Inta Gritty

19 November 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Now that we're 10 days past the Harmonic Concordance per se, it's a good time to stop and look at how it has changed our lives.   Have a quick look at the last 10 days - what have been the 2 or 3 main themes for you in your internal and external realities (feelings and circumstances)?   Keep it simple, just a coupla sentences.   Dont wanna compare that to the period just before the HC, because many of the HC configurations were completing then, just as they are now.   So compare them to the 2 or 3 main themes in your life during 1999.

           The reason I pick 1999, is because so much has been happening since then.   2000 was filled up with healing (Chiron-Pluto) and loss of the veil (Neptune-Dragon).   2001-2 was filled up with regression to the Roman Empire (Vesta-Saturn-Pluto).   Mid-2002 saw big changes in our yingyang, many of which are just now starting to become clear (Venus-Mars-Saturn-Pluto-Dragon).   In late 2002 and early 2003 we previewed 2012 (Uranus-Pluto).   In the first half of 2003 we got to review how much we love war (Uranus entering Pisces).   Then mid-year Mars did its Atlantis-apogee thing.   It's been busy, and it will continue to be.

           The HC Mars-Jupiter completes on Thursday, and next week Mars-Pluto and Vesta-Jupiter and Vesta-Pluto complete - these are all major elements of the HC End-of-Karma and the End-of-Patriarchy configuration.   When we ask for something (such as Grace and Equality), the first thing the Universe always appears to give us, is a demonstration of why we didn't have it all along.   That gives us the opportunity to choose to re-identify with the demonstration itself (Karma), or to identity with what we've asked for (Grace).

           Recall that our most precious attribute is our Attention - whatever we pay Attention to, we create more of.

           So Grace and Equality is one thread we can look for in our lives over the last 10 days.   Have there been any circumstances arise, where you did not feel the loving hand of Grace?   Have real or imagined issues arisen in your life where Equality was missing?   If so, when they arose, where did your Attention go?   Did you focus on the difficulty or the inequality?   Did you lovingly Attend to your natural reactions?   Did you focus on the Grace and Equality you've been asking for?

           Did you reject your natural emotional reactions to difficulty or inequality, or power-over them with "positive thinking"?   Another name for rejecting our natural emotional reactions, by the way, is self-abandonment.   When we reject our natural emotional reactions as "negative," we create more abandonment.

           Amid all the hoopla about Grace and Ascension, it's easy to forget that the strongest planet at the HC was Uranus - Integrity.   Not yang Integrity (honoring Commitments) but yin Integrity (honoring Intuition).   Not only was Uranus the strongest planet in the HC, but it was also the only planet not involved in the Grace.   The implication is that we have to supply the Integrity.   No one gives it to us.   Kinda tautological, when ya think about it.

           By definition, Power is never given, only taken. If "nice people" don't take their own Power, then "mean people" do it for them.   In the last 10 days, have you been honoring yer Commitments?   Most of our yang Commitments were negotiated under Karma, not under Grace, and to survive under Grace they will need to be renegotiated or disavowed.   In the last 10 days have you been honoring yer Intuition?

           Then of course there's the Solar Eclipse coming up on Sunday-Monday (Honolulu 1pm Sunday, Seattle 3pm Sunday, New York 6pm Sunday, London 11pm Sunday, Jerusalem 1am Monday, Melbourne 10am Monday).   The Grand Sextile is still in effect, with the Moon's Nodes replacing the HC Full Moon.   The strongest planet in this chart is Ceres - it's outabounds and stationary, starting a retreat a few hours after the eclipse.   The influence of a planet is stronger when its outabounds, and strongest when its stationary.

           The Ceres retreat spans 12-26 Cancer, and interweaves with retreats of Chiron and Pallas - healing of our belief that the Earth must suffer if we are to thrive.   The degree of the Ceres station, 26 Cancer, is about differentiating abundance from opulence.   Pallas is also outabounds at the eclipse, lending both passion and detachment to the issue.   The degree of the eclipse, 2 Sadge, is about balancing mind and heart.   Venus (heart) and Mercury (mind) are both outabounds, emphasizing this theme.