Here We Go...

23 September 2003

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Glorious Balsamic Moon out there to initiate Autumn, if yer up in the predawn and it's clear.

           Okay, Mercury's direct again now, as of Honolulu 11pm Friday, Seattle 2am Saturday, New York 5am Saturday, London 10am Saturday, Jerusalem noon Saturday, Sydney 7pm Saturday.   Let's review this process - Mercury stirred up any unprocessed material you've been holding on to in the 13-27 Virgo zone between 8 August and 27 August.   Then it backed over that zone from 27 August (when Mars was in the next block) till now, giving us a chance to bring that material up into consciousness more clearly.   It'll now cross that zone for a third time, between now and 4 October.

           In the world at large, it's been serving as the messenger for Pluto, so there's a good chance that whatever's come up for you since 8 August, is just the stuff you need to clear in order to be able to fully receive the cosmic present that's being wrapped for delivery on 8-9 November.

           That'll shake loose a lotta projects that have been held up.   But the Big Stuff comes this week.   On Thursday-Friday, we get the first of this three-year subseries of Saturn-Chirons, the part about accepting our roles as healers.   That's exact Honolulu 9am Thursday, Seattle noon Thursday, New York 3pm Thursday, London 8pm Thursday, Jerusalem 10pm Thursday, Sydney 5am Friday.   But we been in this energy for a while now.   Mosta the heavy stuff you been feeling in the last few weeks, has been this energy.

           Then Mars finally finishes his retreat on Friday-Saturday, Honolulu 10pm Friday, Seattle 1am Saturday, New York 4am Saturday, London 9am Saturday, Jerusalem 11am Saturday, Sydney 6pm Saturday.   The Mars retreat cleaned out 1-11 Pisces.   The first pass was mid-June to the end of July.   The big opportunity in that period was to be loving with your orphaned desires.   The second pass is now over, and we're heading into the third pass, which finishes up at the Harmonic Concordance.