In the First Degree

2 January 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           This question so needs to be answered out loud that I coulda made it up...

"When you say [in {jbull} 2004 in Astrologese], 'So maybe we can cast the competitive element here as short-term, and see the bigger Jupiter picture as serving the larger, decade-long Uranian opening,' do you also consider it significant that this Rx station of Jupiter at 19 Virgo is close to the Pluto-Uranus conjunction at 18 Virgo in 1965 that set off this whole cycle?   Of course this interests me personally since this is also close to [the degree of a hotspot in my natal chart]."
           The answer of course is yes, yes, and yes.   We list all these degrees for several reasons.   So you can see if they impact any degrees in yer own natal chart, and so we can all compare them to previous and future hotspots.   A hotspot, by the way, is any prominent planet, asteroid, angle, symbolic point, midpoint, cusp, vacancy - any degree that's strongly "lit up" in a chart.   Sure, all of them are lit up to one degree or another, but in any given moment, some are more equal than others.

           I hadn't even noticed that tomorrow's Jupiter station is at the Uranus-Pluto degree of 1965, so I'm glad you did.   The Uranus-Pluto cycle, like all other cycles, is alive and well, and sometimes we can feel it more clearly than other times.   Part of that is how "lit up" the Uranus-Pluto cycle is, and part is how strongly other cycles are lit up, in any given moment.   For instance, during the last several months of 2002, Uranus-Pluto was very strong because of the parallel between them.   And any time that 18 Virgo point is triggered, this will bring Uranus-Pluto to the fore as well.

           Wont hurt to remind that we emphasize the Uranus-Pluto cycle because it's one of the "Big Three" (Neptune-Pluto, Uranus-Pluto, Uranus-Neptune) scriptwriters for the Age, and of course because it dominates 2012.   Uranus also played a major role in the 1/1/2000 chart, in addition to being the ruler of the Harmonic Concordance chart, and prominent at 1/1/2004.   The process of consciousness/enlightenment/ascension/reanimation is not so much a process of discovery as one of differentiation.   There's nothing that wasn't there all along.   It was all always love in one form or another.   We're all always connected whether we realize it or not (as Gay Hendricks says).   We just learn to notice.

           Here it's Winter and the Apple Tree outside my window has dropped its leaves.   We coulda guessed that from the calendar - though that would be an assumption or expectation, wouldn't it.   Global balming could change that, as could any number of other miracles.   Assumptions and expectations are like gloves or condoms - desensitizing layers between us and the world, sometimes useful, sometimes not.   When I actually look though, and take the trouble to notice, yes, I confirm the leaves have fallen.   But wait!   A single small yellow-green leaf remains at the tip of many of the branches.

           So that process of differentiation connects me to the Planet.   The notion that ascension is about leaving the planet, is a misunderstanding created by an excess of yang energy.   Did I notice the tree?   Did I notice its leaflessness?   Did I notice the exceptions to its leaflessness?   What does its aura look like when its synergy is withdrawn into its roots?   Whoa, "that its synergy is withdrawn into its roots" is another assumption, aint it.   How will I query the Appletree to see if it's true?   What about its Deva and its Shining Ones?   Do they spend their winters in Palm Springs?   Differentiation is very different from analysis.   Though analysis can lead to differentiation, so can synthesis.

           What manifestations does this Appletree have in parallel realities?   Is it a diesel truck in one and a sandwichmaker in another?   Does it have a strong veil, or is it a vortex for bleedthrough?   Who exactly is this Tree, and why is she standing outside my window?   Or rather, who exactly am I, and why am I sitting just inside one of her windows?   Can I still feel the molecules in my cells that were remastered from her Applesauce?   Does she harvest me while I'm sleeping?   Are we corded?   And what's with the leaves that remain?   Differentiation is a powerful force - what rules do you use to protect yourself from it?   The World is not alive is a common one.   Is that one you use?

           So yes, can we differentiate the Uranus-Pluto component in this Jupiter station?   I'm not feeling as much animation in the world as I usually do under the influence of Uranus-Pluto, though now that you mention it I have caught many inanimate objects scurrying about at the edges of my vision lately, I just hadn't connected them with Uranus.   And I have been feeling the "irrational" ecstasy that Uranus-Pluto brings.

           There are some subtleties here.   When we assign a single degree to an initiation (such as 18 Virgo to Uranus-Pluto) it's usually because the first event occurred there.   But most big events happen more than once.   So to differentiate a bit more we might want to see where the subsequent events occurred.   In the Uranus-Pluto case, the second and third events were both at 17 Virgo.   So 17 Virgo becomes a subtheme for this Uranus-Pluto cycle - "volcanic eruption" as subtheme for "two girls playing a ouija board" [Hill pp.167-169].

           When we look at the Jupiter station with a Sabian eye, there's a big difference between 18 Virgo (Uranus-Pluto) - "two girls playing a ouija board," and 19 Virgo (Jupiter) - "a swimming race."   Yet there's only one degree of difference, so the overlap is obvious.   Does character change so drastically between 17:59 and 18:01?   (The Sabian symbol for 18 Virgo applies from 17:01 to 18:00.)   The answer to that is no, the seeds of both are contained in both, and what appear to be contradistinctions are often reactions one to the other, just mirrors.

           It may help to understand that once you leave the realm of the intellect, opposites are equal.   Ascension is confusing for mindbound folks because they do not understand that Good and Evil are the same synergy.   Consciousness is not about intellectual differentiations, though intellectual differentiations can cast light on the path toward consciousness, sometimes brightly.   So there is always an extent to which each degree is a mirror for the previous degree, each sign a mirror for the previous sign.

           Remember too that our famous Saturn-Chiron cycle began at the same time as the Uranus-Pluto cycle, in Pisces opposite Uranus-Pluto, and by the time these four got done dancing with one another, they'd smeared their impact across most of the last twenty degrees of the mutable signs!   So there is certainly no reason to confine the Uranus-Pluto influence to just one degree, though we might find that the closer we get to the initiation (which was actually 17:11), the stronger the effect.   This applies as well to our natal degrees as it does to degrees that are lit up by current events.

           Another element we need to keep in mind, is that in the new paradigm, time can run in either direction.   For instance, in the internet version of {jbull} 2004 in Biggies - we've been putting jbulls on www.jbuss.com and sometimes making corrections and enhancements when we do - in this case we added a much longer look at the Juno-Saturn cycle to the internet version) we mentioned that the 1996 Juno-Saturn initiation occurred at 8 Aries, only a degree from the location of the 2012 Uranus-Pluto square.

           So let's look in detail at the confluence of our querist's hotspot (in this case an Ascendant), tomorrow's Jupiter station, and October 1965's Uranus-Pluto initiation.   It will influence our interpretation that our querist was born before 1965, but only because we're accustomed to unidirectional linear time.   Astrological cycles are relatively predictable, so the synergy of which our querist is a manifestation was well aware that our querist's birth moment coincided with the Uranus-Pluto initiation that was to follow.

           When our querist was a child, Uranus and Pluto conjoined on their Ascendant.   From a longer perspective that was great news, because it meant that both were done transiting their 12th house!   While the 12th house is usually harmless when one responds appropriately to it, this culture dont teach anyone to do that, so for instance, our querist may have been abused at school for feeling introverted.   Or their 12th house experience could have involved illness, as it sometimes does, since with the subsequent-Uranus-Pluto degree rising, one of their life missions may be to demonstrate fearlessness.

           Like John Kerry's recent comparison of his Vietnam and prostrate-cancer experiences, illness can engender confidence.   Since fear of death is this culture's primary mythological weakness, since the medical industry thrives by manipulating this weakness, since the Lizard King is making his last stand behind this weakness, and since shifting this nexus may be a major axis of our querist's life mission, illness could well have been an important life process for at least some cohorts of our querist.

           But their 12th house experience was between our querist's birth and 1965 - what about 1965 and thereabouts?   The period of intense outer-planet activity lasted till around 1970, with a long string of Chiron-Uranus oppositions in our querist's 1st and 7th houses.   A child with Uranus-Pluto on their Ascendant, is gonna have a terminal case of Youthful Tendency Disorder (I'll have to forward the description of YTD to you - see below), with who knows what sort of reactions from parents, teachers, and other significant adults, and who knows what manner of embubblements arising from unconscious realms.

           Now, some 39 years later, Jupiter comes along and throws wide open the wormholes that connect our querist's present consciousness, with that of their historical child in 1965.   This is an excellent demonstration of how time as we really experience it is not only not unidirectional, but not linear.   This is undoubtedly not the first time these doors have been opened for our querist, so we dont expect them to be overwhelmed with traumatic replays and regressions to "childish" skillsets - though this is always possible.   And the door to 2012 is also opened here for them, so they could be experiencing any number and degree of flashforwards, which could be traumatic or ecstatic or both.

           Another correspondent points out that at 8:48 am New York Time on 11 September 2001, the Sun was at 18:51 Virgo.   Jupiter's station in a few hours is at 18:54 Virgo.   So the whole 9/11 business is connected to Uranus-Pluto, to our querist's Ascendant, and to this Jupiter retreat.   Jupiter crosses 18:51 on 28 December 2003, 9 January, and 1 August.

           As we add these jbulls to www.jbuss.com we've also been building an index of degrees, at http://www.jbuss.com/degreeindex.htm.   Current events are in blue, future events between now and 2012 in red, and past events in green.   In case there are any doubters left about the pace of change these days, among the degrees referenced in the last three months or so of {jbulls}, over 40% have been in mutable (changeable) signs, the same percentage in cardinal (creative) signs, and less than 15% in fixed (stable) signs.

           I've got some backfilling yet to do in this table (for instance, the all-important Neptune-Pluto and Uranus-Neptune initiations aren't in the table yet), but you can use this table to look for nonlinearities in the flow of time in your own life and in the world at large.

           In the table all of the mutable signs - Virgo, Gemini, Pisces, Sagittarius - are combined in the same section, because anything that happens at 19 Virgo opposes 19 Pisces and squares 19 of Gemini and Sadge.   So the structure of the table emphasizes conjunctions, squares, and oppositions.   We do this because those harmonics have the highest synergy levels - the greatest infusions of Spirit.   We've done the same with the cardinal signs Aries Libra Cancer Capricorn, and the fixed signs Leo Taurus Scorpio Aquarius.   We could have built the table to emphasize other harmonics, and maybe in the future we will.

           The word "harmonics" can be confusing, but it's a simple concept really.   A conjunction is the first harmonic, a 180-degree opposition the second, a 120-degree trine the third, a 90-degree square the fourth, etc.   Just divide the zodiac's 360 degrees by n to get the nth harmonic.   We'll talk more about harmonics soon.   When we combine the cardinals, the fixeds, and the mutables like we do in the table, it's called a "90-degree wheel" because the second, third, and fourth 90 degrees overlay the first 90.

           For example, you can see in the table that the current Jupiter retreat spans 9-19 Virgo.   Retreats are particularly illuminating because they light up the intervening degrees three times.   In current accounts, this Jupiter retreat will light up the Harmonic Concordance Master Manifester location, the Chiron-Pluto initiation, the May 2002 Venus-Mars-Saturn initiation, the Pallas-Pluto initiation, and the Uranus-Pluto initiation, plus whatever we haven't put in the table yet.   The table also shows several past and future events that will be lit up, including this June's crossing of the face of the Sun by Venus at 18 Gemini.

           Another example - the Mercury retreat that begins Tuesday overlaps the current Ceres-Chiron initiation, one of the Harmonic Concordance Priest/ess positions, the Juno-Jupiter initiation, the Harmonic Concordance Master Teacher location, the Ceres-Saturn initiation, and the first Saturn-Chiron opposition in the current portion of this series.   Notice that the Mercury retreat wraps around from the end of the mutable degrees to the beginning of the cardinal degrees - it is a wheel, not a line.

           The following was forwarded to me.   Evidently it originally appeared at http://www.theonion.com.

A Growing Epidemic
More US Children Being Diagnosed With Youthful Tendency Disorder

REDLANDS, CA--Nicholas and Beverly Serna's daughter Caitlin was only four years old, but they already knew there was a problem.   Day after day, upon arriving home from preschool, Caitlin would retreat into a bizarre fantasy world.   Sometimes, she would pretend to be people and things she was not.   Other times, without warning, she would burst into nonsensical song.   Some days she would run directionless through the backyard of the Sernas' comfortable Redlands home, laughing and shrieking as she chased imaginary objects.
           When months of sessions with a local psychologist failed to yield an answer, Nicholas and Beverly took Caitlin to a prominent Los Angeles pediatric neurologist for more exhaustive testing.   Finally, on Sept. 11, the Sernas received the heartbreaking news: Caitlin was among a growing legion of U.S. children suffering from Youthful Tendency Disorder.   "As horrible as the diagnosis was, it was a relief to finally know," said Beverly.   "At least we knew we weren't bad parents. We simply had a child who was born with a medical disorder."
           Youthful Tendency Disorder (YTD), a poorly understood neurological condition that afflicts an estimated 20 million U.S. children, is characterized by a variety of senseless, unproductive physical and mental exercises, often lasting hours at a time.   In the thrall of YTD, sufferers run, jump, climb, twirl, shout, dance, do cartwheels, and enter unreal, unexplainable states of "make-believe."
           "The Youthful child has a kind of love/hate relationship with reality," said Johns Hopkins University YTD expert Dr. Avi Gwertzman.   "Unfit to join the adult world, they struggle to learn its mores and rules in a process that can take the entirety of their childhood.   In the meantime, their emotional and perceptive problems cause them to act out in unpredictable and extremely juvenile ways.   It's as though they can only take so much reality; they have to 'check out,' to go Youthful for a while."
           On a beautiful autumn day in Asheville, NC, six-year-old Cameron Boudreaux is swinging on a park swingset--a monotonous, back-and-forth action that apparently gives him solace.   Spotting his mother on a nearby bench, Cameron rushes eagerly to her and asks, "Guess what?"   His mother responds with a friendly, "What?"   With unbridled glee, Cameron shouts, "Chicken butt!"--cryptic words understood only by him--before laughing and dashing off again, leaving his mother distraught over yet another baffling non-conversation.
           "I must admit, it's been a struggle," Mary Boudreaux said.   "What can I say to him when he says something like that, something that makes no sense?   Or when he runs through the house yelling while I'm trying to balance the checkbook?   You can't just say, 'Please, Cameron, don't have a disorder for just a few minutes so I can concentrate.'"
           Cameron's psychological problems run even deeper.   He can name every one of his beloved, imaginary Pokemon characters, but the plain realities of the actual world he inhabits are an enigma: ask Cameron the name of the real-life city councilman sponsoring the referendum to renovate the park just across the street from his house--a park he plays in daily--and he draws a blank.
           According to Dr. Dinesh Agarwal, director of child psychiatry at NYU Medical Center, such disconnectedness from reality is a coping mechanism for YTD sufferers.   "The Youthful child is born into a world he or she does not fully understand," Agarwal said.   "Their brain pathways are still forming, and they need to repetitively relearn how to assimilate into society.   These disassociative play-fantasies apparently help them accomplish that."   But such fantasies come at a price, producing in Youthful children a disinterest in the everyday responsibilities of life bordering on contempt.
           "Jesse knows when it's his turn to take out the trash.   We've gone over the house rules a dozen times," said Richard Torres, a Davenport, IA, father of three whose nine-year-old son Jesse was recently diagnosed with YTD.   "And still he neglects the job time and again."   Slowly, methodically, through an elaborate system of rewards and punishments, Jesse has shown improvement.   But the road ahead is long.   "We get a lot of platitudes from the so-called experts," Torres said.   "We hear a lot of, 'Oh, he'll grow out of it, just give it time.'   That's easy for them to say--their kid's not running around the neighborhood claiming to be Superman."
           Help for families struggling with YTD may soon be on the way.   At last month's annual AMA Convention, Smithkline-Beecham unveiled Juvenol, a promising YTD drug which, pending FDA approval, could reach the U.S. market as early as next spring.   Already available in France and Sweden, Juvenol, the Swedish newspaper Aftonbladet reported, resulted in a 60 percent decrease in running and jumping among users.   But until such help arrives, the parents of YTD sufferers can do little more than try to get through each day.   "I love my child with all my heart," said Alexandra Torres, Jesse's mother.   "But when he's in the throes of one of his skipping fits, it's hard not to feel a little envious of parents with normal, healthy children."