At a Gallop

4 January 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           I recommend Mark Krueger's PlanetVisions Update for this week to you - http://www.in2light.com/report.html.   It changes every week - after Friday go to http://www.in2light.com/archives.html and click on the first 2004 entry.

           Lest we forget, Mercury goes direct on Tuesday 6 January, at Honolulu 4am, Seattle 6am, New York 9am, London 2pm, Jerusalem 4pm, Sydney 1am Wednesday 7 January.   This is the Galactic-Center station (27 Sagittarius), which we discussed in {jbull} Reveille and {jbull} Focus!.   The shadow period runs through 25 January.

           Also on Tuesday, Vesta opposes Saturn from 10 Capricorn, at Honolulu 6am, Seattle 8am, New York 11am, London 4pm, Jerusalem 6pm, Sydney 3am Wednesday 7 January.   This is an important cycle because Vesta, which should be about how we serve the sacred, has been polluted since Roman times by service to the state.   A throwback to the Olde Days when Royalty was contaminated with Godliness. Lizard King stuff according to some, but actually much older, as old as manipulation.   Does your mythology cover manipulation and give examples of how to respond?

           But what we wanna talk about first, is the almost-grand-sextile between Jupiter, Ceres, Dragon, and Chiron.   The vacant place in the hexagram is 20 Pisces, opposite Jupiter.   If you got a hot spot there, expect miracles this week, and let go of any ancient patterns of scarcity or wounding.   Of course anything at 20 Pisces would also have been recently squared by the Vesta-Pluto and Juno-Pluto initiations (see {jbull} More Feet to Wash and {jbull} Imagine There's No Heaven, so you probably already been through deep clearing that should allow you to receive these gifts without much reticence.

           On Monday 5 January Jupiter, which is still virtually stationary - hence still strong - trines Chiron from 19 Virgo; Honolulu 3am, Seattle 5am, New York 8am, London 1pm, Jerusalem 3pm, Sydney midnight Monday night.   Then on Wednesday 7 January, Ceres opposes Chiron from 20 Cancer; Honolulu 5am, Seattle 7am, New York 10am, London 3pm, Jerusalem 5pm, Sydney 2am Thursday 8 January.   This is the second of three Ceres-Chiron oppositions - we briefly talked about the cycle in {jbull} The Problem is the Illusion.

           This Jupiter-Chiron cycle began in mid-June 1990 at 17 Cancer, opposite Neptune, part of the whole Jupiter-Saturn-Chiron-Uranus-Neptune 1987-1993 interweavings that I refer to as the "Harmonic Convergence" - not literally what Jose meant, but the equivalent in the astrology I practice.   17 Cancer is "the seed grows into knowledge and life ... something of value has the opportunity to develop, but will need nurturing, attention, fertilization, care and hope... small and careful beginnings leading to a beautiful flowering" [Hill p.107].   Neptune does two things here.   It infuses the whole cycle with the sacred, and (therefore) confuses the heck outa humans who are unwilling to surrender to Mystery.

           This is the waning trine and so pretty much the last opportunity to effortlessly reap the rewards of this particular cycle of megahealing (Jupiter-Chiron-Neptune), before we drop into a bit of a Void around healing as Grace, and hafta start working for it again.   The next cycle begins in May 2009, at 27 Aquarius - "An ancient pottery bowl filled with fresh violets... the simpler, more natural responses to problems and society can often bring us to a sense of refreshment and realignment with what is beautiful" [Hill p.327].   Sounds good.

           But meanwhile, the waning square, when we really gotta let go or start to lose fingernails, is in October 2005.   The Saturn-Chiron opposition runs through June 2006, and the last one is just a hair shy of being squared by Jupiter.   This Jupiter-Chiron cycle began in the middle of the pre-Chiron-perigee Saturn oppositions, and wanes in the post-Chiron-perigee Saturn oppositions, the "we have found the healer and it is us" pattern.   So a benificent waxing Jupiter-Chiron carried us across the Chiron-perigee gap between the two series of Saturn-Chiron oppositions.

           The Saturn-Chiron oppositions began in May 1986 on a waning Jupiter-Chiron, and they finish on a waning Jupiter-Chiron.   With Jupiter-Chiron waning, we lose natural momentum, and when we put on our healer outfits, we gotta hum a few bars and pretend we know what we're doing.   The overriding Harmonic Convergence message - with Uranus running the show and the only planet ungifted (see The Harmonic Concordance and the Individual; more about this soon) - was that we hafta manifest our own integrity.   Grace abounds, but only while we stay in integrity.   Yin integrity - true to ourself, not "true to our word."

           There's a similar message here - while Jupiter-Chiron waxed, we could be the healer and get away with it, we could pull off the charade.   But as Jupiter-Chiron wanes, we have to take responsibility for doing the work.   We just have to keep going through the motions and keep praying that the energy will move through us, whether it does or not!   The lesson in any identity (Saturn) work, is that the focus is on the player, not the costume.   It's not "I am healer," it's "I am healer."   A subtle difference, but critical.

           "I am healer" is an ego trip, a costume we put on.   I dont mean any negative connotation by that - "I am human" is no different - you may not have noticed, but life is an ego trip.   "I am healer" is an open-ended exploration of who we're talking about.   Like Mark says, if I am healer already, not because of any role I might play or anything I do or think, how does that change my view of the world?   This'd be a good year to read Stephen Levine's Who Dies if you haven't already.   "Healer" here is your shadow.   Yer shadow aint what some churchman calls evil, yer shadow is everything you reject about yerself, including yer godliness.

           If yer making at least three certifiable miracles a day, then yer probably in yin integrity.   If not, then the question to ask yerself is, Who aint I?   We're always going around telling ourself and others, "I'm this" and "I'm that" but we aint either, we're all of it.   "This" and "that" only identify what isn't yer shadow.   If you think or say "I am generous," then get busy thinking and saying "I am selfish" - till you do you wont be a complete person.   "I am nice" - how about "I am mean"?   Ya gotta go for this, it's bigger than just Jupiter-Chiron or Uranus, for most of us it's a big part of our 2004 Venus-Mars work.

           Especially when you catch yerself using always and never - "I'd never be mean like that!" - well, now's the time, only you don't gotta actually do it, you just gotta imagine yerself doing it.   The converse of "I am healer" (Saturn am Chiron) is "I am wounded," "I am unhealable."   The converse of "I am unhealable" is "I am healed."   "I am complete."   You are what you believe yerself to be.   But dont go there by pretending to be who you believe you aint.   Go there by examining yer beliefs.   Listen to yerself talk.   How many times do you say "I am..."?   Turn it over each time.

           Jupiter-Chiron will inflate yer wounds as easily as it accelerates yer healing.   Trines are arrogant till we recognize how we're holding ourselves apart from ourself with our Iams, then they become gifts.

           The prior Jupiter-Chiron cycle began in March 1976 at 26 Aries - "a man possessed of more gifts than he can hold... the mind which finds itself confronted with a totally unfamiliar and as yet unexperienced type of potency finds it difficult at first to adjust to its new world of perception and possibilities of action" [Rudhyar p.68].   It was squared by Saturn from Cancer.   What a contrast, between 1976-1990's overwhelm by the responsibility (Saturn) of abundance, to 1990-2009's overwhelm by the sacredness (Neptune) of fragile potentialities.