Hither and Yon

6 April 2004

           Rudhyar [1973 p.254] gives us the basic picture of one of our assignments here, for 10 Aquarius,

"The need to deal with human beings as persons rather than as screens upon which we project our dream and ideal [and fear],"
the degree of the March 2002 Pallas-Neptune initition which went critical near the end of March (that is, reached its waxing square).   Projection, expectation, prejudgement are of course the meat of our Venus-Mars Void work, the opus magnus of 2004.   Dont forget that Venus-Mars applies as well to manifestation as it does to relationship.

           Corelli [Ardath p.495] says it clearly,

"Faith and Doubt are equally voluntary acts - the one is the instinct of the immortal Soul, the other the tendency of the perishable Body - and the Will decides which of the two shall conquer in the end."
When we have a belief that some quality such as love or abundance or joy must come to us through a particular person, or even through some (any) individual, we are misdirecting Faith from the Divine to the Profane.   Our dreams and ideals must come to us from "unexpected sources" - otherwise they become simply plans and manipulations, not the glittering miracle dust that will transform our world from dreary to magical.   Unexpected means outside the realm of expectation.   Nothing wrong with planning, but it freezes the future, so is not compatible with growth and change and lightenment.

           While its grievous at first to release our dream fantasies, once we've embraced the grief as the true pain our Heart feels over the Separation from our deeper Self, we realize that the feeling which our dream fantasies of love or abundance evoke, is literally the presence of our Soulmate, the visitation of our angelic Twin Flame that dwells in Heaven and anchors our adventure into Duality.   Our shift back into Wholeness can be as simple as remembering that feeling.

           All prayers are answered.   When we feel otherwise it's because we're not looking at the answer, or because our prayer was answered with a demonstration of our lack of Faith and we responded pessimistically.   Projection, expectation, prejudgement keep us looking in the wrong directions, Doubt closes our eyes.   We live in a culture that profanes the sacred as a matter of principle.   Our task is to make the profane sacred again, to reanimate the World, without projection, without fear, without leaving the present moment, without leaving the present place, without abandoning Love.   Ram Dass said it elegantly - Be Here Now.

"Particle physics has just 'discovered,' via the hard road of modern science, that there are no observers, only participants.   This simple truth has been taught for millenia in the esoteric traditions, though the models vary... from land to land.

"The Underworld traditions teach us ways towards conscious participation in the life-patterns of the planet; through the simple but neglected method of passing awareness *downwards* into the land.   Popular meditation techniques, regardless of their origin, are inwardly balancing, for through them our attention is drawn away from outward-reaching habits and focused inwardly.   Underworld work gives us the essential balance below, drawing attention away from our other addiction or obsession, that of escaping upwards to a distant light.

"The obession with elevation is only a variant of the outward-seeking trap, for both depend upon rejection or dualism.   We find this at its most serious in religions and spiritual practices which raise energy/consciousness upward above the head, rejecting (or more arrogantly 'redeeming') all that is below.

"In externalized materialism, this old spiritual arrogance appears as humanity's self-acclaimed right to exploit nature.   Interestingly it is science today that has realized that dualism and lack of responsibility toward the natural world leads directly to our own destruction: the current spiritual revival still uses, to a great extent, the dualistic Christian-materialist model.   Light is always above, while superior masters and angels will intervene to save us - or at least lecture us through channelled communications.   In the Underworld tradition the land and all living beings upon and within it are holy, sacred, and spiritually and physically aspects of one being, of which we are an integral part."   [R.J.Stewart, Power within the Land, 1992, pp.16-17]

           Someone brings up the very fertile subject of the waning rootile, a worthy subject and as Rudhyar verifies, a place of high spiritual significance.   They suggest,
"the waxing side is generally about individual exploration, and the waning side about group processes.   The deeper you get into the void, the more hupers huddle together against the darkness."
But in Rudhyar's interpretation of the cycles that are dear to the Goddess, the rootile on the waning side would be not 12 Pisces but 19 Libra - "Protest against disharmonic social privilege" [1973 p.184]. Running time forward, individuation moves toward enlightenment as a cycle moves from conjunction to opposition.   Still running time forward, a cycle moves from light into darkness as it moves from opposition to conjunction.   The second half (or, if we use the phitile rather than the opposition, as is more appropriate to a syntropic universe, the last three eighths) of a cycle is about endarkenment - release of enlightenment.

           Mystery is never available to the intellect, except as a premise, simply because the Mystery is so much larger than the intellect.   So the process that begins at the conjunction does not move into sociability after the conjunction or phitile.   It moves into surrender, into what Buddhists call "Don't Know."   The appropriate intention for this space is cleansing, as Starhawk so beautifully proclaims in Truth or Dare, to be stripped bare, to embrace shame and grief and despair "as if" they were your lost children.   Which of course it is.   This is exactly the wrong place to attempt to impose our Will upon the World.   The balsamic 12 Pisces initiation that Rudhyar describes is an initiation into darkness, into the "dark night of the Soul," into the place where our worst fears make manifest so we can love them unconditionally.   This is the nature of Faith.   In LeGuin terms, Atuan and Farthest Shore, not at all A Wizard of Earthsea.

           The social cycle begins at opposition and peaks at conjunction - begins at 1 Libra and ends at 30 Virgo.   In the space between 1 Libra and 23 Libra, the space between the opposition and the phitile, the individual is flush with enlighenment and so goes out to meet others with a naive sense of self-worth.   The social rootile occurs four degrees before the individual phitile, so the individual commits to his or her "protest" before their naive self-currency runs out - then we're dumped heedless into the Gemini decile of Libra, where the collision of harmony and integrity create the confusion that opens us to growth in both dimensions.   So yes, we "huddle together against the darkness," but as a protection, as a form of resistance to the darkness.   It need not be so; there are cultures where the open exploration of the descent is embraced, though they're mostly monastic.   This is one of the characteristics of the coming age, that the Mysteries which in the past were available only to the few, will now be available to all.

           So 1 Libra does not mark the end of the development of the individual and the beginning of the evolution of the social animal.   The two processes are concurrent.   In the last 3/8 of a conjunction-to-conjunction cycle the individual releases what they learned about themself in the first 5/8, to be an empty vessel for the next cycle.   And in the first 5/8 of the opposition-to-opposition cycle, the individual explores social circumstances.   At the waning square the individual is challenged to release notions of the self and embrace notions of the group - but that's a both/and, not an either/or.   At the waxing square the individual is challenged to release notions of Other and embrace notions of Self.

           The notion that the individual is a separate entity is a recent aberration that has not yet moved into the mainstream.   As Iraq has clearly demonstrated, the sheople still prefer to follow a cheerleader into hatred rather than trust their own Faith - Kudos to Espaņa for having the guts to reject the sirensong of the AntiPrez.   The 2012-2015 Uranus-Pluto waxing square - where "the individual is challenged to release notions of Other and embrace notions of Self" - will shift this a great deal.   Remember our quote of Rudolf Steiner in "{jbull} Magic Is Afoot"?   Steiner continues [The Druids p.62],

"If human evolution had stopped there [at the point where only the few were initiated into the Mysteries and carried individuality for the group], our consciousness could never have experienced one of the greatest blessings of humanity, perhaps the very greatest.   I mean the experience of free will, of freedom."

           Growth is a process of differentiation.   What was once simply part of the general background, begins to take separate form.   But growth is not a linear process, its a cyclical process - differentiation must be followed by reintegration.   So the individuation of the first 5/8 of the zodiac or cycle, is related to the socialization of the second half (4/8 through 9/8 actually) the way heads are related to tails - its the same coin, just viewed from a different angle.   Yes, that does mean that the next cycle is intimately intertwined with the current cycle.   Time is a fabric, not a thread.

           Given that background, now lets talk about the deep spiritual significance of the waning rootile when time runs backwards.   If you want to spiritualize a material process, run it backwards.   This is why organized religions, which "huddling together against the darkness" serve to protect the individual from the demands of Spirit, so loathe the anticlockwise.   Spirit is synergy, pure and simple.   There is matter, and there is synergy, and as Einstein pointed out, they are mutually interchangeable.   They are as heads and tails.   The only reason we balk at that definition, is that our mythology ("science") cannot yet fully admit that all synergy has consciousness - "there are no observers" - without losing its funding.

           We move backwards in time whenever we suffer a memory.   Whenever we experience an astrological event, either personal or global, we re-experience everything we lived through at previous occurrences of that event - helping us gain that perspective has always been much of the purpose of these {jbulls} and their predecessors.   Our fixation on the linear unidirectional clock and calendar keeps us "huddled together against the darkness" so Uncle John doesnt wander off to fight the Civil War again, at least not before Alzheimers takes him there.   So our Head Cheerleader George can help us keep Iraq separate from the Spanish Civil War and depleted Uranium distinct from Hiroshima.   The important question is, how do we respond when we move backwards in time.

           On the spiritual path, darkness comes first.   To the Druids, the day begins at sunset.   Darkness is not absence of Spirit, darkness is absence of distraction from Spirit.   Spirit - synergy unmanifest, potential - pervades darkness.   That's why it terrifies the unready.   There's nothing more exhilarating than unmanifest energy, as we discover clearly by standing in the open in a lightning storm.   Exhilaration without breathing is fear. On this path light follows from learning to remember to breathe, just as it follows from striking a match.   The Pallas-Neptune cycle is the spiritual warrior cycle, its about finding our true mission, finding what we're willing to die for and therefore what we're living for.

           The Mercury retreat that begins Tuesday (Honolulu noon, Seattle 3pm, New York 6pm, London 11pm) and Wednesday (Jerusalem 12am, Sydney 8am) spans the Sadge decanate of Aries, its about letting go of the pride we have about doing things our way, not so we can conform, but so we can learn the spells that have worked in the past.   Its a challenge to learn what worked in the past and not at the same time unlearn creativity, but that challenge comes a bit later, after mid-May, while Venus is on retreat.   That'll feel a bit crazy, with Mercury-Mind adamant in Taurus and Venus-Heart outatown.   The essence of that work will be that there is calcification around the Heart, and we need to get clear about what that looks like, so we can lovingly melt it, not chip it away and create infarctions and strokes with the crumbs.

           But that's in the future, 19 May through 5 June.   After that we descend into glorious, healing Doubt.   Hopefully we can be loving with that too, because Doubt identifies the path to the sort of growth of Self that we so desperately need here - remember, the beliefs that we release this year about relationship and about manifestation, clear the way for a whole new process that we will be using till 2035.   2004 is not a time to be milquetoast and cling to old expectations and judgments.   If ever there was a time to be fearless about cleaning closets, it's 2004.   But we're getting ahead here, we'll talk about this when Venus goes on retreat, now its Mercury thats turning its back to us.   We only bring that up because how we handle this Mercury retreat - how thoroughly we "let go of the pride we have about doing things our way" - will leverage the power of the Venus retreat.   The need for fearlessness is no less here.

           This is not about obedience.   Its not a question of doing things my way or someone else's way.   There may be imposters who want you to do it their way, and if there are, recognize that they're simply projections of your own unwillingness to release your way, and ignore them.   They are not real, dont listen to them.   It's easy to take the view that the primary difficulty facing this Planet is in fact projection.   We are coming home, and as we do we feel two things - excitement about finding the people who value our True Self, and Grief about our separation from them.   If we fail to be fully present with our Grief, we wont recognize our True Home, because the projection of our Grief will cloud our vision.   This is about releasing pride because pride is not as powerful as integrity, NOT releasing pride because yer sposta surrender to somebody else's will.

           These pride issues have already been raised, since 24 March.   Think about it - in the last two weeks, who has failed to respect you?   What was the issue involved?   How did it feel?   Where in your body was that sensation?   This period coincides with Pluto's retreat in the Leo decanate of Sadge, so the roots of these issues run deep.   The Mercury-Pluto trines occur 24-25 March, 26 April, and 4-5 May.   These are times when our leverage for releasing pride is greatest.   If you have any natal hotspots between 22 Cardinal (Aries/Cancer/Libra/Cap) and 2 Fixed (Taurus/Leo/Scorpio/Aqua), you'll want to be aware of the timing of their involvement -

  22 Cardinal  
24 Mar
26 Apr-5 May
23 Cardinal
25 Mar
  24-25 Apr 
6-7 May
24 Cardinal
25 Mar
22-23 Apr
8 May
25 Cardinal
26 Mar
20-21 Apr
9-10 May
26 Cardinal
27 Mar
19-20 Apr
11 May
27 Cardinal
28 Mar
17-18 Apr
12 May
28 Cardinal
29 Mar
17 Apr
13-14 May
29 Cardinal
30 Mar
15-16 Apr
14-15 May
30 Cardinal
  31 Mar-1 Apr  
14 Apr
15-16 May
1 Fixed
2 Apr
11-13 Apr
  16-17 May  
2 Fixed
3-10 Apr
17-18 May

Use a day's wiggleroom - that is, read 25 March as 24-26 March.

           You can use this table two ways.

Without knowing anything about astrology: the first date in the table has already passed.   Any issues that arose for you on a date in the second column, will evolve on the dates in the third and fourth columns.   Watch for it.

If you know enough astrology to know where your hotspots are: look up your hotspot in the left-hand column, and scan yer journal or yer memory for anything unusual that may have occurred on the first date in that row.   It's less trivial than it may have seemed at the time; when the dates in the two rightmost columns arrive, be watchful to learn more.

           Are we making any sense?

           As I been continuing to photograph my rocks, many of them are already demonstrating that the world is reanimating itself.   See for instance Muscovite, Cobaltite, Margarite, Wulfenite, and Zincite.   None of these were intentional, or even noticed until after the photo was "developed."   There are many more animations among the stones indexed at http://www.jbuss.com/rockindex.htm and http://www.jbuss.com/thumbs2.htm.   Can you find some of them?