Perfect Pictures

22 January 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           A good time to remind that relationship is a bit tricky here.   We've recently finished what many astrologers have been erroneously calling a Venus-Mars conjunction in Scorpio - it was a near-miss.   Venus is receptivity, Mars is assertiveness, Scorpio is going all the way, and we all know all too well what a near-miss is.   Were it a real conjunction we'd be out in the rain singing about our soulmate mythologies.   But it weren't.

           The real conjunction, which tells the real story, was the Nevada wedding back in May at 19 Gemini, the one where Saturn and Pluto performed the ceremony, with Dragon as the witness.   Dragon's a baaad dude, a hit man for the Karma Mafia, you don't wanna get on his bad side, or you'll feel his spirit-fire breath up your backside.   Saturn and Pluto, like the Scorpio near-miss, make it seem like the Real Thing is near.   But this is GEMINI.

           Nothing permanent happens in Gemini.   That's actually a great blessing, when you consider that all the enemy images that have been haunting our dungeons were brought to us by Saturn in Gemini opposing Pluto - but here we're talking about relationships.

Nothing permanent happens in Gemini.

           That is, things begun under Gemini can have unlimited staying power, but only if they stay flexible.   So expect the form to morph itself many times.   We could say that the final form will look nothing like the original pictures, but the word final would betray us.   Nothing about Gemini is final except change.

           I hope no one misinterprets this as negative - in case you haven't noticed, this is true of our Universe, nothing is final except change.   If you're offended by this, consider slipping into a parallel universe where change is more ephemeral, while the doorway is open.   Gracie said it all - "Soon you'll obtain the stability you strive for/ in the only way that it's ever granted/ in a place among the fossils of our time [crescendo]" But here we're talking about relationships.

           What is Gemini good at?   Nuts and bolts, attention to the details, juggling many balls at once, making changes, cutting losses.   So how do we apply this to relationship?

Perfect Pictures

           We are being shown our perfect pictures.   If you're not familiar with that term, it means our fantasies about how the Universe should be.   We're on the fast train to manifesting here, so we can just create those now, right? Well, almost.   Not quite as simple as that.

           Our perfect pictures are balanced by our mud pictures, our undeservingness.   If they weren't, we would have manifested them long ago.   What we can now create, is something in between.   Something that has the feeling qualities of our perfect pictures, but which may look quite different than we always imagined it would.   To get there, we need to get conscious of our mud pictures so we can cancelneutralizeupgrade them.

           Our perfect pictures trigger our bliss.   Our mud pictures trigger our despair.   The typical process is not that we don't know about our mud pictures, just that we seldom know about them at the same time that we know about our perfect pictures.   And seldom know about them at the same time we remember cancelneutralizeupgrade.   Time, as we really experience it, is both nonlinear and multi-track.

           It can be healing just to have your perfect pictures and your mud pictures in the same room at the same time.   Go to your Inner Eyore (basso profundo: "I'll never get what I want" - with the complete conviction that you know so well), and then bring in your Inner Tigger (alto soprano: "Oo-hoo-hooo, we're gonna have fun when that happens!" - with the total conviction you know so well), and watch them while they chat about it.

Identification and Integration

           The powerful thing about this scenario, is that to do this you have to stop being Tigger and being Eyore, and become an outside observer.   An outside observer that remembers cancelneutralizeupgrade.   Move your observer chair to whatever position you want, because you are now the fulcrum.   Instead of being on either end of the teeter-totter, you're now in the middle.

           From here you can see how Eyore gets such a despondent perspective, you can see what fears he's protecting himself from - disappointment? jealousy? isolation?   You won't permanently live Tigger's perspective till you find a way to get Eyore's needs met too.   That's actually much easier than you ever dreamed, once you get Eyore and Tigger to start listening to one another with their hearts.   Now you know the method, you can go to work integrating Rabbit and Pooh, and most especially Piglet.

           Our perfect pictures come crashing down around our heads in June, so it's a good plan to start early on this project.   The next Venus-Mars cycle is in Scorpio, so we can practice tapdancing in puddles for that.   But it's not till December of 2004.   There's another near-miss in the Spring of 2004, in Gemini, so we can expect our expectations to crash in upon us then too.

           But in January 2005, Juno conjoins Neptune, and we ascend into marital bliss.   Till February 2005, when Juno conjoins Uranus, and the joinings that took place in December and January must serve our higher self - or else.   I'm going so far into the future because the cycles converge there (always a considerable amping of power when that happens), and so you can work with the timeline rather than fighting it.   And for several more reasons you'll read about shortly.

           To summarize, what's going on now, is release of our expectations.   That famous spiritual cliche that everyone mouths but immediately ignores, Don't be attached to outcomes.   Gemini's refrain.

           "Your mother's ghost stands at your shoulder/ eyes like ice, a little bit colder/ saying to you/ you cannot do that/ it breaks all the rules/ you learned in school" - Goddess Gracie again.

           The more expectations we can release in the next two years, the more blissful will be our graduation at mid-decade.   So dive in.   No faster way to release expectations than to expect and be disappointed.   Or, if you're chicken like me, move toward consciousness.   Watch your expectations, talk about them (not as demands but as objects of curiosity), strive to replace them with agreements.   Better yet, do both.   This is a big part of our spiritual work for 2003-04.

           The other big part of our spiritual work for 2003 and beyond, is the issue you were dealing with on Thursday (Thursday evening and Friday morning in Oz).   While relationship is a biggie to most folks, and lit up now, the biggest issue we'll be dealing with for the next several years, is owning our own healing abilities.   You were working with some issue on Thursday - what was it?   Identify the perfect pictures and the mud pictures.   If in any sense you were victim to that issue, bring that up into consciousness and ask yourself, Why would I want to do this to myself? - then put it out of your mind while you wait for an answer to surprise you.

           Bear in mind that these trends are true in one degree or another for everyone.   But any of us could have personal trends that are stronger for us individually than the global trend is.   So your own timetable may be different.   But you'll be ahead to pay attention to this one too, because this is the planet's timetable.   When we align our personal agenda with Mother Earth's, we have a tremendous wind at our back.

           Bear in mind too that while our relationships will be changing significantly over the next few years, that doesn't necessarily mean that our partners will change.   If you're in a relationship that seems to hold you back, the sooner you begin to change that, the better.   But no relationship ever held anyone back - it is our beliefs about relationship that hold us back, our expectations.   And these beliefs are exactly what the universe is asking us - helping us - to release now.

Heiros Gamos

           Now the meat.   Why so much attention to relationship here, when the payoff is so distant?   Because the most important relationship any of us have, is the one between our Inner Guy and our Inner Gal.   That relationship determines how we balance commanding and receiving, how we balance resonance and work.   In other words, this relationship has complete control over how and what we co-create.

           So how do these things go together, releasing expectations and our Inner Marriage?   Whatever perfect pictures and mud pictures you have about the opposite gender and about your future love partner, whatever expectations you have about how they should be and shouldn't be, how they should and shouldn't behave, those are snapshots of your impediments to manifestation.   Add whatever expectations you have about your own gender and about how you should be or not be and behave and not behave, when you're in relationship.

           These expectations have power far beyond your external relationships.   If you've already done this sort of work, that's great, you're way ahead.   But not immune; another big layer comes off the onion here.   The test of our power to manifest, is our alignment with our higher self.   If we have to make any compromise at all for relationship or anything else we want, it won't work.   This is not a casual affair; it's essential homework for 2012.

           And don't be attached to outcomes.   If we were totally aligned with our higher self, we'd have everything we want and we'd be in ecstasy all the time.   ("Hit me," said the masochist.   "No," said the sadist.)   We would never have need to cancelneutralizeupgrade.   Sure, we're getting there, but how many of us are really there already?   So we have to recognize that we may not immediately recognize the person we're becoming.   We may not yet know about all of their wants and needs.

Juno - Joining and Belonging

           Let's look a little more closely at the Juno-Neptune and Juno-Uranus events of early 2005.   The Juno-Neptune, which inaugurates the real Scorpio Venus-Mars cycle, promises the most blissful union astrology can imagine, as Juno is about joining and Neptune about ecstasy.   Neptune has a reputation for deception, but that view is a material one, not a spiritual one.   Add to this bliss the fact that it occurs at 15 Aquarius:

"Two lovebirds sitting on a fence and singing happily.   The blessing bestowed upon personal achievement by the spiritually fulfilled consciousness of the Soul.   A state of being in which two complementary aspects of spiritual reality are united; this union results in happiness or bliss (ananda).   As a fence separates two fields or gardens, the separative consciousness of the ego can thus be blessed, perhaps as a spiritual reward for long-sustained and well-done work." [Rudhyar p.258; this quote is abridged]
           Wow!   In other words, the last thing we want to do now, is jump on some illusion that looks like our perfect pictures, and get embroiled with it so we can't disentangle ourselves for the real party.   That applies to both commitment and entanglement.   What's going on now, is the "long-sustained and well-done work" identifying the ways in which our expectations limit our realities.   Shirk not.

           Any manifesting you do in the next two years, do it as a learning process.   If you're manifesting a primary relationship now, make your primary commitment to your own and one another's spiritual growth.   Reread Gibran.   Commit to helping one another find security in your relationships to God, not to providing security for one another.   Do not manifest things now which will limit you at mid-decade.

           If you're manifesting materiality now, do it as a learning process.   Do not manifest that to which you would like to become attached.   Or if you do, recognize that this is a workshop in detachment - hold it loosely or lose it.   The richest people you know have been broke several times.   Attachment creates only pain.   Right now we have only a glimmer about what that means.   Locate that glimmer and meditate on it, watching for fear.

Any fear that you find, Love it do death

           That may the most important thing anybody ever said to you, ever.   Safety first, then love your fear.   Bottom line.

           A month after this atomic bliss, the Juno-Uranus cycle begins at 7 Pisces:

"Illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist.   The spiritual blessings which strengthen individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth.   Those who do not depend upon collective values, traditions or support but seek at any cost to be true to their individual self and destiny almost inevitably face some kind of crucifixion.   They are sustained only by the power within them, to which a light above answers." [p.272]
           Wow again!   In other words, if our relationships and our material manifestations do not serve our spirit, even if they are blissful, they come crashing down around our heads in February 2005 just as our expectations do in June 2003 and Spring 2004.

A Gross of Thousands

           These Juno cycles are four-year cycles.   After this blissful one we have one more, starting in 2009, before we get to the 2012 launch.   The 2009 Juno-Neptune (blissful union) is a simple and grounded one at 26 Aqua: "The need for 'management' is seen to effect every detail of our individual lives; this applies as well to the complexities of interpersonal, social or political relationships, because our modern society is indeed like a huge machine speeding on dangerous ground.   Safety depends on available power." [p.265]

           But the 2009 Juno-Uranus (spiritual commitment) cycle is complex and intense.   It begins at 27 Pisces: "The harvest moon illumines a clear autumnal sky... the time has come to reap what we have not only sown, but also cultivated - or failed to cultivate." [p.286]

           It spans the entire 2009 year and re-occurs at 24 and 23 Pisces. These sub-themes are: "On a small island surrounded by the vast expanse of the sea, people are seen living in close interaction" [p.284] and "The person who believes he or she has a mission or mandate, or any special gift that can be of value to their community, must... produce results.   Sometimes this involves difficulties... it always demands to some extent the gift of some power of value which is deeply one's own... Something precious involved in a deeply personal experience has to be surrendered, offered to others." [p.283]

           Intense, eh?   No back doors here.

Example Perfect Pictures

           One of the perfect pictures which my own natal Venus in Pisces generates, is a world in which we are in love with everyone and everyone is in love with us.   "With two cats in the yard."   We choose our relationships in this world because they're pragmatic, not because they're our only succor.   Of course the corresponding mud picture, is the world where we love no one and no one loves us except the cats, and we think they just love us because we have the food.

           As we move through the next two years, I do not disown that perfect picture.   In fact,   I couldn't if I tried, because that perfect picture is an integral part of my personal morphogenetic field, the energy pattern that surrounds and informs my DNA.   What I do with that picture, is extract the essence.   It's about energy, not form.   What would it *feel* like to live in such a Watermelon Sugar world?

           That feeling is what I hold dear, and strive to remember, letting go of my pictures of what "causes" that feeling to arise.   If I knew how to create that world, and what form it would take, I would have created it long ago.   So I aim to be conscious of the pictures I have of what that world should look like, and I aim to let them go, send them to the light.   In the process of doing this, I may become conscious that it is the contrast between the world that I want to see, and the world that I do see, that takes me to my mud pictures.

           Or I may not.   Either way, I cancel neutralize upgrade my mud pictures whenever I remember, grateful when I do remember, and grateful for not cursing myself when I forget.   And I cancel neutralize upgrade my perfect pictures as well, recognizing that they also stand between me and ecstasy, because they prescribe a form, and form is always sticky, and getting stuck on form separates me from essence.   Then I recall, as best I can in the moment, the feeling which I will have in my body, when I manifest that world of safety and peace and cooperation.

Clan Medicine

           Some people say that what we're doing now, is "finding our tribe."   I'm hesitant to use that phrase because for so much of history tribes were defined by who wasn't in them.   I prefer to think of it as finding our clan, in the medicine sense.   Our medicine clan is the people who share our reality, the people who instinctively know the difference between the times when we bitch as part of our release process, and the times when we bitch because we're being a victim, responding with empathy in the first case and tough love in the second.

           Medicine clans were independent of tribe and family lineage.   Though you would have cultural differences to overcome, your clan would include members of other families and other tribes.   It was your clan because you shared medicine.   Medicine was a term that unified dis-ease and healing, karma and dharma, experience and wisdom.   Your clan had experience at dealing with certain kinds of difficult experiences, and your clan knew ways to ease the suffering of others who found themselves in those situations without the benefit of their own clan wisdom.

           Many of us have been "happen what may, standing uncompromisingly for our own truth" and "not depending upon collective values, traditions or support but seeking at any cost to be true to our individual self and destiny" and "facing some kind of crucifixion" and "sustained only by the power within us" for many lifetimes.   There may be only a few other people on the planet who belong to our medicine clan.

           When they show up in our life, a part of us will mistrust, having been betrayed so often.   And a part of us will leap at the opportunity, having been alone for so long.   Just more mud pictures and perfect pictures to be released.   A part of us will know who is and is not in our clan, and that part is the one to find.   If someone is not in our clan, it's not because they're less than or more than, it's because their medicine is different.   We need them for the times when we encounter their dis-ease without knowing their comforts, just as they need us.

           We are able to share more with the members of our own clan, than with members of other clans, because our experiences and our instincts align.   But there is no sense of insiders and outsiders, superior and inferior.   There may be envy among those who have not found their clan, for those who have.   But there is empathy among those who have, for those who have not.