Watch the Birdie

22 January 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           One of my Muses points out that Asbolus is acting out this month, so it'd behoove us to take a critical look at that synergy.   Part of Western astrology is based on the synchronicity between Greek mythology and modern life.   The Goddess Juno was married to Zeus, for instance, and asteroid Juno seems often to bring up issues of joining and belonging.   This is not just self-hypnosis, it's evidence that as above so below, that we be All One, that a choice made by some astronomer could intuitively coincide with your experience (see frinstance http://science.nasa.gov/headlines/y2004/23jan_entangled.htm?list1022872).   We do wanna be careful not to take mythology literally, even scienterrific mythology.   For instance, Zeus was always filandering, and Juno was forever turning rivals to stone, but I dont personally find the 'roid Juno to be particularly associated with jealousy and revenge, let alone sculpture.

Asbolus and the Centaurs

           Asbolus was onea the Centaurs, the half-huper, half-horse dudes of Greek myth.   "Centaur" seems to be an astronomical term for a group of would-be asteroids that hang around the Jupiter-to-Neptune region.   Astronomical terms seem to be fuzzy, but the term "asteroid" seems mostly to be used for the rocks between Mars and Jupiter, like Juno and Pallas and Vesta and Ceres and all the little 'roids.   There are other equally fuzzy terms for would-be 'roids out beyond Neptune, like Ixion and Quoar and Varuna.   The Greek Gods seem to be a good metaphor for the Patriarchy - or vice versa.   No coincidence then that astronomers call Jupiter and Saturn and Uranus and Neptune the "Gas Giants."   Remember how they finally stopped The Creature from the Black Lagoon?

           Chiron is the foremost of the Centaurs, and the only one who was immortal.   Asbolus was an intuitive who used the behavior of Birds as his oracle, as Native Americans routinely do.   In Corelli's Barabbas, it's the Birds who lull the Roman soldiers into reverie so the Christ can roll away his rock and arise without challenge - "a silvery ripple... of gurgling notes, full and pure and honey-sweet... it seemed as if some wondrous meaning was enclosed within its song, for the fascination of striving to follow the thread of its rich rhythm intensified with each sweet tone" [Corelli 1893 p.246].

           Coupla weeks ago when the ground was froze, I was out for a walk when a herd of Wormhawks came through the block I was on, seemingly showing me how hard it was to dig a worm when the ground was froze.   I always thought Robins spent their winters in Arizona, so it was a bit odd.   A protest against the chemicals in golf course Worms maybe.   A solitary Flicker accompanied them, stopping in a Tree very near my path to whistle loudly.   My passage interrupted a Robin eating a Pie Cherry that still hung from a small Tree.   My own intuition said they was trying to get my help finding something to eat, but I was at a loss as to where to find a supply of Worms and Ants (which Flickers eat) this time of year, and how to deliver them, so the best I felt I could do was give them a blessing and prayer.

           Of course, this is Seattle, where the ground dont stay froze for more than a day or so at a time, so they was gonna be okay.   I cant say I've seen a Robin since Autumn, let alone a herd of em, so I'm not really sure they was "real."   They coulda been symbolic, I coulda been dreaming.   So could an omen like this have meaning for the decade?   Will the Lizards say "Let em eat Worms" insteada "Let em eat Cake" this time?   I dunno.   Presumedly, Asbolus woulda.

The Asbolus Cycle

           Asbolus enters Pisces right about ... now (actually Wednesday 21 January, Honolulu 10am, Seattle noon, New York 3pm, London 8pm, Jerusalem 10pm, Melbourne 7am Thursday 22 January).   I think you know what that means, that it's nigh on to running into Uranus.   This happens next Friday-Saturday 30-31 January - Honolulu 6pm Friday, Seattle 8pm Friday, New York 11pm Friday, London 4am Saturday, Jerusalem 6am Saturday, Melbourne 3pm Saturday.   I give you these climax times because when we're conscious that a synergy is about, the synergy increases up to the time of climax, then drops off rapidly.   If we arent conscious that the synergy is occurring, the dropoff is much more gradual, because we continue to ruminate on the thoughts and feelings which the synergy triggered in us.   In the worst case, we make defensive decisions under the influence of the synergy, thus like Juno casting the synergy into stone, extending it indefinitely.

           Asbolus takes a bit more than 76 years to get around the Zodiac, so it's last visit to Pisces was 1927-1929.   Uranus's period is 84 years, and as we mentioned in {jbull} Soft Belly, it was last in Pisces during 1919-1927.   While the orbit of Uranus is fairly round, Asbolus like many Centaurs has an elongated orbit.   At its most recent perigee it was 5.9 AU ("AU" is scienterrific code for "times farther from the Sun than we are") from us, at 27 Capricorn in July 2002.   Its last apogee was at 30.2 AU from us in July 1964 at 28 Cancer.

           By comparison, Jupiter averages 5.2 AU from the Sun and thus ranges from about 4.2 to 6.2 AU from us, while Neptune averages 30.1 AU from the Sun and thus between about 29.1 and 31.1 AU from us.   So it takes Asbolus only a year to pass Aquarius or Capricorn, but 19 years to get through Cancer, and 16 to do Leo [von Heeren 2001 p.42].   That should make Asbolus short and decisive about idealism and pragmatism, but long and deliberate around compassion and integrity.   The apogee degree is "an Indian girl introduces her white lover to her assembled tribe: inner rebirth through a total acceptance of the primordial values in the human body and its natural functions" [Rudhyar 1973 p.128].   This decree about tolerance will rule the 1964-2040 Asbolus agogee-to-apogee cycle.   Apogee-perigee-apogee cycles should in many ways parallel "traditional" seed-fruit-seed conjunction-opposition-conjunction cycles.

           In the Tropical Zodiac, a perigee can wiggle around a bit, depending on what time of year it occurs, but 27 Capricorn is "pilgrims climbing the steep steps to a mountain shrine" [Rudhyar 1973 p.246].   The perigee-to-perigee cycle is a strength-to-strength cycle.   In addition to the perigee degree, we can look to the discovery degree for information about possible influences, though the discovery degree will tell us more about how Asbolus comes into consciousness, than about Asbolus itself.   Not that this isn't of prime concern at this point!   The discovery degree was 8 Libra, "a blazing fireplace in a deserted home: even through the most empty hours a spiritual power is ever ready to welcome and warm up the wayward consciousness returning to center" [Rudhyar 1973 p.177].   Nice.   This makes Asbolus a Harmonic Concordance Master Teacher (see The Harmonic Concordance and the Individual).

           Ya couldnt ask for a better Discovery chart - four grand trines, two grand crosses, two other tsquares, and Uranus-Neptune rising.   If you got an 8-year-old Aries, you know exactly what I mean - yer an expert on YTD, aintcha.   If I had to say a few words about this chart, Id just say this kids a visionary with loads and loads of synergy, loads and loads of talents, loads and loads of interests.   Pretty much a genius ifya manage to own yer expectations, just a renegade ifya dont.   An encouraging word now and then when they get overwhelmed by the sheer scope of their own versatility, but otherwise just let yer jaw drop and stand back to watch em fly.   Youd be more like an agent than a parent.

           It's intriguing that the previous perigee occurred, in July 1925, at 17 Capricorn, "a repressed woman finds a psychological release in nudism: the escape from bondage to social inhibitions and a reliance upon the wisdom of the body" [Rudhyar 1973 p.239].   This degree would have permeated the 1925-2002 Asbolus perigee-to-perigee cycle.   Sounds quite relevant to the period to me, with the "Roaring 20s" kicking it off.   Now, since 2002, we shift from "psychological release" and "the wisdom of the body" to "climbing the steep steps to a mountain shrine," this process kicked off by rumors of Ascension.

           Any pair of planet(oid)s which have similar orbital periods, have loooong cycles, cuz they follow one another round the wheel.   If one or both of them has an elliptical orbit, then the cycle gets weird.   We've talked a little about the Saturn-Chiron cycle, frinstance (see {jbull} Water Bearer, {jbull} Cycles, and {jbull} Water Bear Too).   We have to modify the classical Lunar-Rudhyar conjunction-square-opposition-square-conjunction model a bit, because for instance squares can occur between conjunctions, and that's exactly what happened in the Asbolus-Uranus cycle during the last century.

The Asbolus-Uranus Initiation

           The Asbolus-Uranus initiation, the first conjunction of this cycle, occurred 26-27 April 1929, at 9 Aries, "a crystal gazer: development of an inner realization of organic wholeness" [Rudhyar 1973 p.56].   This is opposite the location of its discovery, and the same degree as the first Uranus-Neptune square in June 2012.   As I notice this "coincidence," a dozen Crows and even a coupla Seagulls noisily gang up on a circling Redtail just outside my window.   Then Asbolus, by 1936, moved ahead as far as 24 degrees before slipping back.   The first rootile occurred in August 1932, at 13 Taurus - "a porter carrying heavy baggage: self-mobilization for social advantage" [Rudhyar 1973 p.78].   In 1929 the DJ stock market average crashed famously, from 400 to 200.   But by 1932 it was down to 40.   Between this action and the Sabian symbols, seems like we're setting the stage fairly well for the nadir of Kali Yuga, dont it.

           The second Asbolus-Uranus conjunction in this series was at 5 Cancer on 13 June 1950, "at a railroad crossing, an automobile is wrecked by a train: the tragic results which are likely to occur when the individual's will pits itself carelessly against the power of the collective will of society" [Rudhyar 1973 p.113].   A materialistic society aint gonna give up without a fight, in other words.   Interesting that around 1950 was when the concrete-oil-rubber-auto lobby really began to suburbanize Amerika in earnest, co-opting and dissipating her political synergies.   Cancer 5 was also the initiation of the 1919-1999 Chiron-Pluto cycle, so this Asbolus-Uranus subtheme helps set the stage for mandatory healing.   With a few minor pauses, the DJ average moved from around 170 in 1949, to 1000 in 1965, finally surpassing the 1929 high in 1954.   This 1000 ceiling held till the 1990's bull market began in late 1982.

           Recall that the Asbolus apogee (farthest from Earth) was in 1964, and in 1966 the Uranus-Pluto initiation opposed the Saturn-Chiron initiation ({jbull} The Water Bearer).   Asbolus, in 28 Cancer, made a waxing trine to the Saturn-Chiron initiation and a waning septile to the Uranus-Pluto initiation.   The message of this arrangement is that the shift from material desire to spiritual realization (Asbolus-Uranus) is graced (waxing trine) by our discovery that we are the healers (Saturn-Chiron), and that the now-returning Asbolus lends its power to the release (waning septile) which will allow us take the next mandatory giant step into yin integrity (Uranus-Pluto).

           The Demolition Derby degree is the first subtheme for the looong Crystal-Gazer Asbolus-Uranus cycle, which lasts well over a thousand years.   Remember that this first-subtheme/second-conjunction saw Asbolus crossing backwards relative to Uranus, so it's certainly permissible to read the trainwreck card as if it were reversed.   From the perspective of Abundance, that would have the train stopping to unload new cars for us.   From the perspective of spirit, it would have the train (inertia, tradition) helping us clear our attachments to opulence in order to open us to Grace and Abundance (which, recall, after Katherine Ponder, means having enough to share - opulence means having enough to gloat).

           With Asbolus then traveling more slowly than Uranus, the first rootile after the second conjunction is a waning rootile, yet it occurs while the bodies are separating rather than converging.   This is a curious animal, conveying a double entendre that will defy the intellect and promote multidimensional consciousness.   This rootile occurred from 18 Cancer in October 1956 - "a Hen scratching the ground to find nourishment for her progeny" [Rudhyar 1973 p.122].   Sounds all too relevant, as an edge between scarcity and abundance and gratitude, eating Bugs to survive.   And it sounds familiar; the 2004-2009 Pallas-Saturn cycle will be initiated in that degree come July ({jbull} Defense).

           Pallas and Saturn joined Uranus and Moon in the grand cross of the 1 January 2000 chart, the chart for this decade and century.   Sounds as if our survival technologies may indeed prove inadequate, as we make this shift to eating light.   Remember our Robins, unable to pierce the frozen ground for Worms, and forced to eat Cherries.   I mean, even if they were Pie Cherries, sounds like a huge upgrade to me.   Programmed for a gazillion years to eat Worms, though, Ms. Redbreast probably didnt find it so.   Either way, the blessing lies in knowing that the deep freeze will be gone tomorrow, turning fear of starvation into a simple fast - unless of course one makes decisions during the freeze which institutionalize the fear.

           As if this inverse rootile aint confounding enough, Asbolus slowed enough relative to Uranus, to make a "waning" square in 1979-80, and after a maximum separation of (minus) 118 degrees, again in 1998-99.   The first waning-but-separating square was from 21 Leo, "intoxicated Chickens dizzily flap their wings trying to fly: the often-negative and at times ludicrous first experience with spiritual teachings" [Rudhyar 1973 p.144].   Well, I guess it wasnt Bugs we found, but Sour Mash.   Where's Alfred Hitchcock when we need him?   Waning-on-the-backswing, the message is that we need to continue to hold our metaphors lightly if we wish to fly like Angels.   Or, we could read the card reversed, and assert that the only thing between us and flying, is confidence or belief.

           What about the first "really sorta waning" square in October 1998, once Asbolus starts again traveling faster than Uranus?   The relative velocities make it waning, but it's still between conjunctions.   It's at 9 Scorpio, "a dentist at work: overcoming the negative results of social practices and ego-cravings" [Rudhyar 1973 p.197].   Rudhyar speaks again about eating, as well as the process of ego-formation, which he says occurs at about the same age as permanent teeth.   Sounds all too symbolic.   But the ongoing subtheme persists, of adjustment to changing survival technologies to avoid a trainwreck.   And so does the major "development of an inner realization of organic wholeness" theme, which this release serves.

The Current (Third) Asbolus-Uranus Conjunction

           We should probably consider the whole business about the Chickens and the teeth to be release of our early misconceptions about the current cycle (crystal-gazing "development of an inner realization of organic wholeness"), rather than supplementary release of unfinished business from the old cycle.   That would allow us to get to the current event, the third conjunction in this Asbolus-Uranus cycle, the one that occurs next week, at 2 Pisces, "a squirrel hiding from hunters: the individual's need both to ensure their future subsistence and to protect themself from aggressive social elements" [Rudhyar 1973 p.269].   So now we move from figuring out what to eat, to avoiding being eaten.   That's what Jack Schwarz used to say, "You are what eats you."

           The primary theme remains the "inner realization of organic wholeness," and the secondary theme remains the trainwreck or clearing away of old institutions which fail to serve our survival, though that secondary theme will become background as this tertiary theme moves to center stage.   We add here a fugitive element, maybe implying a need for an underground or shadow economy to carry us across the void from the old survival technology and institutions to the new.   Or even an anti-spiritual backlash from the materialists.   In the name of fundamentalism of course.   Recall that this is the nadir of Kali Yuga, not alas the end of it.   Certainly there will be what they call in the stock market "bear market rallies" - apparent revivals of materialism that burn out before peaking.

           But hey, vive le difference, eh?   We learn by contradistinction and repetition.   Overall, Asbolus seems to be telling us that the Wormhawks spoke true, we may well be scrounging for Bugs and hiding in hollow Treetrunks before Kali Yuga ends.   Any details we've omitted?

           The first rootile of this second subtheme occurs soon, in March 2005 at 28 Pisces, "a fertile garden under the full Moon reveals a variety of full-grown vegetables: the full satisfaction of the individual's basic needs" [Rudhyar 1973 p.286].   That's refreshing, returning us to the eating theme, reminding us that the essence of the "inner realization of organic wholeness" is about rolling our own, consistently choosing to identify and lovingly release our scarcity in order to clear the slate for manifesting our dreams.   In organic wholeness inner and outer are one.   But inner realization isnt about talking ourselves into it, it's about walking the talk without any need for hesitation.   Of course, viewing the veggies under the Moon could imply that we're forced to steal them, but we dont need to focus on the negative, do we.

           The fourth conjunction occurs in July 2038 at 25 Cancer, "a will-full man is overshadowed by a descent of superior power: the response of spiritual forces to the integration of personality through positive will-full endeavors" [Rudhyar 1973 p.127].   This cycle is too long to follow easily, but in the last cycle the conjunctions went on for more than 500 years, spanning at least the 8th through 13th centuries.   The 2038 event coincides with the next big Venus-Mars transformation (see {jbull} Perfect Pictures and The Big Picture #1: Relationship 2002-2005), and with the Uranus-Neptune square ({jbull} Above All Do No Harm).   The World of Hupers will be drastically different by then (http://www.theonion.com/4003/top_story.html).   What concerns us most at this time, is how we might adapt to the changes coming down in 2012, when "the 60s become permanent."

The Experience of Asbolus

           Okay, so much for astrological "theory."   What about experience?   Let's look at some recent Asbolus events, see if we can find anything obvious that stands out.   Frinstance, when did Asbolus cross Neptune?   Late January 2003 at 11 Aquarius.   Chiron?   Early February 2001 at 27 Sadge.   Pluto?   Mid-November 2000 at 12 Sadge.   Anything pop out at you around those dates or degrees?   Mars crossed Asbolus on 11 June 2003 at 28 Aqua.

           Our old reliable astrotimer the Moonbone crosses the budding Asbolus-Uranus conjunction Friday-Saturday 23-24 January, at Honolulu 11am-2pm Friday, Seattle 1-4pm Friday, New York 4-7pm Friday, London 9pm-midnight Friday, Jerusalem 11pm Friday-2am Saturday, Melbourne 8-11am Saturday.   If we're paying attention, this oughta tell us as much about Asbolus as anything.   Look especially to see if you can detect any "inner realization of organic wholeness."   Be especially careful crossing railroad tracks, and if you run into any men with guns, hightail it.   Dont be surprised if it gets wild and woolly, like a torn-veil episode in one of those acid-trip special-effects movies about the aliens.   If yer walls melt, no worries, it aint you, it's just a passing synergy.

           Asbolus will light up minus the influence of Uranus in February, when the Sun crosses it at 6 Pisces on 24 February, and Mercury at 7 Pisces on 29 February.   Venus has already crossed Asbolus, on 13 January at 29 Aqua, just before it crossed Uranus ({jbull} The Archetype of Abandonment).   Pisces 6 previews the 2007-2010 Mars-Pallas cycle ({jbull} For every droppa rain that falls), and 7 Pisces the 2005-2009 Juno-Uranus cycle ({jbull} Perfect Pictures).