15 May 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Everybody swimming through these stations?   Walking might be hard, and swimming in one direction might not be so easy, but floating and dogpaddling oughta be okay.   We can trust that the currents will take us where we need to go, though that might not be where we think we want to go.   "Go with the flow" is the proper platitude here.

           Meanwhile, let's start to get ready for our future.   Rudhyar said back in the 70s if not earlier, that the square was our evolutionary edge.   Well, we dont expect everyone to click their heals at every square now, but we do expect that folks'll recognize that change is going on and either make room for the Next Big Trend that's been building for a while now (waxing square) or let go into the Void to start erasing the slate to prepare for an Entirely New Agenda (waning square).   We can consider that evolutionary step handled, right?   There will be laggards, ya just gotta let them go, the boat is leaving.

           So then what's next?   Well, the Universe is telling us there's a Big Lesson coming this fall about Quintiles.   Back when we was still in the Age O'Pisces, we saw squares from the material perspective, and from that perspective, change is inconvenient.   Now that we're starting the upswing out of Kali Yuga, we see squares from the spiritual perspective, and understand that all change is for the better.   By "material" we don't mean consumerism, though that's certainly part of materiality.   What we mean is Matter, as opposed to Spirit.   They are of course as tails is to heads on a coin, the difference is not in the object, but in the perception.

           With quintiles, we arent shifting from inconvenience to grace as we were with squares, we're shifting from naivete to, with some effort, consciousness.   We choose "naivete" rather than "ignorance" because the latter term is more loaded with judgment than the former, and we intend no judgment.   Its just a change, and remember - all change is for the better.   Not the changes we make with our egos, those arent changes, those just rearrange the pieces on the same board.   The changes that are made to our egos by Spirit, the changes that happen to us, those are the ones we mean.

           So the first thing we gotta do to start getting ready for this next evolutionary step, is recognize when a quintile's going on!   The whole zodiac's arranged so it's effortless to see when a square's happening, it's just same degree three signs away.   But the quintile is 72 degrees, 2.4 signs.   Aint so easy to notice at a glance when two planets are two signs and 12 degrees apart.   So the first thing we did is build a table that reorganizes the zodiac for easy spotting of quintiles - http://www.jbuss.com/jbl4g/quintiles.htm.   Print this table out and keep it in your ephemeris.   If you work with MSExcel, I also put an Excel version of it at http://www.jbuss.com/jbl4g/quintiles.xls that you can download and play with, if that's useful to you.

           To practice using the table, start with your own natal planets.   Circle the degree of each of your planets on a copy of the table.   For instance, if yer Sun's at 15 Scorpio, circle 15 Scorpio.   Then everything on the same line in that section of the table, is quintile to your Sun.   The table's divided into three sections so it'll fit on a page, the three sections really go below one another.   You can see that when you go to the bottom of the first column in the first section, 24 Aries, and notice that 25 Aries is at the top of the first column of the second section.   It sounds a lot more complicated than it is.

           So if we locate 15 Scorpio in the table, for instance, we see that 27 Cap, 3 Virgo, 21 Gemini, and 9 Aries are quintile to it.   Technically, 21 Gemini and 9 Virgo are biquintile and triquintile, but we dont need to split hairs.   Give us a coupla years to learn about the quintile family, then we can start learning to differentiate the biquintiles from the triquintiles and the triskadekaquintiles!   For now, consider anything on the same line (in the same section) as a quintile.   That's the way I'm going to do it.   If anybody gives ya grief about it, just say yer "using the 72-degree wheel," that'll get em off yer back.

           I know it's intuitively obvious, but everyone's intuition works a little different, so I'm gonna belabor the point about the sections.   Taurus 3 is not quintile to 15 Scorpio.   It looks like it's on the same row as 15 Scorpio, but it's in a different section, so it doesnt count.   That make sense to everybody?

           I want everyone to figure out what quintiles mean to them, from yer own experience, rather than just delegate that task to somebody you think is smarter'n you are.   Some other people, who aren't smartern you, have had the notion that the quintile might be about learning and teaching (that's an extrapolation from Angeles Arrien's Tarot book), or creative transformation (Johnny Mirehiel summarizes this from what other famous astrologers have said about quintiles - I'll letya know how to find his article as soon as I find out where it's posted).   Robert Blaschke suggests we take the Sabian Symbols of 13 Gemini and 25 Leo and 7 Scorpio and 19 Cap (which are all quintile to 1 Aries) - plus or minus a degree or two for orb - and compile a meaning from those.

           Of course we cant help but equate the fifth harmonic with the fifth chakra, the throat, communication, community.   Some of the Sabian Symbols echo this.   So ya might wanna ask yer favorite Aquamarine or Turquoise or Blue or Blue-Green Agate or Chrysocolla to help ya out with this project.   If you dont got a fave, you can use onea mine - just gaze at the picture while asking to be open to the information and experience you need to grok quintiles, lovingly and gently of course.

           I suggest we learn for ourself from our experience of when transiting (in-the-sky-now) planets quintile our natal (in-the-sky-when-we-was-born) hotspots, and when transiting planets quintile one another.   The Moon quintiles every spot on the zodiac every six days, so we really dont have any excuses not to pay attention to this evolution.   It's always been my impression that it's more important that two planets are in a harmonic relationship like a square or a quintile, than which harmonic they're in, so we can actually even do without a keyword for the quintile itself, and just combine our keywords for the planets that are involved.

           Let's look up Monday's three stations in the table.   Venus's station is at 27 Gemini.   That's in the first section of the table, and whoa, it's quintile to 9 Virgo.   Remember 9 Virgo?   That was the power point of last week's eclipse, cuz Jupiter was standing still on it as the eclipse occurred.   So already we know that Venus's retreat will be instrumental in implementing the eclipse.   Jupiter's still at 10 Virgo, which is plenty close, so we see that the Venus station is quintile to Jupiter in real time, and we can just combine those keywords - Big (Jupiter) Heart (Venus), maybe even too much (Jupiter) of what we been asking for (Venus), will probably be a theme of this retreat.   As we watch how Big Heart and overabundance develop, we might learn something about the quintile.

           Juno's station is at 25 Cap, also in the first section of the table, and quintile to 13 Scorpio, which is within spitting distance of the eclipse itself.   So hmmmm, these things seem to be lining up in some kinda conspiracy, dont they.   If Juno's related to the eclipse, and eclipses mean illumination, then we're probably gonna be discovering some of the ideas and things and people we didnt know we was married to.   Since this is the year when we divorce our Perfect Pictures, that could be dang handy.   Neptune's station is at 16 Aqua, which we already know squares the eclipse, but which doesn't quintile anything in the current sky.

           The Sun's at 26 Taurus on Saturday, and moves one degree a day.   Can you tell from the table which of your natal planets it will quintile during this coming week?