Blue Moon

8 February 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           My muses point out that Friday's Full Moon will melt more veils and bring more Harmonic Concordance synergies into manifestation, as the Sun and Moon make a grand cross with the Moon's own Nodes at the midpoints of the fixed signs, the zodiac's Power Points.   Fortunately, Mark Krueger - and I'm sure many others - has written about this, so I dont gotta, and I can riff on something more obscure.   We don't mean to belittle or discount the Lights, we just prefer to write about what others aint.   And dont forget Uranus in Pisces - over these next seven years, whatever emotions ill become you will be scraped off like mud from a boot.   You dont wanna be holding on.

           We seem to have gotten a first-draft sorta handle on Asbolus, as collaborative intuition that tunnels through the Veil to implement multidimensionality and aid ascension.   We get the opportunity to validate these guesses later this month, as the Sun crosses Asbolus on 21-22 Feb (Honolulu 6pm 21 Feb, Seattle 8pm 21 Feb, New York 11pm 21 Feb, London 4am 22 Feb, Jerusalem 6am 22 Feb, Melbourne 3pm 22 Feb), and Mercury crosses Asbolus 29 February-1 March (Honolulu 6am 29 Feb, Seattle 8am 29 Feb, New York 11am 29 Feb, London 4pm 29 Feb, Jerusalem 6pm 29 Feb, Melbourne 5am 1 Mar).   These times are all approximate, but Sun and Mercury events usually last about a day anyway.

           Mark's comment, "your awareness that love doesn't ever quite work, whether mortal or divine, is coming to light" is an intriguing reminder of 2004's relationship void ({jbull} Perfect Pictures).   Another muse reminds me that there's nothing personal about love, it's the fundamental heartbeat of the universe.   When we get tangled up in believing that love is personal, we get in trouble.   Most of us are quite accustomed to the notion, at least intellectually, that healing energy comes through us, not from us, that we need to get our own validation issues and outcome expectations outa the way for healing to work.   Well, it's the same with love.   It's not really love that "doesnt ever quite work," love actually works fine, it makes the world go round, among other things.

           Here's Corelli's Goddess Lysia's take on it...

"pleasures, no matter how sweet, turn to ashes and wormwood when once obtained ... the only happiness in this world is the charm of desire!   There is a subject for thee, Poet! ... write an immortal Ode to the mysteries, the delights, the never-ending ravishment of Desire! ... but carry not thy fancy on to desire's fulfillment, for there thou shalt find infinite bitterness!   The soul that wilfully gratifies its dearest wish, has stripped life of its supremest joy, and stands thereafter in an emptied sphere, sorrowful and alone - with nothing left to hope for, nothing to look forward to, save death, the end of all ambition." [Ardath p.199]
           What "dont never quite work" aint love, it's our expectations and preconceptions about love.   That's pretty simple - love is bigger than mind, so mind just cant get a handle on love to cage it.   More power to it, I say!   Next Saturday, on VD, Venus and Mars have a waning 12th-harmonic event.   Were it normal times, this balsamic heartbreaker would happen about a month before a Venus-Mars conjunction, and we'd rebound quickly.   But this aint normal times, as Venus goes on retreat in May and June.   Venus and Mars have a four-degree near miss in late April.   The Venus shadow period runs from 15 April to 2 August and includes a crossing of the face of the Sun.   Those months will be particularly educational for us, exposing lots of our expectations and preconceptions.

           The other event this week is a Juno-Saturn opposition on Friday the 13th.   We covered this fairly well in {jbull} 2004 in Biggies - please do reread that one this week!   This gives us major opportunities for epiphanies around how we define ourself through joining and merging and belonging.   No moss on Merging, it's fine stuff.   But ya gotta Separate first, or it's just backpeddling.   Eagle Hardware is gone, but it's motto described ascension fairly well - More of Everything.   More Separation, more Merging.   No contradiction there, reality dont got no contradictions, those happen only in the mind.   Just part of the process, separating the observer from the observed, separating the map from the territory, as Ralph Metzner puts it so fondly and so aptly.

           In Dane Rudhyar's classical interpretation of the ancient Goddess worldviews, the opposition marks the blooming or culmination of a cycle.   We're changing things around a bit here.   Following Randy Masters, we're using the word synergy where we would earlier have used the word energy.   Randy points out that energy comes from the same root as entropy, and represents a once-off shot of juice that then winds down.   That's a fine metaphor for mechanical and patriarchical systems where friction rules, but life is not entropic but syntropic - it reproduces itself and tends to spread out and wind up, contagiously.   So we deal here with synergies rather than energies.   In a multiorgasmic syntropic system, there's more waxing than waning, so dividing the zodiac into two equal parts dont cut it.

           So we're going to use 223 degrees as the culmination of a cycle, rather than 180 degrees.   223 degrees (222:30 degrees if you use minutes) is phi, the "golden angle" of sacred geometry.   It's very close to the waning sesquisquare.   We'll call this the phitile, pronounced FEE-tile.   The phitile to 0 Aries is 13 Scorpio, "an inventor performs a lab experiment: the driving urge toward achievement, which is at the root of civilization" [Rudhyar 1973 p.199].   All Saints Eve or Halloween, just where the Veil thins and right close to the position of the South Node at Friday's Full Moon.   Phitiles are harder to pick out of an ephemeris than oppositions are, so we built a table of phitiles.

           This is the first of three Juno-Saturn oppositions, the other two are in July and November.   The phitile, signifying completion of this 7-Gemini cycle ({jbull} 2004 in Biggies), is 19 February 2005, a few days before the Juno-Uranus initiation ({jbull} Perfect Pictures).   If you remember the way this unfolds (The Big Picture #1: Relationship 2002-2005), 2004 is about releasing expectations and preconceptions about relationship and manifestation, so that we can begin a new 35-year Big Venus-Mars Cycle with a clean slate.   Next February's Juno-Uranus initiation is a four-year demonstration of how important it will be to stay in yin integrity during this Big Cycle.

           So these Juno-Saturn oppositions illuminate the places where we get out of integrity by attempting to merge with our projections.   That probably deserves some explanation.   We are Whole, Complete.   But there are parts of us that we don't accept, that we don't love fully yet.   So we use the mirror of the external World to see those parts.   We are compelled to Merge with them, whether through love or hate, because to do so will make us Whole again.   Small problem - the difference between our projection and its object.   The object of our projection is usually another person, and they have Free Will and their own mission.   Our projection usually feels to them like a noose around their neck.   To us it feels like "unrequited love" - dang, they just wont behave the way we want them to!

           It gets worse.   In the worst cases, we project on each other.   You'll see lotsa these mutually leashed pairs this week, celebrating VD.   Ever wonder why love starts off ecstatic, then disintegrates?   It starts to disintegrate as soon as you start noticing the difference between your projection and the flesh-and-blood person under it.   It's the same when you start off hating somebody then as you get to know them discover that "they aint so bad."   Just differentiating the projection from the object.   So the next step - whether it's love or hate dont matter - is to own the projection.   What was it about them that you loved or hated?   That's what you need to locate and love in yourself.   It aint all that complicated, and surprise - love does work!