Mars-Pluto; Moon-Venus

23 April 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

           Coupla folks've written worrying about the Mars-Pluto opposition on Saturday (Honolulu 8am, Seattle 11am, New York 2pm, London 7pm, Jerusalem 8pm, Sydney 4am Sunday).   My first comment is that in the Quantum Age, we manifest what we focus upon.   Don't let astrology take your power away from you.   If you discover anxiety, locate it in yer body and be loving with it there.   There's always that nagging thought, What if it's a present-moment intuition?   If it's not clear whether it's an intuition or a regression, then yer too much in the mindbone, and you need to find a way out of it.   Like consciously moving yer attention to yer physical body.   You can also cancelneutralizeupgrade to cancel the current negative thought, neutralize the vibes that are circling out from it like ripples on a pond, and upgrade the program that produced the thought.

           There's nothing inherently negative about Mars-Pluto.   But anxiety, if we allow it to infect the mind, which multiplies it, can have negative effects.   Fear is real, but it happens in the body, and can be dealt with there quite effectively with a couple of simple tricks.   Anxiety is what happens when the mind takes Fear and runs with it, making up all kindsa horrible scenarios, many of which are reruns of old scenarios we experienced in the past and haven't fully released yet.

           The simple tricks?   Well, there's always Fear plus Breathing equals Excitement.   It's often that simple.   Avoid prunes, beans, and broccoli for a couple days.   I always spend ten or fifteen minutes on the pot before I speak to a group - you can put a Reserved sign up on the bathroom door.   But locating the Fear in your body, and being loving (soft, warm) with it there, is very powerful.

           What if it's old emotions we haven't fully released yet?   Well, locating-and-loving is a great way to start that process.   Getting conscious of the difference between thoughts and feelings is very powerful, because thoughts magnify feelings without releasing them.   In order to release a feeling, we need to actually feel it, not just think it.   That actually only takes a moment - thinking a feeling can consume lifetimes.   I mean really, can an emotion actually hurt you?   Our resistances to emotion are as misplaced as they are deep.   What if you actually felt Fear for a moment?   Do it in the shower if yer afraid you'll shityer pants.

           Last astrology talk I went to, the famous astrologer was demonstrating their lack of appreciation for introversion by applauding the ascending-Node half of the 19-year Node cycle, and demeaning the descending-Node half.   The last thing anyone needs is negative astrology.   Any thing you find in astrology which strikes you as negative says nothing about astrology - it merely identifies an area where you have not brought your consciousness up into acceptance of both halves of the duality.

           Pluto symbolizes transformation.   If you regard that as negative, all that says is that you need to release your attachment to the present state of things.   I know of no evidence to show that a Butterfly feels better or is otherwise superior to a Caterpillar.   But transformation happens, the river doesn't stop because you've damned it.   No one is the victim of transformation - to a large extent we control the course of change, by choosing where to put our attention.   Have you been focusing on where you'd like to be and what you'd like to become?   Or have you been focusing on where you've been and what you didn't like about it?   Creation follows Attention.

           Mars symbolizes synergy, movement, vigor, life.   So Mars invigorates transformation, and Pluto transforms life.   Sounds great to me.   If the bronco bucks a bit too much, slow it down.   The bronco is you, you're the lens of transformation on this Planet.   It's you that creates the Butterfly or the leafless Apple Tree.   Make that work for you, not against you.   Do that by noticing when you're thinking, and by learning to feel your feelings fully, as either emotions or sensations.

           Hard to do?   No it's not.   Do it once, right now.   If you can do it once, you can do it again, all it takes is wanting to.   How to tell thinking from feeling?   Many of us got a lot of help getting the two confused.   If it has words, it's a thought.   If it's going on in your body, it's a feeling.   Does that help?

           So let's have a look at where all this started, to see what cycle is coming to a head here.   The Mars-Pluto initiation was 16 February 2003 at 20 Sadge - "Men cutting through ice" [Jones p.229].   Well, that sounds good to me, cutting through and breaking up what's been frozen.   Yes, that's gonna be scary, because hupers are trained to prefer a hated known to an unknown that may or may not be lovely.   So the boat's gonna rock, might be good to wear a lifejacket.   But no need to fear drowning - the water's frozen!

           The opposition is a blooming, not a crisis.   If we wanna know what's really being rocked by this Mars-Pluto cycle, we need to look at what happened in our life at the waxing square.   That didnt happen till after last summer's Mars retreat - 26 November at 20 Pisces.   Very tricky - Pluto was still at 20 Sadge!   20 Pisces is "A table set for an evening meal" [Jones p.319].   Here in the Northwest, the Food Bank folks have a poster showing a little girl holding her knife and fork, sitting in front of an empty plate, looking up at you with an expectant halfsmile.   So the table was set, the formality there, the process in place.   But what about content?   Was there food?   Did it get cooked and served?   "Where's the beef?" as Granny used to say.

           So this Mars-Pluto cycle may be about breaking through the crust of structures to reveal the hollowness inside them.   Old institutions that have outlived their functionality.   They look good but they no longer bear fruit.   Both 20 Sadge and 20 Pisces reduce to 8 - Adjustment.   This aint 16 (the Tower), or even 12 or 13.   Eight is the "principle of alignment and balance, ... having pierced the webbed veils of illusion, delusion, and deception... requires that whatever is initiated must be completed at some time... the integrating, synthesizing mind which... [applies] creative ideas in tangible, useful ways" [Arrien p.55].

           The Uranus-Saturn-Dragontail-Jupiter kite and almost-grand-sextile from Monday's eclipse remain in effect during the Mars-Pluto, at 6-12 of the yin (Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio, Pisces) signs, with the vacancy at 9 Capricorn.   That's one of the power points here, along with 22 Gemini, where Mars sits.   These are the places where transformations will occur, but only by letting the mind run away with our Fear can we make them negative.

           If the sky is clear in the West at sunset where you live, be sure to catch the lovely Dance of Venus and the Moon.   If that doesn't grant us a miracle, I dunno what will.


           Big potential for change this weekend, which can be very positive.   Make it so.