Water Bear Too

13 December 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Okay, now we know about cycles.   One more thing I guess would be good to throw in - astrologers use specific points in the cycle as indicators that the cycle is "lit up" or active in the lives of hupers and other entities in the neighborhood - such as the conjunction (initiation), waxing square ("becomes permanent"), opposition (blooming), and waning square (release).   So we was talkin in Water Bears about 3 big cycles that are prominent today...

           First, there's the Saturn-Chiron cycle.   Saturn-Chiron is the "we have found the healer and it is us" cycle - it's about healing and identity.   It's where we discover that we was unconscious victims about some aspect of our lives, and get conscious so we can roll our own.   This is a 60- to 80-year cycle which is now at the bloomin phase and, remarkably, has been since 1986.   It's the most prominent cycle during 2003-06.

           Second, there's the Uranus-Pluto cycle.   Uranus-Pluto is big because it "becomes permanent" in 2012-15, and it's the biggest synergy around at that big-transition time.   Uranus-Pluto is about mandatory (Pluto) integrity (Uranus) and abandonment of the old consensus-reality normative games in exchange for an inner-directed, intuitive, individualized approach to lifetheuniverseandeverything.   Its what Chomsky and Starhawk admiringly call "anarchy" because everybody makes their own decisions.

           The media calls it "anarchy" disparagingly because folks dont do what the advertisers tell em to.   It's what we often refer to as "the 60s become permanent," since initiation of this cycle was what the 60s were all about.   We brung this cycle up now because it was initiated at the same time as the Saturn-Uranus cycle was, so the two are linked together.   And since this is the larger cycle, "we have found the healer and it is us" serves "the 60s become permanent."   Uranus-Pluto is a 100- to 150-year cycle that's in the root-forming phase till 2012.

           Third, there's the Chiron-Pluto cycle.   We brought that cycle up because it was initated on New Years Eve of Y2K, so it's very prominent in the makeup of the decade and the century.   And because of a similarity in the orbits of Chiron and Pluto, this Chiron-Pluto is stronger than the average bear.   We could call this the "yer gonna heal whether ya like it or not dammit" cycle, and since it's a 70- to 80-year cycle that's only four years old, it's just getting started.

           Make more sense now?   Would be good to go back and read {jbull} The Water Bearer again now, cuz it holds a buncha hints about what each cycle might be about, including the "Sabian symbol" for the initiation of each cycle.   A "Sabian symbol" is a reading for each individual degree.   The astrological "signs" tell us in a general way how Sagittarius is different from Capricorn, but the "Sabian symbols" tell us in a general way how 21 degrees of Sadge is different from 22 degrees of Sadge.