Already standing on the ground

15 June 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           "This is the first page of the Book of the Dark, written some six hundred years ago in Berila, on Enlad: '...Many claimed Maharion's throne, but none could keep it, and the quarrels of the claimants divided all loyalties.   No commonwealth was left and no justice, only the will of the wealthy.   Men of noble houses, merchants, and pirates, any who could hire soldiers and wizards called himself a lord, claiming lands and cities as his property.   The warlords made those they conquered slaves, and those they hired were in truth slaves, having only their masters to safeguard them from rival warlords seizing the lands, and sea-pirates raiding the ports, and bands and hordes of lawless, miserable men dispossessed of their living, driven by hunger to raid and rob.' "

           So begins Ursula Leguin's Tales from Earthsea   We've all lived in times like that so often that law and order mean more to us than justice and liberty.   Even when "law and order" means the tyranny of a bigger warlord.   There is relief and gratitude when we're in favor with the local warlord, relief and gratitude that we dont have to be the slave this time, we can pretend to be the master.   But the bigger issue is the fear and dread we know so well from the times when we were the slave, to masters who were not kind and fair.   That's what drives the wheel of master-slave.   Until we recall and embrace that fear and dread, we cant help but stand righteously on the side of law and order, willing to sacrifice justice and liberty.

           There is no change without empathy.   Suppression can occur when empathy is absent, but that aint change, it's just hide-and-seek, The Fugitive in reverse.   The ground is shifting here, and how it shifts is partly up to us, partly the result of where we place our Attention.   Do we move toward righteous, and support yet another warlord?   Or do we move toward vulnerable, and step off the wheel.   Camelot was even before the Book of the Dark, it was brief, it is no more.   There are no more warlords who support justice and liberty - except for those in favor this week - if there ever were any.   Some say justice is spelled j-u-s-t-u-s.   But when a powerful warlord considers you an enemy, vulnerability may be suicide.

           If you dont see a dilemma there, you're in righteousness.   That dilemma brings more fear and dread, more need for empathy.   Empathy never seeks to change a feeling, it acknowledges a feeling.   Feelings do change when they're acknowledged, but it's not the other way around.   You dont fix yourself or someone else with empathy, because when empathy is successful, the results are not predictable.   When real change occurs, the result is unknown, creative.   Even when done right, empathy doesnt always work, because it's cumulative.   There must be enough of it to outweigh previous judgements and rejections.   Yer empathy may be but one drop into a bucket, and you never know whether or when or wherefrom the other drops will come.   But it's the only choice there is, one drop at a time.

           So why does this arise now?   Why all these heavy thoughts and feelings so soon after what should be bliss, this hundred-year embrace between Venus and the Sun?   It is said that the new Venus has risen as the morning star, Venus as the Warrior Goddess, but it was clear here this morning, and though the tiniest sliver of a Balsamic Moon was out, I saw no sign yet of Venus and Mercury.   So we remain in the dark on that score for another day.   Pallas has entered Cancer.   This will focus our attention on what we must defend - Pallas in Gemini was like defending against a herd of killer bees, about all we could hope to do was run or hide.   And Cancer will make our defense more compassionate.   We may even be called to defend with empathy!

           And Mars opposes Chiron, the culmination of a Mars-Chiron cycle.   Chiron is the essence of empathy, and Mars is action.   Let's check to see what is culminating here - where Chiron last initiated Mars.   It was April Fools Day of 2003, so we already know Coyote's involved   What do we know about Coyote?   It's get ready to learn something.   The initiation was at 18 Capricorn - "The Union Jack" [Jones p,257], "The protection afforded to individuals and groups by powerful institutions in charge of maintaining order" [Rudhyar 1973 p.240].   Well, how timely.   How long does this scoundrel's last refuge (speaking righteously) take to culminate then?   The Mars-Chiron phitile occurs on 16 August.   After that, we begin to release this patturn.

           " 'Every spell depends on every other spell,' said Highdrake.   'Every motion of a single leaf moves every leaf on every tree on every isle of Earthsea! There is a pattern.   That's what you must look for and look to.   Nothing goes right but as part of the pattern.   It is the only freedom,' " continues Tales from Earthsea [p.53].

           In the Age of Cause and Effect that we're leaving, with its famine of the feminine, it was planning and doing that abetted manifestation into form.   It was always true that the master manifestor was our Attention, but now we enter an Era where the yang and the yin are more in balance.   Yin Attention is less about planning and doing, and more about visualizing, persuading (as in prayer), seeking collaboration (truthspeaking and asking, making our needs known), surrendering expectations and adapting to change as it occurs, more tentative and experimental and creative and vulnerable, less strongarming the World into our image of it.   Now more than ever, and increasingly so in the future, "reality" follows our Attention.

" 'For us who live, in hiding, neither killed nor killing.   The dead are dead.   The great and mighty go their way unchecked.   All the hope left in the world is in the people of no account.'
" 'Must we hide forever?'
" 'Spoken like a man,' said Veil with her gentle, wounded smile.
" 'Yes,' said Ember.   'We must hide, and forever if need be.   Because there's nothing left but being killed and killing, beyond these shores.   You say it, and I believe it' "
           The kind of dilemma we face in needing both law and order and justice and liberty, is not unusual.   When we "get stuck" and have difficulty manifesting something, it's usually because we also want something else, and we have a belief, usually unconscious, that our two goals conflict.   When we get to this level of manifestation, it becomes intensely personal.   We may have exactly the same dilemma as our neighbor, but the unconscious beliefs which freeze us there may be as different as war and peace.   So the first thing we need to do, is personalize our terms.   What exactly does law and order buy for you?   For me it buys safety - but only as long as me and the cops are on the same side.   When we aren't, it buys me danger.

           When they asked German citizens how they could allow Nazi attrocities to happen, some spoke of their relief that it wasn't them that was being targetted.   The powerlessness of course, but also the relief that it aint me being the slave this time.   I grew up during the 50s in an American town that was unwinding its war industry, and in the process of losing half of its population.   There was little safety in that town, and the next time you were in the wrong place at the wrong time, you couldn't be sure if it was gonna be the "lawless, miserable men dispossessed of their living" or the cops that would beat you up, in their own fear and dread mistaking you for the lawless and miserable.   Does justice and liberty buy anything for you, beyond what law and order buys?   For me, law and order buy me safety from being beat up by the lawless and miserable, justice and liberty buy me safety from being beat up by the cops.

           The way out of a dilemma is to ask/pray for both.   For what you want from law and order, and for what you want from justice and liberty.   It must be completely personal.   Maybe what you want from law and order is opulence, and what you want from justice and liberty is the freedom to do anything you must to gain it.   So be it.   There is no place for grand ideals and philosophies and altruism and moralizing in yin manifestation, that's all just mindstuff, all spelled j-u-s-t-u-s.   This must come from the Heart, from your Heart, yours alone.   Wanting someone else to do their own process differently is not a valid option.   What will you gain if they did?   That is what you need to ask for.   It's difficult or impossible to visualize when we need some combination of qualities that we've never seen before.   But asking and praying and, in the right circumstance truthspeaking, still work.

           Sooner or later, we move past our fear and dread, and arrive at our anger.   What we ask/pray for in anger, always hurts us.   So we locate our anger in our body and embrace it there, lovingly.   Same with our grief and shame.   It's easy to jump to the conclusion that we must overcome our feelings for yin manifestation to be successful, but that's not true at all.   We must covert as many of our feelings as we can to Love, because that is the synergy which endures.   When we have lovingly embraced all of our "negative" feelings, the result is not the zombified striving for external goals that we see all around us.   By loving our "negative" feelings we do not lose our passion, we find it.   There is a World where passion and peace and abundance and harmlessness all prevail, and the only thing that keeps us out of it, is our beliefs to the contrary.   Ask for it.

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