2004 in Biggies

1 January 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Of course, a "birth" chart is only one way to check whether a cat really does have spots under her fur.   My favoritest way is actually to check what's going on for the "nativity" (that's what astrologers call the entity that was borned) during the period in question.   I do expect the Jupiter-Uranus-Ceres to signal an expansive 2004, and I wont be surprised to find that the Mars-Saturn tsquare has symbolized big changes in the way we do our relationships.   But when I really wanna see the character of 2004, I'll look at the "biggest" event going on during the year.

           Have a look at the 1/1/2001 chart, frinstance - would you have anticipated "9/11" from it?   Well, maybe.   You got a Saturn-Pallas-Vesta tsquare, which implies that our institutions were up for major revision.   Jupiter-Neptune and Mars-Juno trines suggest alotta arrogance about how my team's bettern yer team.   Mercury outabounds, pointing out that something big's gonna be coming up into awareness.   But the biggest event of 2001 was the Saturn-Pluto opposition, which was braided by Vesta.

           So does 9/11 seem more like a Saturn-Pallas-Vesta event, or a Vesta-Saturn-Pluto event?   Well, as usual, it's both/and, not either/or.   We have to look at how a Vesta-Saturn-Pluto event would affect a Saturn-Pallas-Vesta entity - which actually does a fairly good job of seeing 9/11, with Pluto pushing Pallas past her reaction point.   Bear in mind of course that in the 9/11 chart Mercury was rising exactly trine to Saturn, implying that long-term it is the awareness which 9/11 engenders which will be the lasting impact.   Whaddawe conclude?   I'd say we need both, the "birth" chart and the BigEvents.

           And the biggest event of 2004, as we've said many times, is the ongoing Saturn-Chiron opposition.   Notice that this stalwart isn't even in effect in the 1 January chart!   In case you've forgotten, my key phrase for this event is "we have found the healer and it is us," with great respect to Walt Kelly and Pogo and Christos Lightweaver.

           How does the Saturn-Chiron event unfold in 2004?   It completes in mid-August at 22 Cancer, and again in the last few days of the year at 26 Cancer.   Fascinating degrees.   22 Cancer is "the longing for transcendent happiness in the soul opened to great dreams" [Rudhyar p.125].   That one's got ascension written all over it!   And we already know 26 Cancer as "differentiating abundance from opulence," and the 23-24 Nov 2003 "total solar eclipse archetype of the mother," from {jbull} Inta Gritty.

           By the time we get to the 28 December Saturn-Chiron, we'll already be starting the next Venus-Mars cycle.   Because the current Venus-Mars cycle is so germinal (see {jbull} Perfect Pictures), and because it spends 2004 waning (for which western culture ill prepares us), it's tempting to connect those two degrees to our relationship and manifestation adventures.   The shift of ages, recall, implies a huge change in our manifestation styles, from cause-effect to creative-resonance.

           2004's Saturn-Chiron adventures dont unfold in a vacuum.   The current Saturn retreat is braided by a Juno opposition, starting in mid-February at 7 Capricorn.   We can see Juno-Saturn as resistance to growth, our tenacious clinging to an old ego that in fact did keep us alive, even if it didn't satisfy our needs and wants as well as we would have liked.   7 Cap is "a veiled prophet speaks, seized by the power of a god" [Rudhyar p.233].   That'll create quite an edge, between growing into our healer, and protecting our old hesitation to accept responsibility.

           Given the timing - Juno-Saturn occurs twice before the 22-Cancer Saturn-Chiron - I'm guessing we're all gonna be playing Judas for the first half of 2004, betraying our higher selves as they try to lift us.   But of course the spiritual function of all that would only be to bring our higher selves (Uranus) into consciousness, probably at the cost of a good deal of deep emotional release (Pisces).   If it's true that every decision or action which betrays our integrity fragments us into a parallel reality, then we might even start glimpsing these parallels - that would certainly pop some emotion out of the bamboo scaffolding that supports the ego.   We might even realize that making a decision means we've abandoned the Heart!

           In case yer planning yer vacation already, the second Juno-Saturn is in early July at 18 Cap, and helps initiate the next Pallas-Saturn cycle.   18 Cap is "the protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order" [Rudhyar p.240] - sounds like we'd be well advised to release as much resistance as possible in January and February.   We talked about the Pallas-Saturn cycle already, in {jbull} Defense.

           More relevant perhaps than these Cap degrees for the Juno-Saturn oppositions, is the degree of the Juno-Saturn initiation for the current cycle.   That was 15 June 2001 at 7 Gemini, "a well with bucket and rope under the shade of majestic trees; primordial faith in the hidden sustaining power of life" [Rudhyar p.93].   That's pretty nice.   So the basic theme is about the power of the ego to sustain our human vehicle, so we can ascend it.   Think Maslow - food and shelter first, then ascension.   So these law'n'order oppositions may speak more to our tenacity than to our resistance.

           While we may be challenged by emotional forces and the need to conform, we can rely on this underlying faith to accept the legitimate role of the ego.   When the ego isnt on board for a big change, it simply means we aint ready yet, we got a few ducks outaline still, a bit of separation yet to experience.   Of course it's a Mystery (ie, bigger than logic), but contrary to popular belief, ego and ascension are both/and, not either/or.   When the logical mind sees a Mystery it becomes a premise, not a contradiction.

           So basically what we come down to, is how does a Jupiter-Uranus-Ceres entity respond to a Juno-Saturn-Chiron event?   That's a big question.   The simplest answer is "by focusing our expansion" - focusing and healing our expanding integrity, identifying with our integrity, expanding our integrity in an organized way to include not just our personal vehicle but also the matrix which that vehicle depends on for survival - our Planet.   In this context, the scaly greedheads are just our heyoka teachers.   We have reason to hope that anyway.

           Speaking of integrity, Rob Brezsny has such a great quote on yin integrity in his 2004 forecast, that I have to repeat it: "The older I get, the freer I am to hide nothing about how I really feel ... it's not even rebellion any more -- it's generosity."   Enviable.

           And while we're on the subject, let's document the Juno-Saturn cycle a bit more.   The 2006 initiation is on 26 June at 10 Leo - "the exalted feeling that rises within the soul of the individual who has successfully passed through the long night which has tested their strength and their faith" [Rudhyar p.137].   That's an intriguing reading at that time for a cycle that's about identification (Juno) with our roles (Saturn).   Since I dont expect this decade's polarization to be anywhere near finished by then, it could well encourage even greater division between the camps.

           The cycle which follows begins in September of 2011 at 18 Libra and carries us through the 2012-15 Uranus-Pluto square and beyond.   18 Libra says "two men placed under arrest: a breakdown in the constructive relationship between the individual and society, and the expectable result" [Rudhyar p.183].   Of course it could always be the Emperor and Vice Emperor that are arrested - it happened to Napoleon.   The symbol does specify men, not people, so this doesnt necessarily indicate further polarization, it could imply the final breakdown of the old world order.

           The prior Juno-Saturn cycle, spanning June 1996 to June 2001, was initiated at 8 Aries - "protection and spiritual guidance in the development of consciousness" [Rudhyar p.55].   That's true, there was a definite innocence in the air prior to the Saturn-Pluto opposition, which was pretty much replaced by that "priordial faith in the sustaining power of life," easily mistaken for pollyannaism, after the assaults of Y2K and the dot.com crash and the coronation of Dubya and his 9/11 gambit.

           The third Juno-Saturn opposition, just to complete the record, occurs 25 November 2004 at 28 Cancer - "inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values manifest in the human body and its natural functions" [Rudhyar p.128].   That's a much nicer shade of "primordial faith" than either possession or law'n'order.   Recall that when an event repeats three times, the first is usually a can-opener that brings challenging material out of denial, and the third a confidence-builder that demonstrates the viability of the newfound skill with the material which we developed at the second occurrence, so the progression of degrees fits well.   This third event is also but a few days prior to the Scorpio Venus-Mars conjunction, a 35-year corner for our relationships.