Imagine there's no heaven

21 December 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Northern Winter/Southern Summer starts at Honolulu 9pm Sunday, Seattle 11pm Sunday, New York 2am Monday, London 7am Monday, Jerusalem 9am Monday, Sydney 6pm Monday.

           We been spending the last four years getting centered and integrated into the body, and in the process we've each discovered a great deal about our own missions here on the Planet in the lifetime.   Now we let all that go and dive into fantasy - but an orange-tinted fantasy about what it's gonna look like when we've accomplished this mission of ours!

           The four-year Juno-Pluto cycle is about what we unconsciously, thus unquestioningly, attach our loyalty to.   We're in the last few days of the cycle that began in March 1999 at 11 Sadge, which Rudhyar says [p.216] speaks of "the need to rely upon 'the wisdom of the body'... the process of deconditioning a consciousness that has become a prisoner of intellectual concepts with their total reliance on quantitative values, objectivity and conformity to the official patterns of our culture."

           At Christmas we initiate a new cycle, this one at 21 Sadge, "The use of imagination and make-believe in anticipating higher stages of development... By imitating features belonging to a level of consciousness as yet unreachable, the processs of growth may be accelerated... In a sense it is mere pretending or make-believe, yet by wearing the 'mask' of a god the medicine man at the time becomes for all practical purposes the incarnation of the god" [Rudhyar p.222].

           So we can expect things to get a bit more phantasmagorical over the next several years, as folks start to get lost in their own creations.   This of course is good, as this whole process of rolling our own reality is a big part of the quantum universe we've slid into.   It will behoove us to accept the divisions this will create between folks, and give up our natural insecurity and abandonment and need to believe that god's on the side of our reality, and instead strive for curiosity and tolerance and wonder about just how crazy "they" can get and still survive!

           It's gonna get loopy, folks.   "Eh, bedeeya bedeeya," as Bugs would say.   The game will be to see how much we can accept and learn about their crazy reality, without giving up our own.   In times past, it was granny's pemmican recipe that kept us alive through the winter.   In them goode olde days, everybody pretty much had the same needs, and the most complex choice we made, was whether to cooperate to help pick the berries for the pemmican, or to compete to see if we could get more better for our village/family.   Well, them was the goode olde days, warnt they?   It was easy to tell who was crazy, cuz they wasnt picking berries, and before the winter was over we'd end up having to share ours.

           In the goode newe days it's pretty different.   Yer gonna have to be "crazy" by the old standards, to survive.   That is, yer gonna have to have yer own drummer, and yer gonna have to listen to yer own intuitions.   No more one-size-fits-all pemmican recipes.   Before, we just moved away from the crazy folks and the too-competitive types, and enjoyed the sort of community where everybody pretty much understood what survival was all about, and pitched in.   We wont be able to do that any more, because if we did, the biggest community on the planet would only have one person in it, and we're outa room.

           In the goode olde days, we measured how well we got along with somebody, by how many times we said "Right on!" while they were talking.   Now we'll be counting the number of times we say "Wow, really?" instead.   If we want community - and we're gonna need community - we're gonna hafta practice saying "Wow, really?" in the places where in the past we woulda said, probably under our breath, "Wow, yer really fullofit!"   We'll learn to hold steady allegiance to our own reality, while being completely open to learning about and tolerating other realities that are very different from our own.

           In the old paradigm, most of us struggled to hold our own uniqueness against the onslaught of everyone else's expectations that we'd be like them, "normal."   If yer stuck at Christmas with folks whom you have nothing in common with, try asking the straightest among em, who they'd be if they could be anybody they want.   While these cyclical synergies don't "become permanent" till the waxing square, there's always a bright burst present at the conjunction if yer watching.   They're the barby, yer the match - see if you can find their imagination.

           For this 21 Sadge, Jones talks about humanity's "unimpeachably universal spirit, and the realization that there are no absolute lines of demarcation between higher and lower life or between the varying stages of competency to be found in each" [p.231].   Remember our quote from Elia Wise a few issues back - {jbull} Cleansing?   I'm gonna have to learn to be invisible to the colonialist Lizards instead of judging them.   How do ya do that without "collaborating," anyway?

           In case yer tempted to believe yer mission and yer fantasy is about relationship, give it a rest, at least for a while.   A few folks here do have relationship as their mission, but not so many.   For most of us, relationship is a means to an end - put yer fantasy synergy into that end instead.   While everyone has their own personal schedule which may for them be more powerful than the global schedule, most of us follow the global schedule most of the time.   And in the global schedule relationship bliss doesn't strike till late in 2004.

           Till then most of us are still releasing what dont work in relationships.   If you haven't seen it yet, do rent Cool World with Brad Pitt and Kim Bassinger.   It's a good combination of loopy realities and releasing false relationship idols, tailor-made for 2004.   After 2004, relationship settles down and serves our missions, for the next 25 years.

           The Juno-Pluto conjunction itself occurs on Thursday-Friday, Honolulu 2pm Thursday, Seattle 4pm Thursday, New York 7pm Thursday, London 12am Friday, Jerusalem 2am Friday, Sydney 11am Friday.   That's Thursday as in Christmas.   Visions of sugarplums is gonna have more significance this year than usual.   The synergy has a short gestation time, and "becomes permanent" by early April.

           Just for some perspective, lets look at a few other Juno-Pluto cycles.

           The 1994 cycle began in November at 29 Scorpio, "Love as a principle of redemption" [Rudhyar p.209].   Anything in your 1994-1999 personal history reflect that?   Rudhyar talks about redeeming the wayward and abandoned parts of yerself by loving them.

           The January 1990 Juno-Pluto conjunction was at 18 Scorpio.   Hill says [p.228], "it is the dramatic preparation for change that has resulted from the fruits of your labor that is surrounding you now" - pretty amazing since 1990 was the midpoint of the era-ending 1987-1993 Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron-Uranus-Neptune adventures!

           There's one more cycle before 2012, initiated at 30 Sadge in October 2008 - "The need to pay homage to traditional values upon which the Invisible Community of the spirit is built" [Rudhyar p.227].   After four years in Fantasyland, it'll be time to revisit the goode olde days for a while, find that pemmican recipe, cuz we'll need it for comfort food.

           In the midst of our 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto (the 60s become permanent), we start a Juno-Pluto at 10 Capricorn in January 2013, "The overcoming of fear and its rewards" [Rudhyar p.235].

           I've gone into this cycle in detail because it's an important cycle that says a lot about who we believe ourselves to be.   It takes 250 years for Pluto to circle the zodiac, with Juno hopskotching around with it, every four years and 10-15 degrees anchoring our identity to that region of the zodiac.   Pluto's now in the last third of Sadge.   If this were most any other planet, it'd be ending Northern Autumn and about to enter Northern Winter.   Pluto crosses the Northern Winter Solstice point in January 2008, just as Juno anchors us to our spirit community.

           But this is Pluto, and with Pluto's oblong orbit (, Pluto cycles don't start at the cusp of Earth Northern Spring, they start at mid-Leo, when Pluto's halfway between its aphelion (farthest from the Sun) and its perihelion (closest to).   That would have been 1946.   Pluto's now just past its perihelion - 13 Scorpio, September 1989.   In Pluto time it's high summer. So park yer bones against the shady trunk of that old apple tree, slip a sprig of dry grass between yer teeth, cock yer straw hat down over yer eyes, and get to work fantasizing up yer future.