Venus, Venal, Venereal, Venial, Venerable

30 May 2004

BdF6     original art by
    Bryan de Flores

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           Before we get into next week's Venus-Vesta-Uranus-Pluto Transit, there's a coupla teasers coming up this week.

           During the first halfa the week, we finish off a Venus-Pallas conjunction opposite to Pluto.   The heaviness of this Venus-Pluto synergy may lighten up after this, as Pallas represents that which we're called to defend - Pallas is Venus as the Morning Star and Warrior Goddess.   Venus will rise as the Morning Star around the ides of June, and this rising (called a heliacal rising because it's about Venus's dance with the Sun, Helios) is the traditional beginning of the 19-month Venus cycle.   The Heart as lensed through Venus is not all sweetness and light.   She can defend as passionately as she can love or heal, and with Pluto involved no compromise will be allowed.   You can see the triplicity of the Heart in her anthem - Green for desire (http://www.jbuss.com/thumbs24g.htm), Pink-Peach for compassion (http://www.jbuss.com/thumbs24p.htm), and Yellow-Green (http://www.jbuss.com/thumbs24yg.htm) for boundaries.

           The Pallas-Pluto culmination is on Monday, Honolulu 12am, Seattle 3am, New York 6am, London 11am, Jerusalem 1pm, Wangaratta 8pm, at 22 Gemini.   The Venus-Pallas conjunction occurs on Tuesday, Honolulu 6am, Seattle 9am, New York noon, London 5pm, Jerusalem 7pm, Wangaratta 2am Wednesday.   The Venus-Pluto culmination completes on Wednesday-Thursday, Wednesday 4pm Honolulu, 7pm Seattle, 10pm New York, and Thursday 3am London, 5am Jerusalem, noon Wangaratta.   At about five years in length, the bigger cycle here is Pallas-Pluto, which we talk about a bit in {jbull} Focus!,

"The Pallas-Pluto cycle was intiated in March 2001 at 16 Sadge - 'The easily acquired dependence of psychic desires upon the stimulation of social circumstances' [Rudhyar 1973 p.219] - or the sublimation of 'great symbols of a New Age' beneath shameless exploitation of fear for private gain.   This cycle doesn't peak until the end of May 2004.   That would be a good time for the media to either destroy its credibility with blatant attempts to cover up 9/11 dirt, or to turn against the establishment in an effort to save its own frequency-modulated ass."
which is about what seems to be happening to the World.

           But what does it mean for us?   It means we gotta take the risk to speak what feels like the Truth about our Desires, and if necessary to be willing to make fools of ourselves doing it.   About relationship and manifestation, because the transformation of those two biggies are the dominant theme of 2004.   It's not that what we're called to defend here, will be what we're called to defend in 2005.   It's defense of what we see as our needs in this moment that's the essential work here.   If we believe that we must know our ultimate needs before we can speak up, then this Venus-Pluto will rip us out of the mind and throw us unceremoniously into the Heart.   Consistency lives in the mind, not the Heart, and we get to the Heart by taking one step at a time, in the direction that the present moment signifies.   All of the Grail Legends reveal this serendipitous dance.   And the master of yin integrity, Uranus, is standing still - at peak power - when Venus transits the Sun.

           The Venus-Pluto and Venus-Pallas cycles are shorter, about a year each.   The prior Venus-Pallas initiation was 7 April 2003 at 2 Aries, "A comedian entertaining a group" [Jones p.150] - the mirror, defending everyone's right to make fools of themselves.   The Venus-Pallas conjunction on Tuesday is a reiteration of the initiation that took place 12 March of this year at 8 Taurus - "A sleigh without snow" [Jones p.186], which is about preparing for the unexpected, and the suitability or adaptability of current technology when Reality shifts.   Defending our right to innovate - or simply being defensive.   Because of the Venus retreat, the next cycle doesnt begin till September 2005, at 26 Libra, "an eagle and a large white dove turning into one another" [Jones p.175].   We could misquote Wendell Phillips, "eternal vigilance is the price of peace" - could we come up with a better symbol for our boundaries work?

           The Venus-Pluto cycle, which is now culminating, was initiated on 17 November 2003 at 19 Sadge, "Pelicans moving their habitat" [Jones p.229].   Rudhyar gives this symbol an environmental interpretation [Rudhyar 1973 p.221], linking it on the global stage to our climate adventures.   On the personal level, it's about our release of circumstances that no longer serve who we are about to become.   That takes faith in our intuition, since we dont know yet who that is!   The next cycle begins 3 January 2005 at 23 Sadge, "Immigrants entering" [Jones p.233], our process of beginning to settle the new frontiers that will be revealed by the 35-year December Venus-Mars initiation and the Juno-Neptune initiation that occurs a few days later ({jbull} Perfect Pictures).

           The other star in the Venus-Transit drama, Vesta, enters on Saturday-Sunday 5-6 June, when Venus completes a waxing square, signaling the end of the honeymoon of the cycle that began 5 November 2003 at 3 Sadge.   This phase shift is exact on Saturday at noon in Honolulu, 3pm Seattle, 6pm New York, 11pm London, and on Sunday at 1am in Jerusalem and 8am in the Snowies.   The Venus-Vesta cycle is about our dedication to our sacred calling, our ability to find a path that serves us while it serves the God/desses we hold in awe.   Sadge 3 is about "the transcendent ritualization of conflict" [Rudhyar 1973 p.211].   The question then becomes, is our reliance on global peace meditations an adequate ritual, or does it imply a retreat from conflict rather than a transcendental engagement with conflict?

           There are solid alternatives, like Thich Nhat Hanh's engaged Buddhism (http://www.seaox.com/thich.html) and Gandhi's continuing nonviolence movement (http://www.mkgandhi.org/nonviolence/index.htm, http://www.gandhiinstitute.org).   Nonviolence is risky, because it's a huge threat and a worthy target to those who profit from violence.   The Venus Transit will see a major nonviolent action against the globalization of corporate dehumanization, 3-9 June in San Francisco (http://www.reclaimthecommons.net - use Internet Explorer on this one; ironically, it was programmed with software that Netscape cant read).   Please pray that this action meets less violence than was used against the nonviolent action at the FTAA meetings in Miami last year (http://www.guardian.co.uk/comment/story/0,3604,1093185,00.html).   One of the things Gandhi said was that "economic equality is the master key to non-violent independence."   The path India has taken recently is an inspiration (http://www.truthout.org/docs_04/051404I.shtml), and we can hope a precursor of the path America takes when its Trees drop their leaves.

           Our muses and genies have given us several other useful stories about the Venus Transit.   The best exposition we've ever seen about the cycles of Venus and their connection to the Quintile and the hexagram is at http://www.lunarplanner.com/HCpages/Venus.html.   With two Grand Quintiles between the Venus Transit and the American elections, we can't ignore this connection (http://www.asteria.freeserve.co.uk/grandquint).   There is an article about Venus and the human sacrifices on the altar of Capitalism in Iraq at http://www.experiencefestival.com/index.php/topic/articles/article/2327 and an article about Venus and Whirled Peas at http://www.experiencefestival.com/index.php/topic/articles/article/5376 and about Venus as the Morning Star at http://www.experiencefestival.com/index.php/topic/articles/article/4468.   Technical details on the Transit can be found at http://sunearth.gsfc.nasa.gov/sunearthday/2004/index_vthome.htm.

           When it comes your way, dont miss the movie What the Bleep Do We Know (http://www.whatthebleep.biz/home), a very accessible primer on the physics that is replacing Newton's and drastically changing our understanding of "Reality."   Its coverage is growing, but so far it hasnt escaped the American West.   One intriguing element in the film is the way they consider our karmic and programmed (and even chosen) patterns to be "chemical addictions," based on the understanding that neuron pathways are self-reinforcing, and they not only become stronger when they are exercised more, but when neuron cells divide they spawn offspring that have more receptors for the chemical signals that correlate with our habitual patterns.

           When we write about the Venus Transit itself, we'll see that the synergy of the Venus-Sun-Pluto-Vesta tsquare pushes through a vacancy at 19 Virgo.   Many of you will remember that 18 Virgo was the initiation for the Uranus-Pluto cycle that began in 1965 and "becomes permanent" in 2012 (see {jbull} In the First Degree and {jbull} Water Bear Too), and that 19 Virgo was the Sun's position on the morning of 11 September 2001 in New York.   That will certainly also contribute to our sense that this synergy feels heavier than we otherwise expect Venus to feel.  

           One strategy we can use to lighten this experience would be to cancelneutralizeupgrade the weightiest parts of it, as a direct means of shifting our "chemical addiction" to the violence drama.   It's been a while since we mentioned that technique, which comes from Bryan deFlores (http://www.bryandeflores.com/menu.html), so let's review.   The basic idea is similar to the theme of What the Bleep - that your thoughts not only reinforce themselves, but also eventually shift the "reality" you experience.   "Cancelneutralizeupgrade" is a quick prayer or request to the Universe that you say to yourself whenever you notice yourself thinking a negative thought.   You're canceling the thought, neutralizing its effect on your neurons and experience, and upgrading the segment of yourself that generated the thought in the first place.

           And of course, whenever any experience becomes unpleasant, or any thought appears to be negative, we do recommend that you ask yourself what it is you're feeling, locate that feeling in your body, and be loving (soft, warm, gentle) with it there.   With practice this technique takes only a few seconds, and can be done without interrupting a conversation or anything else you're doing.   Cancelneutralizeupgrade is effective at the level of thought and can move you toward your ideal, but this technique takes it deeper, and will eventually take you to unconditional love with good boundaries.

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