Orange Chocolate Eclipses

17 April 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           I love questions and comments...

"On another less embarrassing topic, I'm wondering if you've given any thought to the upcoming eclipses, in particular the lunar eclipse on 4 May.   It seems this full moon/eclipse will occur at 14:42 Scorpio - in other words, plunk in the middle of Scorpio, where you have said the Veil is thinnest.   This is also fairly closely opposing the positions of the Sun and Moon at the HC eclipse.   So you can probably guess what I'm asking: is this a 'follow-up' transit to the HC, another portal, another test we need to pass, another opportunity?"
Oh them eclipses, which I always wanna call eclairs instead.   Someone pointed out the other day that eclair is French for insight, so maybe that's what awaits us.

           The thing about eclipses, is that their effect seems to lag by quite a bit.   So when we're trying to relate life and eclipses, we probably should be thinking about what's changed in our life since the last eclipse, and what hasnt changed yet that needs to, rather than what eclipse is coming up.   So it'd be a good time to go back and read some of those Harmonic Concordance essays, to see if the changes in your life since November have aligned in any way with the prognostications.   That'd be a good way to get insights.   Recall that Ascension is Consciousness, and Consciousness develops through differentiation - insight.   Of course, we can also have a look at the current eclipse charts.   Eclipses seem to have their strongest effect on us as individuals when they align with a hotspot in our own natal chart, which isn't surprising.

           As for current events, it's significant that Venus entered it's "shadow period" on 15 April, since the upcoming Venus retreat is a rare one, with Venus crossing the face of the Sun.   Everybody remember what a "shadow period" is?   The Venus retreat spans 10-26 Gemini, so it'll light up all yer mutable hotspots and ask you to change a number of things in yer life.   And not least among the hotspots of the current time, is the Venus-Mars-Saturn-Pluto-Dragon initiation at 14-19 Gemini (see {jbull} Perfect Pictures).   If we check our Degree Index, we can see that the

Chiron-Pluto (yer gonna heal whether ya like it or not),

Asbolus-Pluto (what I can no longer ignore),

Pallas-Pluto (what I must fight for),

Uranus-Pluto (I gotta be me, 2012),

Vesta-Pluto (how I must serve),

Juno-Pluto (what/who I must join), and

Saturn-Chiron (we have found the healer and it is us)

cycles all had their initiations within the span of 10-26 mutable, so we can expect all of these cycles to be lit up.   The HC Master Manifester (replacing cause&effect with resonance), and the HC Jupiter-Chiron-Ceres-Dragon grand sextile vacancy (healing the Planet) were also in this range, so they'll be lit up too.

           And on 16 April, Mercury conjoined the Sun, which is why folks are ending their silent meditations and starting to talk again, as Mercury has finished the deepest part of his retreat.   Also on Friday, Vesta joined Uranus in Pisces.   That's a big shift - as one of you says,

"I felt even worst cause I was once more failing, yes ego failing, failing my expectations of being spiritually more advanced than the wicked witch I seem to be ... I know, accept, love your dark side ...but none of that worked ... it was all so childish that I couldnt recognise my own self..."
While Vesta was in Aquarius, we could feel good about our spiritual ideals, about believing we understood what our seva was all about.   But now with Vesta in Pisces, it wont be about ideals, it'll be about passion and we'll be finding our noses rubbed in any emotions we still don't fully embrace.   There is only one pipe for emotions, and blocking any particular emotion - because it's unpleasant or "negative" or not "spiritually advanced" - blocks the whole pipe.   To be open to our passion, we gotta open all the blocks.   Vesta in Pisces means our passion is coming to us, whether we're ready for it or not.

           But the BIG NEWS is a few weeks off yet.   Chiron begins a retreat over 21-27 Capricorn on Mayday, just as Mercury finishes his retreat and Vesta initiates a new cycle with Uranus at 7 Pisces - "Illuminated by a shaft of light, a large cross lies on rocks surrounded by sea mist" [Rudhyar 1973 p.272].   This is the same degree as the February 2005 Juno-Uranus initiation, and the meat of it is about integrity - yin integrity, being true to our emotions, allowing the Heart to be sovereign rather than the mind.   Big shift for some of us.   All this as Jupiter finishes his retreat on the day of the ides-of-Scorpio eclipse.

           AND THEN, the blockbuster that will really set off the "Goddess Party" theme of the HC - Venus and Juno and Neptune all go on retreat on the same day!   Mark 17 May in yer calendar, its a biggie, plus the several days preceding it.   Venus the Heart, Juno our sense of belonging, and Neptune our relationship with God/dess, all conspiring.   Good thing we're getting early practice with emotions!

           Then there's the eclairs.   The first one's coming up soon, Monday (Honolulu 5am, Seattle 8am, New York 11am, London 4pm, Jerusalem 5pm, Sydney 1am Tuesday).   It's partial, and visible only from southern Africa.   This eclipse series is a really old one that began in 850 at 28 Taurus ("A woman, past her 'change of life,' experiences a new love" [Rudhyar 1973 p.87]), peaked early - about the time the Normans were taking over England (1012 at 3 Virgo, "Two guardian angels" [Rudhyar 1973 p.152]) - and ends in 2112.   So whatever it brings up could be very old and long long overdue for release.

           The biggest configuration in the Monday Eclair chart is a grand-trine-tsquare combination focused on the Moon's South Node - recovering skills we mastered in parallel and previous lifetimes, and bringing them into the current life.   This of course means we'll need to release any emotional baggage that's tied to the skills.   Torture, live burnings, public stonings, destruction of the means of survival, ostracization, warfare, there have been many gruesome ways that the Patriarchy has erased healing skills which were politically incompatible with its program.   Many ways to brainwash us into believing that we're "failing our expectations of being spiritually more advanced than the wicked witches we seem to be."   We need to lovingly re-experience those ancient painful feelings in order to clear the channel for the skills to come through.   There was a past death for every past life, and few of them were fun.

           The grand trine is Saturn-Uranus-Dragontail - modeling the identity and integrity that we felt in those ancient possibly-politically-unpopular professions.   Pay close attention to your dreams, and act out - safely - any antagonists that appear in them.   Dont intellectualize, it's not about "figuring it out," it's about accepting what you already know, including the "contradictions."   Recovering these identities is only the means, not the end.   We have to release the identities too in order to be clear, but wearing them for a while will help recover the skill.   If we indulged yang integrity in those lifetimes, then we'll also have political games to replay and release, around obedience and rebellion.   Jupiter joins the grand trine by opposing Uranus, amplifying everything and making an almost-grand-sextile with a vacancy around 9 Capricorn.   The other hotspots provoked will be 6-16 of the yin signs (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Cap, Pisces).

           The tsquare is Neptune-Dragon, at the midpoints of the fixed signs - the power points of the zodiac - with the vacancy at the ides of Leo.   The challenge here is to accept Grace - ask that a task be effortless, rather than struggling to make it happen.   The hotspots lit up are at 12-16 of the fixed signs (Leo, Taurus, Scorpio, Aquarius) - no need to wait until the May Lunar Eclipse to start seeing through the Veil.   The eclipse itself is at 30 Aries - "A duck pond and its brood" [Rudhyar 1973 p.70].   The implication is that ducklings dont have to figure it out - the information and resources they need are directly available to them from "natural sources."   Bear in mind that the symbol is a pond, it's not yet been converted to a Walmart parking lot.   The prescription is Lemurian (loving, natural) rather than Atlantean (political, technological).

           Here's a question that gets to the Heart of the issue...

"What is the whole idea of dealing with emotions?   Letting them unfold or develop without an ego interfering with them?   Or what?"
Welllllll, not sure we should start with the idea of emotions, but what they probably meant is something like "What's the goal of dealing with emotions?"

           In general, karma aside, we aren't born feeling bad about emotions, we're taught to feel bad about them.   Since there's nothing unnatural about emotions, that's kinda like being taught to feel bad about ears, or toes.   Not that many of us haven't been taught to feel bad about selected body parts.   So why would anyone want to teach us to feel bad about a natural part of ourself?   Fairly easy question to answer actually.   If your anger is legitimate, then what's to prevent you from getting angry at me?   If I have power over you (say, I'm your parent or priest or boss), then the first threat to my power is your anger.   If you wanna intimidate and disempower and enslave anybody, the first thing you gotta do is take away their legitimate anger.

           Once you've shamed someone into turning their anger on themselves and converting it to guilt, you've already succeeded in suppressing all emotion to some degree, because emotions all come down the same pipe.   Fear is terribly contagious, and mass fear usually leads to terrible consquences, particularly when it's abetted by blame and rationalization.   The same can be said of anger and despair.   So one would be tempted to conclude that there's a social purpose behind the suppression of emotion, but that's a spurious argument, one which makes sense only after you've taught folks to suppress emotion.   Many of us have had our emotions so suppressed that we dont even feel anymore, we only think our feelings.

           So what's the value of emotions?   Why, other than the fact that they're a natural part of life, should they not be suppressed?   Quite simply, emotion tells us who we are and what we want.   Anger tells us we're being ripped off.   Fear tells us we're in danger.   Grief tells us we've experienced a loss.   Remorse tells us we made a mistake.   Satisfaction tells us we didn't.   Joy tells us we're alive.   Jung felt sorry for thinking people, because as he said, they're "irrational" - not being in touch with their Heart and Belly, they dont know what they want, so their behavior is not rational.   Their behavior is guided by rules rather than goals - and usually not their own rules.

           The problem with emotion lies with its suppression.   Emotions are never denied, only postponed.   So since we weren't permitted to get angry at Dad when were twelve, that anger's still there, and arises whenever we get mad at someone else.   That's what turns molehills into mountains in the present moment, it's what makes emotion feel dangerous, it's why emotion overwhelms us, it's what causes projection, it's what breaks our connection with other people.   So we gotta somehow release those old, saved-up emotions in order to get clear about the present moment.   Emotion is not intuition, but stored emotion blocks intuition.   Intuition takes many forms, and for some people, intuition comes through emotion.   Since we cant continue to judge emotion and release it too, the first step is releasing our judgements of it.

           The spiritual function of relationship is to bring up stored emotions.   So the goal of any spiritual relationship must be to help one another release stored emotions.   The bottom line is that you cannot change anything without first being conscious of it, and being loving with it.   Stored emotions make one extremely susceptible to manipulation.   If I judge my anger, all you have to do to intimidate me, is rip me off just enough to trigger my anger.   The closer you are to someone, the more opportunity for this to occur.   Look at your relationships - do your confidants lovingly help you embrace and release your stored emotions, or do they use them to manipulate you?   No blame here, this is your pattern, not theirs.   But it's a pattern that's up for release in this Relationship Transformation year.   If you change no other pattern, change this one.   If that means changing the people you hang with, so be it.

           Almost always, when we're taught that an emotion is bad, we're also taught to devalue the concept of the emotion, or even of emotion in general.   Part of that teaching confuses emotion with action, getting us to believe that anger is bad because it can lead to angry actions, or even that anger is bad because it is an action.   The latter is a baldfaced lie, but what brainwashing isn't?   So you cannot tell someone to "love their anger," it's a statement that does not make sense to them.   This is why we always suggest that you look for the sensations that accompany your emotions.   Where is it in your body?   What does it feel like there?   Can you be warm and soft with it there, instead of cold and hard?   For many of us it's much easier to love and release a sensation than an emotion per se.   And just as effective.

           If you have a broadband internet connection, use Rocks by Color (it's slow with a dialup connection, but very possible - I do it every day.   Hate to say it, but Internet Explorer does a better job of caching it than Netscape does).   Choose a stone in the orange range and click on the thumbnail.   Allow the synergy in that stone to enter your body through your eyes, and visualize that stone whenever you catch yourself being less than completely and unconditionally loving with yourself.   If you choose Citrine, do so consciously.   Citrine is so good at transforming "negative" synergies directly, that you may bypass the insights you want to gain here.   On the other hand, Citrine will also bypass the mind completely.   One strategy might be to use Citrine to loosen up the places where you're really stuck, and use another orange stone for learning new patterns.