Greatly Exaggerated Rumors

30 January 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           A question about {jbull} iDeath worthy of an "out-loud" response...

"Can you tell me where the theory about the 'tunnels' comes from?   I'm working on this precisely.   I see tunnels and have been told by spirit that I should connect to others desires to explore the tunnel for them.   This has just been this past week that I have put the idea of tunnels and desires together.   I didn't know anyone else put them together and would like to learn more to confirm my own experiences."
           Well, it really did come "from the stone" - that is, the insight came to me in the context of meditating with those two stones and the "Puffin" dream (it wasn't quite a Puffin, it was a relative, but I cant find my Bird book) and the Asbolus-Uranus conjunction ({jbull} Watch the Birdie).   If the notion came to you this week too, then it tells us that the source is actually more general, my rocks were just antennae or even accidental witnesses.   I guess for us to attribute it to Asbolus directly we'd hafta see a Bird fly through one of the tunnels.

           Or find a common thread in our individual natal charts that would make us co-conspirators on this issue.   My natal Asbolus is conjunct my natal Saturn - since this is the first time I've investigated Asbolus I didnt know that.   And our querant's Asbolus is on their Midheaven-North Node.   So there is a common thread, Midheaven = 10th house, Saturn ruling Capricorn = 10th sign, so we echo one another, the common theme being the 10th harmonic, or Fortune, relationship to the material world.   For me it appears to be about identity (Saturn) and flexibility (Gemini - my natal Saturn is in Gemini) while for our querant it arrives as information about community, livelihood (Midheaven) as a healer (their Midheaven in Cancer) and spiritual path (North Node).

           Additionally, Wednesday's Vesta-Chiron conjunction ({jbull} Just More Castles Burning) occurred very near our querant's South Node - opening of tunnels for retrieval of technologies from parallels - so our querant opens to receiving information about skills that will be useful to their current life, and their intuitive opening is bigger because the current Vesta-Chiron (healing as/of sacred service) initiation opposes (illumines) their natal Asbolus.   Keep in mind that this is "merely" a conjunction, merely a beginning.   A conjunction is like a "trailer" or movie preview - we do intuit the nature of a transformation at the conjunction, but the full transformation itself unfolds into the future, as the cycle unwinds.   While the South Node implies that the Veil is thin, the opportunity is there for anyone to pierce that thinned Veil and open a tunnel - a permanent, loving connection between the current life and the parallel, to leverage experience-sharing.

           Where the Veil is not thin, we do not even see that there is a possibility of piercing or tunneling, because the Veil is normally like a wall.   A wall of fog that's thick enough and rigid enough and firmly boundaried enough that it looks like painted wallboard.   Veil-as-wall is not a natural state; it's the result of monolithic-identity and consensus-reality programming.   Of course, folks born without a Veil are not programmable in this way, so they either endure social ostracism or learn to fake conformity.   But they have free access to other parallels of their own and, with some training, parallels of others too.   They can quite literally "walk through walls."

           This is an excellent example of how global astrology (which is the subject of these newsletters) interacts with personal astrology.   On the global scene Asbolus the Intuitive Birdman meets Uranus the Guardian of Yin Integrity.   So on some level for all of us, a portal opens to a new level of personal intuitive guidance.   This is critical to the planet at this time, because the shift of ages is from Pisces and Cause & Effect (exploring emotion and logic) to Aquarius and Resonance (exploring idealism and visualization), and because the herald is Uranus-Pluto (mandatory yin integrity).   Yin integrity asks us to think and act congruently with our feelings, but to process our feelings quickly, without getting stuck on any of them.

           Whenever a feeling gets stuck, we do not think and act in harmony with the natural flow of Spirit, we leave the present moment and explore other time-spaces (ie, we enter the tunnels).   When we do this we leave the "current" lifetime and enter a parallel one.   Emotion is sticky.   There is always a tendency to grab an emotion and trip on it, and the stickiness of thought reinforces this mightily.   There is nothing amiss about tripping like this, in fact the most common name for it is "healing" - we dont stick to an emotion/ thought unless there's something about it we'd like to heal. The only loss when we go emotripping, is Joy.   Thinking and acting in harmony with the natural flow of Spirit is Joy.   Since emotripping is more contagious than Joy, especially emotripping on fear, ascension of the Planet asks that we finish our healing and move toward Joy.   The huper trait that connects us with the natural flow of Spirit, is intuition.   (Of course there are some folks at some times in some places whose natural flow of Spirit is emotripping-healing.)

           So on some level for all of us, with Asbolus conjoining Uranus, a portal opens to a new level of personal intuitive guidance.   How do we each of us resonate personally with this portal?   Well, it would depend primarily on what's going on in our personal chart at 22 Capricorn, 2 Pisces, and the other degrees mentioned in {jbull} Watch the Birdie and {jbull} Just More Castles Burning (most notably 9 Aries, 27 Cap, 28 Cancer), and what's going on with our natal Asbolus and Uranus.   So for me the intuitive opening appears as information about identity and flexibility and for our querant the opening appears as information about livelihood and path and downloading of skillsets.   Consensus Reality is a downside of Aquarius, not a feature.   So rather than argue with our querant about whether Asbolus-Uranus is about intuition or about identity or about livelihood, we recognize that this is the nature of interpersonal interaction in the coming era - we succeed by catalyzing one another, not by convincing or controlling one another.

           The basic idea here is that our non-present-moment experiences - memories, fantasies, desires, intellectualizations - are actually bleedthrough of experiences from parallel lives.   Or in the case of intellectualizations like judgments and generalizations, attempts to protect ourself from same.   Whenever we create a pattern of bleedthrough by being the victim or perp of repeated experiences of this sort, we build a tunnel or bridge between this life and the other - a "tunnel through the veil" or a "bridge across the gap" between parallel lifetimes.   If we only give ourself permission to have a legit identity in the "current" life, then the tunnel becomes a distraction, diverting our attention from what's important to our "current" identity or livelihood or intuition.   But if we give ourself permission to identify with the larger self/soul of which the current life is a small subset, then the tunnel becomes a vehicle of ascension, because it represents a development of our conscious multidimensionality.

           The tunnel is a common theme in NDEs - see Stan Grof's book Beyond Death for instance - but it's not what I was thinking of, though when I do think about it, it's really the same thing, an NDE just involves a physical death (or "near-death") to have access to the tunnel, which would be the case where current-life identity was monolithic.   By and large, the people who were attracted to the Harmonic Concordance, were people with lots and lots of synergy in their charts (along with much grace), synergy running in many different channels - people whose current-life identity would not be monolithic at all.   The culture and the fields of psychology and education enforce monolithic identities with shaming, coercion, intimidation, threats of abandonment, and drugs where necessary, so the folks without natural monolithic identities are like a subculture of "cripples" - not adapted to the culture and abandoned by it, they either force or feign adaptation, or live as "failures."

           Till they create their own culture.   The whole notion of "ascension" is a projection of the need for this separate-but-equal culture, to atone the violence done to these supernormal folks by the monolithic Patriarchy.   This was not just blindness, though that was a big part of it.   It was also willful persecution because multidimensionality is a huge threat to the monolithic identity, emotionally equivalent to death. Ascension could take many forms.   It could be a split into two Earths, one continuing the monolithic Patriarchy and the other revering multidimensional identity.   It could take the form of multidimensional folks increasingly giving themselves permission to be themselves, which would eventually evolve into mutual tolerance.   That evolution could take many different forms, so it is important to visualize a peaceful evolution.

           It's curious that Castaneda's Art of Dreaming is also all about tunnels, which Don Juan calls "inorganic beings."   If we look at tunnels as symbols, they hold possible safety, but danger too, from collapse, fire (as in coal mines), and getting lost (the Labyrinth - testing of intuition).   They're also claustrophobic, evoking our fear of suffocation - which is about losing our separate identity.   They also provide the possibility of having an other end in someplace entirely different.   I dont have names on each story, but lotsa stories come to mind - Indiana Jones, that animated film about the Dinosaurs, the animated movie on Atlantis, the second book of the Earthsea trilogy, etc etc. And the cervix metaphor is clear.   I suppose the "tunnel" might be a feminine view and the "bridge" a masculine view, which would make sense since Proustite represents the feminine side of Kundalini.

           So yes, by all means help give people permission to fail to fit the dominant paradigm of "success" (monolithic identity) and to create alternate paths where success is differently defined and failure to fit within an SD or two of the mean is celebrated rather than medicated.   Just in the day or so since this insight has come to me, I've moved a lot toward integration of some of the "permission splits" or tunnels that characterize the "current life" for me.   Entering the tunnels unconsciously as an emotrip is a distraction.   Eventually it is also a healing, as we learn to notice that there is something here that is part of our mission to heal.   In between distraction and healing, it's just a pattern, a habit, a place where we usually space out, often a source of guilt.   Entering the tunnels consciously and lovingly as an adventure in recovering information from other parallels, is quite different, and the Asbolus-Uranus insight for me was recognition of this possibility.

           That's one thing I was gonna comment on but forgot - how do we use this information?   We use it by recognizing that both (or all!) personas are equally valid psychic entities, replacing the guilt/fear/shame that used to keep them segregated, with permission for open communication between them!   Our smoker and our moralist, for instance, become partners.   Then what used to be considered a split in the theoretical monolithic identity, becomes a broadband connection (tunnel) between the creative and vital components of the multidimensional self/soul.   In other words, multidimensional identity becomes in our own value system as permissable as monolithic identity, and a person with guilt-free multidimensional identity will always see more of the world - and find new paths to livelihood - and be more open to intuition - than someone with monolithic identity.

           All this also has huge implications for our relationship and manifestation transformations, doesn't it.   Are we making any sense?