Now and Then

28 February 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           An excellent question:

"I feel awkward and confused ... If the Key is being Only in the Now of it all, and accepting and enjoying things for all they are worth, as they are, and to never think past the NOW of it all, or to not be attached to the feelings and future desires one might feel, or to not think about tomorrow, (which everything in 'Reality' seems to be based upon ?)... and to basically jes not allow myself to want more than the Now of it all... then My question is >>> Jes exactly how is this done?"
           And one answer is... What are you feeling in yer body right now, where is it, and what does it feel like?   For instance, it might be a turning sensation in the belly, or a tightness in the jaw, or a pain in the left third toe.   It's always more than one thing, but take the strongest "voice" that yer body's speaking to ya with.   Then, love the heck outa it.   Love is soft and warm, fear is cold and hard.   So soften around this sensation, warm it, with yer hand if ya want, or with yer imagination, or even a blanket.   Put a pillow under it.   Embrace it like it was a kitten, gently and lovingly.

           Send a beam of love/synergy/light/warmth from your heart into it.   Open yer 7th chakra and pour sunlight or starlight or moonlight into yer heart from above so there's plenty of synergy to send to the place of discomfort, after it's passed through yer heart to make it yers and make it loving.   Attention is love.   So it also works to just be the discomfort - place all of yer attention directly into the middle of the place where the discomfort arises.   It's like Superdude, stretching his arms up and fluttering his cape and sailing off into the sky - but yer aiming straight into that place of discomfort, becoming an atom in the center of it.

           The future happens only in thoughts, never in either emotion or sensation.   Both emotion and sensation occur only in the now.   There are times to think about the future, and when one feels confused, that's not the time to do it, that's the time to focus on where in the body the confusion resides, and what it feels like.   Confusion is the first stage of growth, it means our habitual thought patterns are no longer adequate to organize new information we have.   Our habitual thought patterns are like a birdcage - they keep us safe from the Cat, but they dont let us fly free.

           Once you've succeeded in loving the sensation, it will change.   It may shift to a different part of yer body, it may shift from tension to pain or butterflies to spiders, it may shift back to thoughts.   Follow it.   Find the new location of the strongest voice in yer body-mind, and be loving with it.   If you catch yerself thinking again, just be loving with yer thinker.   See if you can find yer thinker in yer body (hint: it may not be in yer headbone).   Sensation may change to emotion and back again, and some emotions may be naughty or not permitted.   Just take yer attention back into yer body.

           Yer body speaks truth and cannot be dispermissified.   Memories may arise and strong emotions with them (if yer lucky) - stay as present as ya can with them.   If yer thoughts turn to other people, screen them out of yer space for the moment by holding an imaginary mirror between you and them till they leave yer thoughts.   If they "come around to the back door" use a circular mirror to surround yerself.   If you feel guilty about this, locate yer guilt in yer body and be loving with it.   This is yer time and yer space for being present with yer body.   Tell em (psychically or if necessary physically) that you need an hour to yerself, tell em not to take it personally.

           Often when ancient memories or deep pain or significant denials start to unpeel, there is a bubble around them, and you can only locate the bubble, which wont even let yer attention get near yer body.   When this happens, it's just a safe space you made for yerself at one time.   Just patiently send love/softness/warmth into the bubble.   It may take hours or days or weeks or even months before you get through this bubble and can actually get yer attention through to yer body itself.   Stay with it, it's worth it.   You can heal illnesses with these processes, and release ancient karma.

           Take as much time as you need or as much time as you have or as much time as you want.   When you get more time, go back to it - this is actually the most important thing you'll ever do.   After you practice these processes for a while, you'll be able to do them quickly and effortlessly while splitting yer attention with whatever else yer doing - frinstance, you'll be able to attend to the reactions in yer body while yer talking to someone that you usually react to.   And at any time another bubble, or another significant chunka discomfort, may arise, that asks you to take an hour and just go be with that voice from yer body.

           In fact, thanks fer the reminder, I need to attend to something that's been going on in my own body and something that's going on in my circumstances, and I haven't remembered to do this!   It's amazing how our karma is so disguised from us that we dont recognize it.   Karma's done you say?   Yes it is, all ya gotta do now is make it so.   Healing occurs when we make the shift from fear to love.   Even if yer healing something as apparently physical as an abscessed tooth, the body will do the work for you once you make that shift.   But before that can happen, we gotta remember that this is what we need to do.