The Problem is the Illusion

10 September 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Well, we're probably past the most intense parts of the Mars transmutations, but these Mars changes will stay with us till at least November.   These Mars adventures are about revising the ways we protect and defend ourself and others.   The Planet is shifting from the space where success means safety and courage means fighting, to the space where success means vulnerability without fear and courage means embracing.

           I mean, think about it - just what is the role of Mars on a planet where Love is the order of the day?   Consider your immune system.   It's been fighting and destroying microcritters for millions of years.   How does it work when you respond to the microdudes with Love rather than Separation?   Lotsa different pictures of that, and if you're like me your favorite version changes daily.   The full picture lies in another reality, and we still have at least one foot in the old reality, so the pictures we see look kinda like Salvador Dalis.

           But some of the other roles of Mars in the old reality, were...   Trusting your own intuition when everyone else thinks you're crazy.   Doing things differently and blazing your own trail.   Diving deeply into places where everyone else says you shouldn't go.   Trusting experience more than intellect.   Accepting shared power without "I dunno, whadda you want" ambivalence.

           And now we're also being tossed into the Big Deal for the year, Saturn-Chiron.   In a nutshell, this is about coming to understand that we are our own healer.   It's about taking the authority, responsibility, and power that have been ours all along, but which we been delegating to others.   It's tempting to think that we have to take back our own power because our delegatees have screwed it up so badly, but really it's the other way around - by doing a powerful job of creating the world they want, they're demonstrating to us that we can no longer sit back and accept anyone else's version of reality, we gotta make our own.

           This Saturn-Chiron isn't standing alone, it's braided with both Pallas and Ceres, two major goddesses.   Ceres is the Mother Goddess, and Pallas the female version of Mars.   So it's not as simple as revising our identity (Saturn) as healers (Chiron), it's also about embracing the Big Picture (Ceres) and being willing to take a stand (Pallas) for what we know to be right for us.   Not take a stand to convince or change others, take a stand to stop our own power leakages.

           There were 20 Saturn-Chiron oppositions between 1985 and 1996.   The 21st in this series doesn't occur till the last week of September, but we're close enough to begin feeling it.   More immediately, Chiron is stationary (at its strongest) a week from now.   Much of the heavy energies we've been feeling this week, have been more Chiron than Mars, and Chiron will be getting stronger as we go forward.

           How to deal with Chiron, then? Recognize that the purpose of your travails is release. Your life may feel difficult, but that's because you're reviewing the patterns you want to release.   The more difficult it is, the more you want to let it go.   In the original Chiron myth, his wounds were unhealable. The purpose of that myth is not to verify that our victim stance is unavoidable.   It's to empathize with our victim's martyrdom so we can let it go!

           Nothing changes till we accept it the way it is.   Chiron's message is that trying to "fix" it is a waste of time.   Accept it and move on.   Forget about justice and revenge, and get busy making the best lemonade ever!

           "Yes, Sweetheart, I know, this wound has been with us all our life and we'll be nothing without it," we say softly and gently to our Inner Healer.   "So I'm willing to be nothing then - are you?"   If she doesn't agree then we lower the ante and try again.   This is scary, but it's what we're doing.   Nothingness is potential.   It has not manifested into form yet, its pure energy.   So the less we know about what's next, the less we limit it by projecting and recreating surrealistic images of our old wounds.

           Here's the timetable for this week and next.   Remember that the influences are already underway, and will probably increase in intensity till the time indicated, then diminish somewhat...

           Ceres conjoins Saturn at 12 Cancer this week, Seattle 2pm Friday, New York 5pm Friday, London 10pm Friday, Sydney 7am Saturday.   This occurs only once for this cycle.   It sets a new seed for our identity as Planet-Keepers.   In Cancer, it will challenge our habits of exploiting our Mother Planet, and open us to caring instead.   We may see ourselves as cancer cells afflicting the larger body in which we are a bit player.   The last cycle began in 1998 at 26 Aries.   The next cycle begins in 2009 at 17 Virgo, and at that time we'll be letting go of the ego trip which assumes we have enough power to damage a being so great as the Planet.

           Ceres opposes Chiron from 13 Cancer next Monday, Seattle 2am, New York 5am, London 10am, Sydney 5pm.   This is the first of three such oppositions.   This cycle, which is not about our egos but about planetary healing, began in 1995 at 30 Virgo.   30 Virgo is the last gasp of mefirstism, in preparation for the realization of usness.   The Planet has been connecting to her mother for the last 8 years, and that process is almost complete.   The next cycle begins in 2006 at 8 Aquarius.

           Chiron finishes his retreat next week, Seattle 11pm Wednesday, New York 2am Thursday, London 7am Thursday, Sydney 4pm Thursday.   This retreat spanned 13-19 Capricorn, and began in late April.   The wider period, when Chiron dances thrice on these degrees, runs from mid-January till mid-December.   Chiron's moving slowly, and Saturn catches up on 25-26 September, just as Mars finishes his retreat.