thank goodness we got all that Grace running around!   Somebody's looking after us.

           Another Big Deal in this amazing chart, is a big alignment that astrologers call a Tsquare.   It means that two planets face one another across the sky, and another sits right in the middle between them, forming a big isosceles right triangle in the sky (you know sacred geometry - remember profane geometry? here's a review).   But in this case it's not just one planet sitting in the middle, but a whole bunch of them, and these planets symbolize nothing else but the end of the patriarchy!   Of course, when the patriarchy goes, so do cause and effect and karma.   Wouldn't that be a great package to shove into a Merkabah, set the dial for Way Out, and push Go!

           Astrologically, the most prominent energy over the next three years is our discovery that we are the healers, that we can't really delegate that, even if we wanted to, it's against the rules.   This is an energy we worked with from 1985 till 1996, then we got excited about the dot-coms and forgot about it.   But now it's back, and it's here till 2006.   This energy is also prominent at the Harmonic Concordance, and the message is that we could put our skepticism and all our blocks to healing right into the Merkabah and send them to where they'll create joy and balance.   A cosmic GetOutaJailFree card, remember those?

           Somebody asked Johnny how to prepare for such an occasion, and he said something like, "Pretend it's already here!"   Well astrologically, we don't even gotta pretend, because the major elements of the Harmonic Concordance are already, as astrologers say, within orb - the magic is already afoot.   And Margaret's already taught us that we could pretend it into being anytime even if it wasn't.   On 8-9 November, and between now and then, it's just easier than usual!

           I been making a lotta jokes about sending away the nasties, but of course the Merkabah is built outa pure Love.   We gotta love it like it is, or it sticks to us like tarpaper, even when we got a free pass.   So an ideal way to use this Merkabah, is with Margaret's new CD on Release-Neutralize-Manifest!