Nekkid Launch

3 June 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           There are folks writing about how this journey of Venus across the face of the Sun is a glorious time, when Love blooms.   But a Venus retreat is the Descent of Inanna, the time when we are stripped of our Passions and Identities and Excuses and Inflations.   Yes, this is a 6 year, the Lovers, but it's a Void year as well, with Venus trailing Mars in the sky, when Action is not informed by the Heart.   The Actions we take this year are heuristic - they do not create intended consequences, they create learning.   This is not a time when True Love blooms, it's a time when our misunderstandings and fantasies bloom, so their fallacy is revealed to us, and they can be upgraded.   Grief dominates here, as long-cherished ideals and goals ask to be released.

           Our guidebook for this journey is Starhawk's Truth or Dare.   If you dont have this book, you need it.   At the first gate the Guardian says [p.114],

" 'Who comes to the gate?'
'It is I, Inanna, I want to go to the Land Below.'
The Guardian shrugs.
'Impossible.   You're not worthy.   You're not qualified.   You dont have the right credentials.   Who do you think you are?' "
"Both reward and punishment are dependent on a worldview that has destroyed immanent value, the sense of the sacred present in each of us.   For when the sacred is present, all things have inherent value.   But when value has to be earned, proven, it becomes a scarce commodity.   The self-hater's coin of trade is the granting and withholding of value...   Systems of punishment generate four basic responses.   We can comply, rebel, withdraw, or manipulate.   All confirm the power of the system because they respond to rather than challenge the reality the system has created.   Another sort of response is possible" [pp.73-75].

           One of my muses says

"We don't need to be doing anything at all at this point in time.   We should just let ourselves be for the next few weeks, at least.   There's nothing to fix or repair or work on, 'cause we aren't broken and we aren't damaged and we aren't imperfect and we aren't incomplete.   The Venus Transit feels to me like it's another important 'portal,' but it also feels somehow, and I can't explain exactly how, like those of us who wanted to pass through it purchased our tickets a while ago.   So there's nothing to do now except let change wash over us, as you have pointed out, in the sense that real change happens to us."
"Portal" is off-planet jargon, but it's not something you're unfamiliar with.   It's just a doorway, a change, a gate, one of those passages where you "trip out so far you never get back to know that you've left" as Kesey put it.   You've been through many.   If you have planets impacting yer nodes, you wrote the book, many lifetimes in one.

           Of course this wont be entirely true for everyone.   This is a passage the Planet is going through, so most of us will feel it in some way, though it may not be the dominant theme in our life.   But it would be a good time to embrace Grief, no matter how incongruous it may seem, no matter how small or large the loss.   We may Grieve here losses that aren't even known to us, losses that may not be personal to us.   But the passkey for this gate, is to be loving with Grief.

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