THE BIG PICTURE #1: Relationship 2002-2005




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The Big Picture #1: Relationships 2002-2005




1961-1972 – Venus-Mars conjunctions out of bounds

That is, more significant than usual.


1974-1994 – Venus-Mars conjunctions in bounds


1995-2002 – Venus-Mars conjunctions out of bounds

That is, more significant than usual.


January 1999 to October 1999 – Juno retrograde 27 Scorpio-12 Sadge

Juno conjunct Chiron 28 Scorpio-2 Sadge; Juno conjunct Pluto 9-11 Sadge


March 2000 – Juno conjunct Neptune 6 Aquarius


April to November 2000 – Juno retrograde 12-27 Aquarius;

Juno conjunct Uranus 17-21 Aquarius


June 2000 – Venus conjunct Mars 4 Cancer


10 May 2002 – Venus conjunct Mars conjunct Moon’s North Node 19 Gemini;

Venus parallel Mars parallel Mercury, out of bounds

Gemini 19 -- A Large Archaic Volume Reveals a Traditional Wisdom

“…The ultimate indestructibility of experience, so that any path once traversed can be taken again with a greater ease and a broader self-discovery… The assurance of illimitable resources in wisdom, and the suggestion that this heritage may be made manifest at any time in an immediate and practical guidance.  The past always provides an illumination of the present, and a person achieves best as they culture a real sense of obligation to their own roots.” [Jones p.228]

“Contacting the all-human planetary Mind underlying any cultural and personal mentality…  The ‘technique’ by means of which the human mind can uncover the foundation of its nature and acquire what might be called the seed-knowledge, the knowledge of the structure of cyclic and cosmic manifestations of life on this planet.” [Rudhyar p.102]

Mars-Venus-Dragon waxing binovile Ceres

“All waxing noviles… symbolize the collective testing of allegiance to a common goal and the breaking point between humanitarianism and oppression.” (Blaschke p.125)

Mars-Venus-Dragon waxing quadrinovile Chiron

“All waxing quadrinoviles… symbolize bringing into concrete manifestation the sincere prayer of the heart and the contract existing between two souls to fulfill mutual spiritual need.” (Blaschke p.126)

September-December 2002 – Venus retrograde 1-16 Scorpio

            The Scorpio half of Scorpio.


1 December 2002 – Venus-Juno near-miss 2 Scorpio;

5 December 2002 – Mars-Juno conjunction 3 Scorpio;

10 December 2002 – Venus-Mars near-miss 6 Scorpio

Scorpio 2 – A Broken Bottle and Spilled Perfume              “The accidental nature of opportunities that impel one to break away from the past, the remembrance of which is still poignant and cherished.” [Rudhyar p.192]

Scorpio 3 – A House-Raising Party in a Small Village      “A feeling of community demonstrated in a basic joint effort.” [Rudhyar p.193]

Scorpio 6 – A Gold Rush       “Beyond the arousal of greed is the deep-seated desire to play a more important or spectacular role in one’s society or community.  Greed is the perverse intensification of the social sense, just as lust is the perverse intensification of the longing for love.  Always at this Scorpio level the yearning is for an ever more intense and all-absorbing union with a person or community – a yearning which motivates a search for more effectual means to achieve as total a feeling experience as possible…  This dramatizes the capacity of people to tear themselves away from the known and the familiar, gambling everything on a vision or dream.” [Rudhyar p.195]


5 June 2003 – Venus waxing square Mars 26 Taurus to 26 Aquarius


June-October 2003 – Mars retrograde 1-11 Pisces

Mars very close to Earth and many times brighter than usual.


26 August 2003 – Venus opposite Mars 6 Virgo to 6 Pisces


12 November 2003 – Venus waning square Mars 13 Sagittarius to 13 Pisces


25 December 2003 – Juno conjunct Pluto 21 Sadge

Sagittarius 21 – A Child and a Dog Wearing Borrowed Sunglasses

“Humanity’s unimpeachably universal spirit, and the realization that there are no absolute lines of demarcation between higher and lower life or between the varying stages of competency to be found in each.” [Jones p.231]

“The use of imagination and make-believe in anticipating higher stages of development… By imitating features belonging to a level of consciousness as yet unreachable, the processs of growth may be accelerated…  In a sense it is mere pretending or make-believe, yet by wearing the ‘mask’ of a god the medicine man at the time becomes for all practical purposes the incarnation of the god.” [Rudhyar p.222]


April-July 2004 – Venus retrograde 10-27 Gemini

The Libra and Aquarius decanates of Gemini.


9 November 2004 – Juno conjunct Chiron 22 Capricorn

Capricorn 22 – A General Accepting Defeat Gracefully

“Genius for learning from experience and transforming setback into accomplishment.” [Jones p.261]

“The possibility of turning apparent external defeat into an inner spiritual achievement.” [Rudhyar p.242]


5 December 2004 – Venus conjunct Mars 17 Scorpio

Scorpio 17 – A Woman the Father of Her Own Child

“A deep and complete concentration reaching to the innermost center of the personality where the Living God acts as a fecundating power.  This reveals the potency of the inward way, the surrender of the ego to a transcendent Force which can create through the person vivid manifestations of the Will of God…  The realization of normally hidden potentialities...  Faith in the Divine is shown here being concretely justified.  The human person becomes ‘a mother of the Living God.’  This is the transpersonal way of existence.  It is the way that leads to creative mutations.”  [Rudhyar p.202]


7 January 2005 – Juno conjunct Neptune 15 Aquarius

Aquarius 15 – Two Lovebirds Sitting on a Fence

“Nature’s delight in exhibiting the fruits of simple self-fulfillment, dramatized most effectively as a natural consummation of a shared richness or tenderness in human personality.  There is high magic in any inner or psychological completeness, so that in consequence the whole world loves a lover.”  [Jones p.285]

“The blessing bestowed upon personal achievements by the spiritually fulfilled consciousness of the Soul…  A state of being in which two complementary aspects of spiritual reality… are united; this union results in happiness or bliss (ananda)  As a fence separates two fields or gardens, the implication is that the separative consciousness of the ego can thus be blessed, perhaps as a spiritual reward for long-sustained and well-done work.” [Rudhyar p.258]


25 February 2005 – Juno conjunct Uranus 7 Pisces

Pisces 7 – Illuminated by a Shaft of Light, a Large Cross Lies on Rocks Surrounded by Sea Mist         “The need to be active in the cause… through which life has been made worth while, and the incessant stirring of an inner voice which seeks to quicken the soul to the paramount necessities of its existence.” [Jones p.307]

“The spiritual blessing which strengthens individuals who, happen what may, stand uncompromisingly for their own truth.  A person who does not depend upon collective values, traditions or support but seeks at any cost to be true to their individual self and destiny almost inevitably faces some kind of crucifixion.  They are sustained only by the power within them, to which a light above answers.” [Rudhyar p.272]


2006-2025 – Venus-Mars conjunctions in bounds


2027-2036 – Venus-Mars conjunctions out of bounds

            That is, more significant than usual.






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